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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Today a request to you came in to speak about "evil", seen from the perspective of the Great Mother. Could you please elaborate?

A. The problem of today is, that society as a whole has abandoned Christian morals, while not having replaced them with better ones. The reason is, that disintegration of the old has so rapidly deteriorated into collective self-addiction e.g. consumerism, that we weren't able to re-introduce new sets of values "in time".

Q. Despite the efforts of professional people worldwide?

A. They try to define new ethics from the perspective of the individual, from the mind, from the ego. However, the ego is the problem, thus how can they show us the way out?

Q. So, what to do?

A. First of all, I distinguish the "basic condition" people are in. It is similar to what Buddhists call "ignorance". I give it a new meaning though. To me the basic condition is characterized by being alienated from the Source e.g. ignorance about the Great Mother and Her Law of the Universe. Although ignorance being the foundation of evil, itself cannot be considered like that. Ignorance is ignorance, after all. Rather than blaming the ignorant, one should blame oneself - I and you - for not doing enough to emancipate people.

Q. Thus, only people "who know better" can do evil?

A. That's right. "Evil" can be defined as to "have fallen". Those on the "lowest level" cannot fall.

Q. The problem, it seems to me, is that the Mother has just revealed Herself a short while ago. How can you expect, that people know Her?

A. The Mother is the Source of morality. Everybody is embedded in Her Cosmic Womb. That means, that Her Principles can be felt in every heart. So, even if you haven't actually heard from Her, some intuition about "good and bad" should be there. Call it "conscience".

Q. Conscience as an aspect of the Mother, rather than an individual quality?

A. Conscience is knowing deep within about what is right. This "deep within" is your Divine Spark, which in turn is part of the Light Body of the Mother. The sad thing is, that self-addiction has totally overgrown this inner knowing.

Q. What distinguishes "evil" from "ignorance?"

A. Evil can be defined as not complying with the Mother's Law. Instead of calling it "evil" or "sin", I call it "Refusal". There are three major "Refusals", each subdivided in a couple of "secondaries". The main three are related to the stages of the Law of the Universe: 1) dying to the old and rebirth 2) becoming part of the Whole (once again) and 3) extending your qualities to your immediate surroundings.

Q. Could you elaborate?

A. The First Refusal consists of the unwillingness to give yourself (ego) up and to become reborn. It is a "sin" against the better part of you, your True Self. You prefer to remain addicted, rather than become liberated. Once there is (a glimpse of) Being, you have the responsibility of becoming it. It is a commitment, not only to your better Self, but also to the world. Sticking to the ego, addiction and (unbridled) greed - materialism - on the other hand, is the cause of the destruction of the world.

Q. Isn't this a little similar to what you accuse Christianity of, namely that you - like them - urge people to give up their existing situation, in favor of "a new life".

A. Christianity forced everybody to give up "Heaven and Earth", which is the Living Context of Life, giving them no other choice, than to fall back on their ego's. The Great Mother on the other hand, has come to repair this. She is doing exactly the opposite: making people aware of their addicted state, while guiding them back to "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again.

Q.  Gosh, the drama of Western culture increasingly becomes clear to me.

A. The Second Refusal consists of the unwillingness to subsequently fit in into the Whole. It is the situation, in which you have achieved personal liberation, but refuse to become part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. This is a "grave sin", considering the level of awareness. It includes those people, who, once having realized their True Self, prefer to "enjoy" the personal benefits from it, rather than committing themselves to a greater Whole. To pride oneself on one's knowledge is called  "the sickness of spiritual individualism".

Q. The higher your awareness, the more grave the sins that you commit. Do I understand this well?

A.  It corresponds with the ancient-old notion of the responsibility of leaders. The greater the responsibility, the more someone is to blame for his or her errors.

Q.  Isn't the goal achieved, once someone has re-integrated into the Whole? What could possibly be another evil?

A. The Third Refusal consists of the unwillingness, to actively commit oneself to the well-being of others. This is described as benefiting from the advantages of "being part of the Whole", without contributing to its "prosperity". The Mother wants you to actively commit yourself. This is based on the insight of "emptying" your cup (through Compassion), while continuously being re-filled (by Her Grace). Serving others is part of Her Message to the world. It has been worked out through the principle of the Great Learning: to draw concentric circles of commitment from the center (You) to the periphery (your surroundings).    

Q. If I have understood well, evil is not so much characterized by individual behavior, but by not willing to become part of the Whole.

A. Existential suffering of today consists of "having lost contact with Reality". To be "thrown upon yourself" is being cut off from the Origin. In this alienated state you are unconsciously identified with your self-centeredness. Lacking Being, having becomes an obsession: money, power, relationships, security, enjoyment, knowledge and all the rest. Deprived from the Source of goodness, no real good can prevail. It is a vicious circle. Therefore, the alienated state itself is the source of "evil".

Q. "Ego is evil", wouldn't that be a right conclusion?

A. Not really. It is the source of evil, yes. Ego - and I repeat - is to unconsciously be identified with your own self-image. It is a condition of ignorance. Evil comes in with awareness, though. Once aware, "you know". Evil is knowingly acting against the Law of the Universe. Actually, it is the unwillingness to become re-integrated within the Context of Life.

Q. Is the individual not able to decide for him or herself, what is right and wrong? 

A. Within a very narrow range, yes. Just the small things only. But this is not going to solve the fundamental problem of "good and bad". As I said above: the individual is part of the problem, rather the solution.

Q. Quite surprisingly, the Third Refusal or lack of compassion and the Basic Condition of people (ignorance), appear to be an extension of each other.

A. Yes, here the circle become closed. It a.o. means, that the "aware" can never accuse the ignorant for being ignorant. Liberation and slavery are two sides of the same coin, after all. Evil definitely is the responsibility "of the conscious ones".    

Further questions?

The Mother has the answer.

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