Healing the Planet
Te Beginnen met Een Nieuwe Spiritualiteit


"Normalerwijs" moeten mensen zich aan het systeem aanpassen; bij ons past het systeem zich aan aan de mensen

Erken het (persoonlijke en collectieve) verval. Verlang naar Heelheid

Daal af in de diepte van je Zijn om daar Vernieuwd te worden

Concentreer op kernwaarden, laat ALLE irrelevante dingen, activiteiten en relaties vallen

Wordt met je nieuwe Zelf (opnieuw) deel van het Geheel: Hemel, aarde en de (nieuwe) gemeenschap

Sta achter het "Healing the Planet" programma; promoot het in je directe omgeving

Ontwikkel wederzijdse overeenstemming over gemeenschapelijke uitgangspunten dmv basisdemokratische procedures

Zet je in voor evenwicht op alle niveau's van de samenleving

Ik ondersteun je!

Zie: het Maya Kalender 2012 Event

The most liberating teaching about the ego

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OUR HEALTH WEBSITE www.vitalworld.org

What else is the collapse of society but the implosion of our ego, our addictions, our greed, our expansionist behavior and.....destruction of nature. Spiritually, it means getting rid of all accumulations e.g. an invitation to return to the Origin. It will be a tough time in which we have to join in order to preserve spiritual values. Therefore, the most intelligent response to the global crisis is the formation of "Helende Gemeenschappen" focussing on Spiritual, Health, Community and Earth Service. Its aim: a global network of "islands of life" weaving a new society, based on holistic values. Are you interested? Call or e-mail us for advice, support and guidance

Our International Training Center


Every day our website receives between 400-2000 entries. Feel free to ask Green Man your questions. He will answer them by return


"How can I find real joy of life?"

"Please, can you help me to overcome my fear?"

"Is the ego really that bad?"

"Around me I see only people who are depressed, burn-out and sick. Please, explain what is going on"

"My entire being cries out for Wholeness. Can you help me achieving it?"

"The decay is everywhere. You seem to be the "only" one, who can put this in a meaningful context. We need guidance!"

"We all know it: we have to change. But how and where to start?"

"I direly need courage to face our common future"

"How can we start cooperating with each other again?"

"Please, don't be shy. Come forward and tell us the Truth"

"In een groen, groen, groen, groen knolle, knolle land daar zat een meneertje heel parmant....."

(Meidengroep in café, bovenstaande spontaan aanheffend toen ze mij zagen zitten. Wie zei dat spiritualiteit saai was?)

The Teacher - "Green Man" - regularly leaves his Hermitage in order to realize his WorldWide Mission "Healing the Planet".. He is calling spiritual and religious leaders to commit themselves to saving the earth (See: "Letter to Spiritual and Religious Leaders worldwide"). Furthermore, during the coming years he will be visiting many cities/towns, transforming them into a (temporary) interreligious place of pilgrimage, initiating "A Big Event" (mostly for some weeks),  consisting of "Mother Healing" (pain treatments), practising "The Universal Way" ("monastic daily schedule"), offering a Q&A session ("Oracle") (spiritually, psychologically and medically), while distributing a free "Personal Health Plan" (www.vitalworld.org) for all. Last but not least, he will be teaching the 7 Steps of "Healing the Planet". Those who want to commit themselves will receive a training in Spiritual, Health, Community and Earth Service. See: "Transformatorium"

"Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive...then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
Howard Thurman Whitman

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De Transformatie
Algemeen Deel
Uitgangspunten voor iedereen

1. Terug naar de Oorsprong

Only if we understand the meaning of the decay of our times "we will be saved". When all "values" degenerate, then the only possible intelligent response is to return to the Origin* in order to become renewed. We don't cling to the old, but let it go. Even more so: we will deeply repent, because of our greed for more. For quite some time we already knew that "more, more and more" doesn't make us happy. How was it possible that we became so addicted? How much joy we missed because of that! So, we turn within, contemplating on our lives: open, honest and courageous, that's where it is all about nowadays.

* Origin understood interreligiously, only each religion calls it differently, f.i. God, Allah, Jahweh, Brahma, Buddha or.....Cosmic Mother. We therefore are decisively inclusive e.g. the Transformation is something that concerns everybody

2. Zich laten Vernieuwen

In the Depth of our Being our True Self is born. It is the inner Dimension, that what we really are. Some call it consciousness, others the Divine Spark within us. How we call it is not so important* Decisive is that we ARE it. Only then we will be able to overcome our addiction to having. Instead of continuous restlessness, dissatisfaction, complaining, fear and frustration we open ourselves up to clear insight, inner balance, joy, compassion, inner strength and beauty. By this becoming our daily experience, the excessive needs will disappear. How beautiful to be human, once again!

* All religions have mystical e.g. pietistic dimensions. Think of catholic mysticism, protestant pietism, islamic sufism, the jewish kabbalah etc. So, it shouldn't be a problem to understand each other.

3. Deel van het Geheel worden

How the True Self is manifesting itself in daily life? It is searching for a meaningful context in order to be fruitful. The vertical is connecting itself to the horizontal. Only then the integration within the Whole is a succes. I call that "Existential Consciousness" e.g. to be part of "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community"*, once again. Only then your inner qualities may become visible in your direct surroundings. Connectedness, friendship, mutual assistence and community may arise. On the other hand, your True Self may find its home here. It is all about life in balance, the precondition for tolerance, reconciliation, peace, justice and sustainability.

* Again, "Heaven, Earth and Community" are understood interreligiously. That's why there are "transformatoric" Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists etc. All recognize it as a common denominator, while all are giving it meaning through interpretation by their own faith


See, I proclaim the Transformation to you....* It is the Spirit, that in the Depth of the Cosmic Abyss has been reborn, once again. It is the Spirit that creates a New World. Because we have rediscovered our roots, our confidence has returned. We are thoroughly grounded. From there we reach to a New Heaven. The latter guiding us to unknown horizons. We feel strong, once again. The meaning of life is to be part of it. The community, including all "living and non-living" beings is our foundation. We thank God that now we will be able to offer our youth a new perspective......

* Almost 500 years after the Reformation

Specifiek Deel
Voor diegenen die zich engageren willen
"Healing the Planet"
De Weg van de Spirituele Leider

Why is this teaching universal?
Omdat zij een weerspiegeling van het Kosmische Evenwicht is

1. Een Nieuwe Spiritualiteit
Het Kosmische Principe van de Grote Moeder

The patriarchal God, world and self understanding has come to an end. It has nothing to say anymore. It is part of the problem, rather than leading us toward a new stage of evolution. Isn't God the Origin of the universe, then? Buddhists speak of "Emptiness", though. Recently a revolution took place: Absolute Nothingness and God are two sides of the same coin. It complies with the ancient notion of the "Cosmic Womb" or the "Great Mother" as the Ultimate Reality. "She" is the universal Vessel that gives us all security while including the Law of the Universe: death, rebirth and permanence. Come, I am teaching you the Cosmic Mother! With the help of The Universal Way e.g. living in harmony with Her Law you will become a New (Wo)Man

Promoting Interreligious Understanding

@ Do you think the "Eternal-Feminine" or the "Maternal Dimension of God"
could add something valuable to your spiritual/religious life?

@ In what way the Divine Mother is manifesting Herself in your religion?

@ Would you support a world view based on "feminine" (holistic) values,
like interconnectedness, peace, joy of life, cooperation, justice, love,
care and harmony with nature?

2. Een Nieuwe Psychologie
Het Kosmische Principe van het Goddelijke Licht

Contrary to our conditioning of 2000 years we are not sinners, nor pityful creatures on this earth. On the contrary. Deep within we are Divine. Hence, the need of thoroughly changing our self-image, esteem and (mutual) respect. A New Psychology emphasizes the Divine Spark as our true identity (Meister Eckhart). The Maya are teaching us that in the year 2012 the old God dies, while a new will be born. This "dying and being reborn" isn't a isolated thing, though. On the other hand, it is the foundation of continuous regeneration. Come, I will take you by the hand in your Quest toward your Innermost Core. Once found, you start integrating your bodymind - including the reflection and the various sub-personalities -  into your new Identity

Promoting Self-insight

@ Do you think the Reality of the "Divine Spark Within" could add to
your personal empowerment?

@ In what way this new psychological understanding is taught in
your church, temple or school?

@ Would you like to receive more advice, support or guidance on
this matter? If so, in what way? 

@ Try the Universal Way

3. Een Nieuwe Traditie
Het Kosmische Principe van leiderschap

Individualism and materialism have exceeded healthy boundaries. Human beings need to be related to each other, as well. "Being yourSelf connected" is the goal for the comining decades. We have to become part of the Whole (once again) - (Wo)man rooted in Heaven, earth and the (new) community - creating balance on all levels of life. Green Men and Wise Women are taking the lead. The emphasis lies on our youth. School shootings should be understood as protest against an egoistic, life-denying, superficial, meaningless and corrupt world. Come, follow me with founding of a "Healing the Planet" youth movement! In order for the Spirit, compassion, strength and life to return, once again

Promoting Cultural Renewal

@ Do you think our Western culture is moving towards a bright
(technological) future or rather the opposite?

@ In what way are you expressing your concern about the rapid
decay on all levels of society?

@ Would you like to commit yourself, together with
others, to CultureRenewal?

4. Een Nieuwe Gezondheidszorg
Het Kosmische Principe van optimale vitaliteit

Common health care focusses on disease, rather than optimal vitality. That's why it is rapidly deteriorating. Pharma monopolies, extreme doctor specializations, a corrupt health care system are all symptoms of a sick system. They wll not help us to get out of the disease spiral. First we have to concentrate us on health. Come, take thus your health into your own hands, start a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy (vegetarian) diet, as proposed in our Personal Health Plan*. Together we subsequently change our health care system, based on the three echelons of selfhelp, holistic and technological medicine

Promoting Optimal Health for all

@ Do you think health should be promoted in a much
more positive way?

@ In what way could you personally contribute to your
health and that of others?

@ Would you like to study our handbook "Flow System Therapy" for free,
while doing our 6 weeks' Personal Health Plan?

5. Een Nieuwe Samenleving
Het Kosmische Principe van de onderlinge samenhang

It cannot be denied anymore: people around the globe are loosing confidence in party politics: one of the main reasons why democracy is eroding rapidly.... Therefore, we have to strengthen basic democratic structures to begin with the street, the neighborhood, the commune to the city, the county and the state, everything  based on subsidiarity, community democracy and also.....mother right. Come, start founding "Healing the Planet" communes, villages, towns, cities, counties and states. In order to subsequently establish a communitiy democratic, self sovereign, organically built world governance

Promoting Community Democracy

@ Do you think democracy is in danger?

@ In what way do you participate in community

@ Would you like to become involved in a worldwide initiative
with the aim of extending our democratic systems?

6. Een Nieuwe Economie
Het Kosmische Principe van evenwicht op alle niveau's

An economy based on (unlimited) growth - like the current one - is destroying the planet: from individual souls, families, communities, values and norms to bio-diversity, the oceans, the atmosphere and human societies. Therefore we urgently have to shift to an economy of balance. In order to achieve that we have a very simple proposal. Everybody half a week working for the community in exchange for a basic income*. With this income the basic costs will be financed: home, energy, health care, education, transportation. In order to do so the latter will be taken out of the private sphere, while the costs will be adapted to the height of the basic income, everything controlled by the sovereign democratic community. In the other half of the week you may do what you like.....

Furthermore, the economy should be based on subsidiairity: It says: "What can be produced locally (for the community), should be produced locally. What cannot be produced locally, should be produced nationally. What cannot be produced nationally, should be produced internationally" 

Promoting an Eco-economy

@ Do you think economy is doing fine or do you have severe
doubts about its effectiveness?

@ In what way do you integrate new economic principles into
your personal lifestyle?

@ Would you favour a new global socio-economic system?
If so, in what way?

7. Een Nieuwe Aarde
Het Kosmische Principe van Gaia

I have a Vision. It includes peace, joy of life, justice, harmony with nature and prosperity for all. We can achieve this through putting these 7 Steps into practice! It is a universal program, including people from both sexes, all nations, colors, beliefs and social position. Much could be added, though like the urgent control over science, technology and economy by the self sovereign, basic democratic community (not the state)."Healing the Planet" furthermore includes sustainable energy, nature conservation, organic agriculture and vegetarianism. The program is so inclusive, simple, powerful and promising, totally in harmony with the Cosmos, that more and more people will be filled with enthusiasm

Promoting a New Heaven, a New Earth and a New Community

@ Do you think we can achieve a New World?

@ In what direction you think we have to move in order
to achieve this goal?

@ Would you personally commit yourself to "Healing the Planet"
on all levels, from personal wholeness to the
wholeness of all beings?

Yes, Let's Join!

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