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In the Cloister nothig Christian can ce found. No any image referring to the Bible or other Christian stories. Instead: Mother Scallops, Goddesses, Green Men, Bock Gods etc etc.


Some assume that I am a Madonna worshipper. The answer is yes/no. Through my LINK: Threefold Realization, I know that the Ultimate is Emptiness, that gives birth to all and everything, with other words it can be called "Cosmic Womb". All persons, groups, organizations who have similar insights - who thus venerate the Eternal-Feminine in some form or another - have my sympathy, for they are closest to the Truth.....


Death as Green Man, Symbol of the destructive aspect of the Cosmic Mother

Horn of Abundance

Big surprise in the front portal of the church. Convincingly displayed Green Men with even emphasis on their "seventh chakra". As an exception the name of the artists are known: Juan y Pedro de Gabiria
Mother Scallop (Snail symbolising Eternity), Death as the destructive aspect of the Mother and Green Man in one piece of art. Unbelievable!

Revealing Discovery
Note 10

Bock God denounced by the Church i.e. becoming a devil. It doesn't bother these gay people!

Example of the "barockization" like in Estella (only a few kilometers from here) and numerous other churches in Europe LINK Coimbra, Ebrach, Liebfrauenkirche Bambergirache-79.jpg (8384 bytes)
Sculptures at the church entrance


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