Upper entrance of Ephese

Three bull heads, all damaged. Probably by Christians

Remarkable! "Altar for Artemis and Emperor". Memory of old times when the God/King was Son/Lover of the Mother?!

Relief of Hermes with goat, the latter being the embodiment of ancient Vegetation Gods

Bust of Tyche, Goddess of Ephese

Medusa surrounded by acanthus leaves, typically a relief for a Green Goddess or Green Man

Celsus Library

I approached the Library of Celsus with great excitement. Celsus is a brother of mine, very much involved in the ancient Mother religion. Against that background he critisized Christianity (/"Against the Christians") with a logic that hasn't lost any of its actuality. Despite this, I didn't know what the Library would reveal to me....
Almost invisible for anyone who is not doing focussed research, on top of the Library.....two magnificent Medusa heads. Medusa was the Goddess that gone out of favor by the ruling elite, hence to give Her such an important position on the building shows Celsus great commitment to the ancient tradition


On the ground floor four Wise Women: Sophia (wisdom) Episteme (knowledge), Ennoia (destiny) and Arete (virtue)
And then the big surprise. On the gate some Green Lions were watching at me. Look at them, they show all the characteristics of the Green Man as we know them: vegetation coming out of their faces. It proves that the European foliate Green Man has its roots in Roman times (in this case 2d century AC)
The evidence is overwheliming. Again, the faces have not been destroyed through Islamic fanaticism but this has been done by hysterical Christians
Some pictures of the agora and the theatre. Some vital parts of Ephese were not accessible, so may be I missed something vital. I really don't know. Anyway, this experience in Ephese and Anatolia in general was unforgettable. I hope I was able to give you a feel about it


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