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"A very impressive renewal of religious teaching"

"Who is this man, who claims to be A New Teacher?"

"This is a major breakthrough"

"Compared to this the Reformation was only a light breeze"

"After this the Church has only two choices"

  "This will benefit not only Christians, but devotees of other faiths, as well"

"Indeed, a Cosmic Event!"


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Letztes und Definitives "Maria Dogma"
Maria ist das (verzerrte) Katholische Bild der
Ultimen Kosmischen Mutter

In 431 the population of Ephese celebrated Mary as the "Mother of God". They had forced the Church to find a successor to their MotherGoddess Artemis.

The Church - afraid of the return of the Original pre-Christian Great Mother - subsequently started to reshape the image of Mary. Its strategy: it should satisfy the people's need for a "female deity" on the one hand, but without the power the latter had in previous era's on the other.

So they started to distort Her sovereignty , while attributing to Her all kinds of surrogate characteristics. First of all, as a humble, subordinate being to Her Son She lost Her dominant position. Deprived of Her sex She was forced to play a role model to women who had to deny their sex. Mary and with Her innumerable women have become victim of the Churches' misogyny.

In return She was declared "Immaculate Conceived", went to heaven with body and soul - "Assumption" - and was finally called the "Queen of Heaven". This had only one function: to make believe that Mary had replaced the Cosmic Mother. However, these "dogma's" are mere words, empty invocations without any underlying substance. Opium for the people.

Therefore, in these most critical of times - in which the survival of mankind is at stake - I, as Her Son/Lover, who knows Her like no other, proclaim the restoration of the Original Cosmic Mother, giving back to Her all Sovereignty, Glory and Power. Only then people can turn to Her, once again, with good hope for True Salvation.

So, who is She? Rather than being a concept, an idea or image - like the Virgin Mary - the Universal Mother is real. She is the Ultimate Reality, consisting of the all-encompassing Cosmic Vacuum or Womb. Key characteristic is that everything - including the Light ("God") - is born out of Her, while continuously returning to the Origin.

In mythology, Mary is not only the "successor" to Eve, but also to Inanna, Isis, Tiamat, Astarte, Cybele, and Aphrodite. Her Son - Christ, an Enlightened Teacher like many others - fits perfectly into the tradition of (green) dying and resurrecting vegetation Gods, like Tammuz, Osiris, Baal, Attis, and Dionysos.

Contrary to what many (women) believe: the Cosmic Mother embraces the whole of existence, nothing excluded. She loves everything unconditionally, women and men alike. To claim Her as your property proves your ignorance about Her True Nature. In particular, sectarian, feminist groups are suffering from this.

Since Her Revelation in 1977 the Original Power of the Great Mother is, once again, restored. She governs the entire universe, including birth, life and death, equally. She is the Master over creation and destruction, keeping these two opposing energies - cetrifugal and centripetal - in continuous balance.

Between death and rebirth - a continuous process of regeneration available to all (and not only to an "Only Begotten Son of God") - there is (temporary) life as part of Her web of life: the interdependency of all living and non-living beings. It gives rise to a "feminine" world view: interconnectedness, community, lust for life, the body, love and sex, justice, peace and harmony with nature.

Above mentioned altogether dramatically changes Christian theology. Rather than being the Origin, "God the Father" is born out of Her Bottomlessness, hence, in reality isn't the "Father", but the Son, Her First Emanation. In fact, "God" appears to be the Light Body of the Cosmic Mother, while the universe is Her Material Body.

"Mother of God" is thus exactly right. It only has to be understood literally. The Church, obviously, has a different theology behind it. It says that Mary is the Mother of Christ. And because Christ is both God and human, Mary is the Theotokos, the God-Bearer. "Mother of God" appears to be limited to the Son, only.

But is this theology really that logic? The Church teaches that Christ and the Father are One, of One Substance. If Mary is the Mother of Christ, then, according to its own dogma's She should be the Mother of the Father, as well. For 2000 years the Church has tried to escape from this its own inconsistency. In vain. The Truth finally proves to be triumphant.

"Mother of God" thus has to be taken literally. Of course, it isn't Mary, as depicted by the Church who claims that title, but the underlying Reality - the Cosmic Mother - is. What to do with Mary? One category of images can be saved from inflation. These are the Black Madonna's. Blackness represents the Bottomlessness of the Ultimate. Hence, despite opposition of the Church people have always understood this, and continued to worship Her.

The "white, sweet and subordinate Mary" symbolizes the end of an era. An era in which the Church dominated religious life, manipulating everything in favor of its power position. It is over now. The image of Mary, as the Church portrayed it, proved to be too shallow, distorting reality as it is. We now may return to the True Mother, the One Who rules the universe, the One Who was there before God.

This issue is truly interreligious. Many religions have manipulated reality in favor of the male God. Mary, Sophia, Shakti and Kuan Yin all occupied secondary roles. The reality tells us a different story, though. The Mother is the Origin, the Sons/Daughters are born out of Her. She is the True Ruler of the universe, the One Who receives our prayers with utmost benevolence.

Prove of this is the "Mother of God" mantra. Imagine the Cosmic Womb is including you from all sides. Feel yourself totally secure in Her Embrace, feel Her protecting Presence in and around you. Once established you start whispering "Mother" while breathing out, and "of God" while breathing in.

By doing so 24 hours a day, you become initiate into the mystery of life. You experience that the "positive" - the Light, the Divine, Buddhahood - is born out of the "negative". The more thorough the breathing-out disappears into the Nothingness of the pelvis - metaphor to the Cosmic Womb (for both women and men) - the more powerful the rebirth of the Light becomes.

Are you looking for signs of confirmation? Your body will tell you. If a tender spot has been touched, you will experience a deep sigh, vibrations, shivering, spontaneous lauging, tears, sweating, gratitude, joy or/and bliss. It could become the starting point for a celebration, worshipping and sharing. Once the Truth has revealed It (Her)Self to you, nothing in the world will be able to disturb you anymore.

Come, celebrate with me. As we all know, Mother worshippers of various religions around the world have more in common with each other, than with their own religious backgrounds. Let's make a new commitment - a new unity in diversity - between us! In order to facilitate this I initiated the "Universal Mother Council", an annual meeting for all Mother loving people worldwide.

Her Blessings,

Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Absolute Highlight in Understanding the Ultimate Reality.
Mary as Cosmic Mother giving birth to the Trinity:
God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost


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