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MatriTalks 58


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

At one terrible go
Did it put a stop to me
Dissolved I am
In an unknown substance
The inexpressible Light

Being embedded granting
Unprecedented bliss and ecstasy
Merged into a completely
Different world I am lost
No separate entity anymore

Everything is equally
Embedded in Divine Fluidum
There are no walls
Between all that exist
Life consists of absolute
Waterproof security


Suddenly I was crashed
I See
What a limitless astonishment
The dance of Light is all-around
Immersed in transcendental revelation
Earth, flowers, people, things
Everything shining in crystal-clear ecstasy
Joy and tears

Now I know that IT always IS
Resting in Itself waiting for me
Any Moment It can happen again


It spoke to me with
The voice of Its Silence
I tasted the Fluidum of
Its nectar sweet Strength
Through Its touch It awakened me
With Its Rain of Light It
Anointed my skin

With its fragrant of fresh heavenly ozone
It granted me Its Body
Its dance bestowing Its Ecstasy on me
Igniting in my inner self
The fire consuming me 
That's how It involved me in Its love play


Poured out in jelly of nectar
Dissolved in set sweetness
Movement in limitless calm
Ecstasy out of Nothingness
Trying without tongue
Tasting without trying
Inexpressible Condition

In the silent lust of Knowing
Amazement is limitless
I have become an Ocean
The entire universe immersed in
Divine oil
Nectar otherworldly sweet
One with the Beyond
I Am the Light

Like a Divine puppet
Totally being put out of joint
Transparent and enlightened nothingness
I am a worm with the worms
Bird with the birds
Plant with the plants

Empty of everything known
Full with inexpressible
Total Otherness
The cosmic dance is dancing me
A particle in inescapable coercion
Set in Fluidum of pure Jelly
Merged into unity


You are not special or on yourself
You are given
It is given to you like everything is given
There is nothing
Apart from what is given


I am the Essence of existence
Limitless timelessness all around
I am the Origin of things and things themselves
Everything is One and yet separate

I fathomed the secret
Of life and death
I went through the gate of liberation
Including its eternal Dimension

I saw Truth by being It
By surrendering to Her I am Love
The Whole is what I Am
In Me everything is coming together

I embody all Buddha's of all times simultaneously
Like the water lily in the morning sun is
I know no Bible nor Koran
Zen and Sufi do not linger
I am a transparent Nothingness

My tradition includes the smile
Of the Eternal Moment
Life is the joy of Its Omni-Presence
My existence being the tear
On Its besmeared face

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