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Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Nowadays, an increasing, nay dramatic number of people are showing all kinds of unexplainable complaints. In particular fatigue is high on the list. What could possibly cause this "invisible" epidemic?

A. Illness used to be a personal condition. This situation has changed. Increasingly, people are subjected to the same set of causes, call it a "soup".

Q. What do you mean by that?

A. Culture, lifestyle, circumstances and environment have largely become equal for all of us. Hence, we are exposed to equal etiological factors.

Q. Such as?

A.  It is the combination of eating and drinking habits, digestion problems, deficiencies, the condition of our blood-circulation, lack of fitness, amalgam fillings, pollution, allopathic treatments, stress, geopathic factors and electro-smog together, that constitutes the "soup".   

Q.  Are these factors all interacting?

A. That's right. With one factor increasingly becoming dominating: electro-stress.

Q. How can people recognize, if they are affected?

A. Every "case" has a slightly different pattern, depending on the persons' biography. However, if you show symptoms like serious fatigue, palpitations of the heart, pain in the joints, RSI, restlessness, anxiety and even panic, irritability, depression, the feeling of "becoming destroyed", sleeplessness, heavy sweating, cold feelings in the bones, digestions problems with a bloating belly, tinnitis, the feeling of walking on "feathers", problems with coordination, unreal "woozy" feeling in the head, concentration and memory problems.....

Q. Would you then have a "reasonable" chance of suffering from EMF?

A. You don't need to have all symptoms. Half of them would be enough to assume, that you might suffer from it.

Q. What are the main causes of EMF?

A. It is a combination of all artificial radiation: for instance radio, TV, radar, nuclear, secret military and computer. Above all, it is the network of cellular telephone (gsm, umts, 3G) (in Europe), which is creating the greatest damage.

Q.  What are these damages, exactly?

A. There has been enough scientific research in order to proof, that gsm-radiation is hazardous. It causes a.o. cancer at the side of the head, with which you are calling (Guy, Cherry); damage of the blood-brain barrier (Salford); breaches in DNA-chains (Lai and Sing, Phillips); damage to embryo's (Bastide); connection to Alzheimer (Cherry, Kwee, Hyland); abnormal EEG of the brain (von Klitzing) and immune-deficiency (Lyle, Salford, Veryer). Especially children are vulnerable to radiation (Santini).  Some of the above mentioned scientists appeared at the European Parliament Conference of 29th of June 2000, giving testimony of their alarming findings.

Q. How come, that most people don't know about it?

A. It is a carefully kept secret. The reason is, that there are huge interests at stake. Both telecom companies as well as governments are heavily indebted to each other, "hence", the media don't publish about it.         

Q. Governments protecting big business against the population, instead of protecting their own population against big business.

A. Absolutely. What is going on at the moment, is outrageous. The entire population has become guinea-pig to the totally irresponsible "experiments" of a handful moneymakers.

Q. Should this all not be based on proper scientific research, like above mentioned "alternative" researchers have been doing?

A. The companies have fabricated their own - for them favorable - criteria to what is harmful or not. The trick is, that you produce "reliable" research on the one hand, based on totally haphazardly chosen standards on the other. Their arbitrary criterion is "the heating up of tissue", while in reality damage is inflicted at much lower intensities of radiation already. This makes the outcome of such "studies" a joke. The aim is to gaining time, hoping that in the meantime all masts can be quietly installed, without too much protests of the population.

Q. What worries you most?

A. Artificial electro-magnetic radiation is destroying the basic substance ("Grundsubstanz") of life. However, this is not only a bio-physical e.g. medical problem.  It touches the spiritual-religious dimension as well. Life is the Material Body of the Mother, after all. Radiation can be considered as the last (?) attempt of patriarchy, to replace nature by an artificial world. Needless to say, that the Great Mother is "furious" about this. The survival of Her Web of Life is at stake. This fury about the rape of nature is an old subject. In Hinduism for instance, the Great Mother in Her manifestation of the Goddess Durga kills the demon Mahisha*, the latter representing patriarchal ambition and arrogance, its obsession with destroying nature.

* See picture.

Q. Is there still hope?

A. As you know, the Mother is the Cosmic Vacuum, from Which everything is born and to Which everything is returning. She is the Origin of continuous Regeneration. By surrendering to Her, we will be empowered in such a way, that we may overcome the threat. We have to cooperate with Her. Which means, that everybody has to commit him or herself. The increase of all kinds of grass-root organizations is a hopeful sign in this regard*.

* See: or/and e.g.

Q. What could we do to protect ourselves?

A. The irony is, that the spiritual people get it first. The more "open", the more sensitive you are, the more vulnerable. Thus, the "best" of mankind will suffer most, while the "buffalo's" (with respect) remain unharmed (only for a short while, obviously). Especially those, who strive for an optimal health through regular fasting, vegetarianism e.g. veganism, are easy victims. Hence, many of the latter are forced to resume eating meat once again, in order to create a "buffer" against radiation. In practice, we see lots of improvements through it.

Q. What other things can be done? 

A. The closer you live to a gsm-tower, the greater the chance, that you will become sick. So, the first concern is, to chose your place for living carefully. Two problems immediately pop up. Not everyone can chose, where to live and many towers are invisible. Moreover, new towers are built all the time. You may think that you have moved to a "safe" place (having spent all your money), only to discover, that soon after a new tower is built next door.

Q. As you said, the majority of people don't have an option, but to stay where they are.

A. Starting a grass-root group, aiming at removing the towers from your neighborhood is a most necessary step. Additionally, you may try to bring about some adjustments to your home. Changing your cellar in a sleeping room is among the most effective.....

Q. Altogether a crazy situation.

A. You tell me.

Start a grass-root group.

Ask Durga to become your protectress.

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