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MatriTalks 53


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. As I have learned, the depression rate in Europe has gone up dramatically in the last decades. Especially women are suffering from it. Could you elaborate?

A. It is a big problem indeed. Because many people are "solving" it with taking anti-depressants, nobody actually seems to bother about it very much.

Q. Why have you chosen this topic in the first place?

A. If people knew more about the underlying causes, they probably would be more motivated to actually doing something about it.

Q. So, what are the main causes?

A. Depression is a sign of the fact, that your vital energy, creativity and perspectives are being blocked. People feel, that they are in a fix.

Q. "People having nowhere to go" sounds very strange against the background of a society, in which all options are open.

A. The reality is, that life has become too complicated. Too many factors have to be taken in consideration: costs of living, income, mortgage, house repair, children, children's education, job, unemployment, the "rat race", debts, taxes, problems with the relationship, illness, furthermore continuous change, isolation, meaninglessness, frustration, anxiety, stress, fatigue, unsolved inner problems, electro-stress etc. etc. There is simply no "elbow room" left anymore.

Q.  Why women in particular are affected?

A. While men live, work and entertain in a world largely created by them, women on the other hand, often feel estranged by it. Take the TV as an example. Apart from advertisements it is all about eating and drinking, sports, politics, technology, violence and "entertainment". Women don't feel connection with the outside world, hence, their personal isolation being more outspoken.

Q. This "being thrown upon oneself", could it lead to all kinds of disorders?

A. The most prominent ones are those, which are connected to suppression of aggression. Aggression is a taboo in our society. It is connected to violence. However, in case of suppressed aggression, tension is building up, leading to all kinds of psycho-somatic disorders or beyond. Suppressed aggression is a well-known factor to the cause of cancer for instance. Because you don't know, how to express yourself properly, you start "eating yourself"*.

* See for a very effective self-help program: Emotional self-integration. Furthermore see our health program: "Personal Health Plan"

Q. The suppression of women being much more severe, than is commonly known.

A. The main factor is the loss of identity of men, though....Now that their era (patriarchy) is coming to an end, they feel increasingly threatened. It manifests itself in exploiting women as cheap laborers, oppression e.g. sexual harassment in the family, child prostitution and rape. The latter used as a terrorist weapon in many areas of the world. Combine this with the millennia of suppression, including centuries of brutal persecution (witch hunt), it should not be difficult to understand, that in the women's psyche anger is accumulating. If it cannot be expressed, depression will be the consequence.

Q. What could possibly a way out here?

A.  Both women and men have a (great) responsibility here. First of all, I think women should develop solidarity among each other. Together, they should reclaim their central position in the community, bringing all basic activities under their control: child raising, education, health care, socio-political organization, the environment, agriculture etc. On the other hand, the position of men should be taken into account as well. Although it is true, that most of the violence is caused by male oppression*, loss of male identity is a potential threat to the whole of society. The consequence would be widespread violence. Hence, solutions should be sought, which satisfies both sexes.

* Quite some males have been emotionally abused by their mothers. As overcompensation they start oppressing women. The mothers in their turn, were forced to raise their sons all by themselves, because of absence of the father. The father "had to go out" of the house, because of the need to cope with an increasing demand for material goods, not in the last place, because the wife pushed him to do so. The wife on the other hand, took refuge in material wealth, because she felt frustrated by her role as housewife etc, etc. This story being an example of how all factors are interwoven. Simply accusing the other gender for having caused "all the misery", is a sign of narrow-mindedness.

Q. How to handle (suppressed) aggression?

A. Obviously, using other people to release accumulated stress, is not the way. Apart from the suggestions given above, (women-centered) self-help psycho-therapy could make a difference. Primal therapy is one of the possibilities.  As so often, the Chinese prove to be very creative in this regard. Every morning groups of people come together in the park, where they scream, shout and yell. It is considered to be "very good for health".

Q.  In the magazines the suggestion is made, that women are more successful than men, nowadays.

A. Which magazines do you read (laughter)? Honestly, I consider this as propaganda. It is always the same success stories. The reality is, that most women don't feel comfortable with the hyper-rationalized world of men. They prefer part-time jobs, rather than joining the "rat race".

Q. What would you suggest them to do?

A. First of all, most women are so conditioned by the world around them, that they are ignorant about the difference between "society" and "community". They think, that the only way to pursuing a career, is getting a job in the job-market. Very few realize, that their strength lies in committing themselves to the community.

Q. "Community" is usually associated with the soft sector: charity, helping the ones in need, visiting the elderly etc. Most women don't feel attracted to these "traditional" women roles.

A. Exactly. That's why to them "community" is considered not to be an option. Until very recently, at least. If, on the other hand "Community" would be the socio-political-economical foundation of society, then the picture would change dramatically.   

Q. Like you have elaborated in some previous interviews.

A. That's right. If women begin to understand, that a career in favor of community-building would include challenge, cooperation, perspective and skills - spiritual, cultural, political, economical, medical, ecological - then, I am sure, they would be very interested. Our model of the future Community has it all. Hence, I invite every woman (and man) to seriously consider participation in our Transformation Work.

Q. No depression anymore?

A. Look at our program. Who would not fall in love with it?

The Mother loves you all.

Start serving Her.

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