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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. In one of your earlier talks you have said, that the main characteristic of the Mother is "transforming death into rebirth". Could you explain?

A. First of all we have to understand the times in which we all live. Increasingly, it is understood as a time of confusion, disintegration and decay. The question is, if there could possibly be some kind of "logic" behind this all?

Q. In order to make the unacceptable acceptable?

A. Well, if we succeed in establishing a connection between the world of today and the Mother....

Q. You mean some kind of interference of the Mother with the world?

A. The Mother is the Ultimate Reality, governing all levels of existence. She is doing this through Her Law of the Universe, the dynamic equilibrium between death, rebirth and interconnectedness ("web of life"). Transformation means to de-identify with your old self, to be reborn as a New (Wo)Man, while subsequently fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" once again. 

Q. From the cradle to the grave. No escape possible.

A. In this regard, it is useful to start with the beginning: the formation of the personality, like we observe it in Western society. It is all about the building of an ego, a very fragile construction indeed. This ego has to establish itself against the background of Nothingness, out of Which it has been originating, a very frightening situation.

Q. You mean, it is afraid of "falling back" all the time.

A. Indeed, you may therefore say, that the driving force behind the formation of the Western personality is...existential fear.

Q. Clinging to a self-image, which is your definition of the ego, therefore seems to have a function, this in contrast to those who only emphasize its uselessness (to say the least).

A. You are absolutely right. As long as you are ignorant, as long as you haven't established a new center of stability (awareness), then the ego is very much needed, a.o. to protect yourself against angst. The paradox is this: the ego is based on angst, yet has to protect us against it. Hence, the irresponsibility of all those practices, whose aim is to "break down" the ego, without providing a firm existential foundation first.

Q. Thus ego-weakness is dangerous?

A. Only those who have a well-established ego can drop it. In all other cases one has to proceed with caution.

Q. The idea, that our entire personality is based on fear isn't exactly encouraging.

A. Not only our personality, but also our religions, yes, our entire culture is based on it.

Q. What are you saying?

A. We are afraid of "God's" Reality, which eventually is Nothingness, so we start clinging to the image of God. The function of to avoid God, it is a collective attempt not to be confronted with "Him". Hence, religions are nothing but a dance around self-created images. It has little to do with "God Himself".   

Q. Not too bad sign thus, that "God is dead", the Churches are empty and people searching for their "own truth?"

A. It is a logical outcome of a process, that has started already centuries ago.

Q. We are in an age of confusion.

A. Every transition of the old to the new is one of confusion. The Mother is marking the end of that period of time. She represents the "Unity in Diversity", a New Unifying Principle That is going to bring people together once again. It is my mission as Her Messenger to spread the good news to all those who are ready to hear it.

Q. It is the first time, that I hear you talking about your own role.

A. The main characteristic of "these most desperate of times" can be understood in the light of actions coming from us on the one hand and those coming from the Mother on the other. This moment in history is very unique. Cosmic and earthly developments have fused, creating a quantum leap in evolution. 

Q. Like?

A. The starting point is the ego. Because religion (Christianity) prevented us from going back to the Source - to the church Self-realization is a "heresy" -  in order to die and to become reborn - "Christ already died for us", so no need for us to regenerate ourselves - the ego had no choice, but blowing itself up. It is the cause of self-centeredness, isolation, greed, accumulation, "progress", expansion and finally exploitation and injustice. 

Q. This is a daring statement.

A. What is coming together nowadays are three crucial factors. First there is the ego, a personality construction based on existential fear. This ego has lost every security, because of the disappearance of values, norms and institutions. The same ego, however, had been unable to return to the Source, resulting in blowing itself up in all kinds of ways (with fear and expansion as two sides of the same coin....). The third "factor" is the Cosmic Vacuum, as the background against Which this drama is unfolding itself.

Q. Resulting in what?

A. First of all, the Mother is the Cosmic Vacuum. Accumulations exceeding a certain level, will be broken down. Obviously, today the ego has indeed reached its limits, and beyond. Greed, accumulation, isolation and blowing yourself up are "sins" against Emptiness. Emptiness cannot tolerate them anymore. They are disturbing Cosmic Balance. Hence, Emptiness breaking them down, destroying them, resulting in an ego-collapse on all levels of society.

Q. Is this the "destructive aspect" of the Mother?

A. Very much so. This aspect is as powerful as Her creation activity. Nature is dying every winter. In the body 25% of all cells are in a state of being broken down (releasing a substance, which stimulates the formation of new cells....), thoughts are coming and going. Hence, this same Law has to be observed in the spiritual realm. Our concern should be to die voluntarily (as an ego), before having to die involuntarily.

Q. And this creates fear of Nothingness?

A. In this age of destruction more and more people logically will be confronted by "fear of Nothingness". This is certainly going to become (much) worse, including all the consequences. Surrendering to the Mother as the Realm (Vacuum), in which death continuously is transformed into rebirth, will free you from this fear. It is the Greatest Gift She is bestowing upon us.    

Q. Now, it suddenly occurs to me how the Mother and Jesus are connected. The church took over Her qualities of "death and rebirth" and projected them into Christ, while subsequently monopolizing them, making the whole mankind depending on his "redemption"*.

A. Regeneration is now available to everybody. We are not depending on a savior anymore. Everyone surrendering him or herself to the Source of "death and rebirth" - the Mother - will be saved. It is a pure, straightforward and authentic Message (not a manipulated one, like others before), that corresponds with the Truth. That Truth may prevail, so help us the Truth.

Q. Hope in the middle of hopelessness.

A. You say it.

Hail to the Mother!

* This was an element that not Jesus, but Paul had introduced.

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