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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. You have talked about a Message the Great Mother has bestowed upon you, could you elaborate on that?

A. The Mother is the alpha and omega. However, through various millennia of patriarchal suppression, this has fallen into oblivion. In these most desperate of times - in which we increasingly prove to be powerless to transform ourselves -  She has returned to save mankind, though.

Q. I think mankind is hoping for a miracle.

A. While existing norms and values are further disintegrating, the Mother in Her limitless Compassion has given people a new guideline for life.

Q. The confusion, meaninglessness, burn-out and fear are becoming unbearable. Many people are looking for something they may cling to.

A. There are two categories of people: those who feel the urge of dropping every identification, going from the periphery to the center, while others need support e.g. are desperately looking for new securities. Both needs are justified.

Q. That sounds like a very balanced view on reality. The Mother must be happy to have such a representative.

A. Talking about our Christian heritage, striving for Self-realization used to be the greatest taboo. It was considered equal to "pride and blasphemy". Those, who testified of the Divine Spark in themselves were considered heretics. Their fate is known: being burnt at the stake.

Q. Some say Western culture has never managed to heal that wound.

A. The Inquisition terrorized people for over four centuries. All incentives toward spiritual emancipation were thoroughly extinguished. Only recently, after the power of the Church was at last broken, the original impulses again came to the surface.

Q. Which should be a hopeful sign?

A. Recent times can be characterized by first of all "unity" forced from above (the church), followed by a reaction: the recent flowering of very diverse philosophies, sects, groups and practices. Because of the rapid deterioration on all levels of society, there is a great urge to balance these two: hence, the call for "Unity in Diversity".

Q. A binding principle would indeed be very much needed.

A. That's why She revealed Her Message to me. It consisted of a genuine Vision (with full awareness seen in front of me), consisting of St. John's Wrote, turning into a Jewish Menorah, which eventually proved to be a Grail Chalice, from which an endless stream of blood was pouring out.

Q. Were you aware of its significance?

A. Of its authenticity, yes. About its meaning however, I didn't ponder so much. That came only later. I still had to discover, that insight is growing according to life experience. And the Vision appeared just at the beginning of my spiritual Path.

Q. How do you know your Vision is authentic?

A. First of all there was this sudden clarity in the room, lifting common reality into something transcendental. Furthermore, the Vision wasn't within me - it then could have been imagery or a hallucination even - but started evolving some two meters in front of me. Once it started, my mind was totally empty, just very much present, without any thinking on its part. Then the Vision itself. Its radiance was totally other-worldly, bringing about deep religious awe, gratefulness and joy. Eventually, after....I started commenting on it ("o, my God, it is blood that is coming out"), the Vision slowly disappeared*.

* Which means, that the mind "spoiled" the other dimension. Hence, this dimension itself belonging to a higher Realm.   

Q. Apparently you didn't take things very seriously in the period after the Vision, didn't you?

A. The Mother is very wise. She is giving you the right thing at the right moment.

Q. What did you discover? When did you realize, that the Vision was a Message of the Great Mother to the world?

A. From the moment on I became fertile soil to Her Message. Before, I resisted the idea of becoming a "Messenger", although I have been knowing it my whole life already. You may call me a "slothful" servant. Sometimes I really don't understand, why the Mother has chosen me as Her representative.

Q. Love makes people blind, this is especially the case with mothers.

A. (Big laugh) This is a jolly good joke!

Q. You are welcome.

A. Okay, Her Message to the world includes "Awakening! - symbolized by St. John's Worth, standing for "light" - restructure your life - symbolized by the Jewish Menorah, standing for "the law" - and serve others" - symbolized by the Grail Chalice, standing for "selflessness". It is Her guideline for those, who are longing for Wholeness.

Q. Would you mind to go into detail a little?

A. The Message connects three things. They are inseparable. This means there is no awakening without serving others; neither will here be personal integration without awakening. One has to put them into practice simultaneously, in order to become fertile.

Q. I have to confess, that at first sight the Message doesn't seem to be very revolutionary. Now I begin to see its depth though.

A. There is a saying of Teresa of Avila. Translated for our times this would be: "You have the obligation to become holy, in favor of the Whole". The emphasis lies on the second part of the sentence. It means, that "awakening/striving for Enlightenment" as such has no meaning. The same is true with the Message. Compassion is the outcome e.g. criterion of every spiritual Path. Put it into practice and you feel the extraordinary depth of it.

Q.  Such as?

A. Against the background of materialism and individualism - two big "evils" of our times - this is THE recipe for becoming Whole once again. It includes awakening, personal growth and selflessness as three parts of the same process. The logic is obvious.

Q. You seem to be a very happy man, being able to transmit these truths to others.

A. Believe me: without the Mother I would be a nobody. With the Mother I am a nobody as well.

Lets praise the Mother!

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