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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Having completed forty eight talks, I really look forward to your conclusion. My question is this regard is, what according to you would be the characteristics of the "new (wo)man?"

A.  In order to have an overview, let's first talk about the outcome of religious conditioning in the present time. Obviously, we are most familiar with the Christian conception of man. Even, if you are not a Christian (anymore), its effects are deeply engrained in the culture. Our present psychology is determined by it. Which means, that Christianity has laid the foundation of the materialistic, individualized and "godless" masses of today.     

Q. That is a forceful statement. Could you elaborate?

A. Christianity has deliberately and forcefully deprived us from the context of life. First it destroyed our Divine Spark within. Everybody claiming his or her spiritual identity - the Innermost Core - was considered to be a heretic, accused of pride and blasphemy. Secondly, the vital foundation was taken away. During many centuries "missionaries" have been destroying our relationship with nature e.g. the interconnectedness of life and its sanctuaries: wells, trees, animal symbols, groves, plants and herbs. "Nature" was said to be the "work of the devil", including everything related to it: Eros, sex, love and women. The purpose was to destroy "Heaven and earth" in order to uproot and alienate people, thus making them an easy prey to the church. Persecution, terror and intimidation lasted for almost one and a half millennium...The outcome was a crippled mankind, having no choice but falling back on the only thing left: its ego.  

Q. So, is Christianity the cause, rather than the counterpart of the current self-centered, secularized society, as they always say?

A. It is hypocrisy all over the place. First of all, they destroyed the sacredness of life, while subsequently complaining about the "godlessness" of today. In all those centuries, they really have (had) one single purpose: power. The "caring for the souls" was only a façade.

Q. What does this mean for virtues like humility, for instance.

A. Humility for the sake of humility, obviously, only serves the interest of the church, exploiting you. Humility as such has no value, it is a sickness. It only creates an inferiority complex, all too often "compensated" by conceit e.g. presumption. Making humility a "virtue", Christians have forced everybody to a false servitude, depriving people of their self-esteem, their lust for life, their pride, their optimism and respect for each other. Humility only makes sense, if you are allowed to "strive for perfection". It should only be applied to the ego (and not to your entire Being). As you know, ego is the other side of your True Self. Less ego means more chance to realizing your Being. So, yes humility is an important virtue, provided that it paves the way to realizing your Divine Nature.  

Q. Clearly, the Christian "ideal" of (wo)man is not yours.

A. It is life-negating, making you guilty about all those vital aspects of life, that contribute to joy and happiness. Therefore, our society being alienated, devitalized, paralyzed and utterly confused. Not surprisingly thus, that for want of something better, it indulges in the only thing that is left to it: its self-centeredness.

Q. At least, knowing the causes, one may feel some mildness and even compassion toward all those, who have fallen victim to consumerism.

A. One important causal factor is, that Christianity has replaced Reality by an artifact. Instead of life itself, it has offered people its artificial world of ideals, concepts, dogma's, rules and bans instead. It doesn't lead to the Source Itself, only to an image of the Source*. Therefore it is false, hypocritical and misleading.

* That's why Christians are so obsessed with the "image of God", instead of God himself. "Images" are not the "Real Thing" though. They don't satisfy your innermost core. It reflects the sad situation Christians are in. They search and search, while never finding it. 

Q. This has lead to an overwhelming reaction, called New Age. Its highlight, it's true, is over. However, "esotericism" for instance, remains incredibly popular. Could you please, elaborate on that?

A. Esotericism is a substitute for Reality. Everything, that actually belongs to the spiritual Realm, has been stolen by the mind, the latter using it for its own purposes. The mind thus reducing Truth to its own measure. Rather than revere the Truth as something higher than you, the former becomes an object of manipulation. The Divine is a mystery, esotericism however, reduces it to a system of speculation. It is the "master" of its self-created reality. Hence, "You are creating everything yourself", is one of their most popular sayings. By trying to be a "true reflection of the Truth", all efforts are directed toward making the system as "perfect as possible". Obviously, only very high placed "initiates" have this overview. To impress people, they pretend to see all kinds of "connections", linking any event to another. "Everything is interrelated, after all". The result is a dream world, in which the blind are leading the blind.  

Q. I don't know, how many people will agree with you...What about Eastern religions, Buddhism or Vedanta for instance? Would they be able to fill up the gap?

A.  The beauty of Eastern religion is, that it is putting emphasis on our Divine Nature. You are stimulated in becoming who you Really Are. That is the reason, why it is such a relief, to have them here. By promoting Self-realization, they contributed a great deal to the healing of mankind. So, hopefully, they will go on with their important work. However, they also have been confronted with their weak points.

Q. Such as what?

A.  As said before, their original power: to focus exclusively on realizing your Essence, which is awareness, your True Self, has made them vulnerable to all kind of "predators", who started to use the formers' Treasure for their own purposes. Therefore, it has proven to be a too limited approach to life. In short, Buddhism etc. has greatly underestimated the power of Western materialism.

Q.  So, they also can be skipped from the list of liberating movements?

A. Well, first of all, Buddhism should learn from it in such a way, that it may enjoy another revival. In the mean time, the true cause of mankind's disintegration and helplessness may become clear. Healing one aspect only, has proven to be not enough. We have to go back to where it all began: (wo)man deprived of her e.g. his existential context. Therefore we have to Restore the Wholeness of Life in all its aspects: "Heaven, earth and the (new) community".

Q. Obviously, a new world can only be brought about by "a new (wo)man". What are the criteria for success?

A.  Sheer desperation may turn you to the Ultimate, once again. Together with deepened insight into the Origin, you may come to accept the Great Mother as your Refuge. Subsequently, you may come to deep remorse, surrendering yourself, your ego, including your self-centeredness, greed, addiction, suffering and isolation to Her. She will be delighted to receive them, destroying them in Her limitless Void. In return, She will bestow Awakening on all Her devotees. This Awakening is your True Self, the Divine Spark in you. Surrendering thus granting you the Triumph of Life, giving back your Original Heritage.

Q. It reminds me of the "Dionysian man".

A. In patriarchal religion, be it Western or Eastern "Passion for Life" has been suppressed. It is the main cause of their decay. Through the Mother, life in its totality is embraced once again though, including insight, love and strength. She wants us to become Life once again. Through Her, we are invited to become part of Her Light Body e.g. Material Body, healing not only ourselves, but the world as well.

Take Refuge in the Mother.

Start living passionately.     

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