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MatriTalks 49


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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q.  In the course of our interviews, I got the impression of an increasing level of concern on your part. Is this correct?

A. Yes, concern out of non-concern.

Q. A sense of urgency, perhaps?

A. Well, looking at recent findings, the future of mankind doesn't look rosy at all. It is the reason why the Mother has interfered, after all.

Q. Where do you think of?

A. The combined factors of food/water/energy shortage, climate change, the loss of biodiversity, pollution and of course human population growth is rapidly moving to a unimaginable global disaster, of which scientists believe will be the sixth big extinction wave.

Q. What would you like to say to people, right now?

A. That what they consider to be "normality" is suicidal. This one sentence I would like to have announced on every major channel worldwide, every day, every hour. When I see these smart looking executives going to the office every day, with an "winners" expression on their face, thinking that they are the cleverest breed humanity has ever produced, while in reality being the ones, who are pushing the world into further disaster, then I think "who is mad, them or me?"

Q.  Are you really doubting your insights?

A. Not at all. I don't doubt the Mother's wisdom. My only concern is, how to get Her Message spread in a as short period of time as possible. One thing is sure: the "Father" is not going to save you. He is part of the problem, instead of the solution. So my Mission consists of giving people support in their effort to bringing about a turning point, before it is too late.

Q. Everybody's concern is the decline of prosperity.

A. "To have is the inability to Be". Which means, that the more we turn to real values like awakening, wholeness, inclusiveness, friendship, compassion, love, solidarity, mutual assistance, commitment and justice, the less the loss of luxury will be felt. Scientists say, that in order to save the earth, we have to go back to the level of the fifties. So, I ask everybody, what was wrong with the fifties? Were we less happy? The opposite is true. Studies have shown, that with the increase of wealth, our happiness has gone down accordingly. So, why not change NOW? Taking Refuge in the Mother could be the first step in that direction.    

Q.  But, how could people surrender to Something, they have never heard of before?

A. Indeed, some "confidence-building measures" may be needed (laughing). For instance, besides the spiritual/cosmic aspects of the Mother - on which I have elaborated a couple of times now - some more insights into Her his(her)toric background could be of great advantage, as well. It is good to know, that this is not the "first time", She is making Herself known to mankind. In fact, the Great Mother used to be the foundation of life for some hundreds of thousands of years. She was considered to be the Cosmic Womb, from Which all life originated. What we know as "patriarchal religion" on the other hand, only exists for the last - let's say - eight thousand years.

Q. Surprisingly, the same insight being cherished in modern times, at least by you and maybe a couple of "post-Enlightened" people.

A. Good joke (laughing). But yes, introducing the Mother is to get things back to proportion, instead of the opposite. If you follow the course of events, one could say the following. The first idols of the Mother were found some 40.000 years BCE. This highlight - depending on place and situation - lasted some 30.000 years. I call it Her "First Coming". Both through inner disintegration - males emancipating themselves - as well as through invasions of patriarchal Indo-European nomad invaders, destroying local agricultural communities, the Mother lost Her All-Inclusiveness, in favor of Gods and Goddesses.*

* The Goddess "Europe" being one of them. See picture.

Q. Who were these invaders exactly?

A. It included countless peoples and tribes. The ones, who are most known are the Germans, the Slavs, the Greeks, the Levites (becoming the dominating tribe of Israel) - the Jews themselves also came from the North, were nomads and also destroyed e.g. assimilated local cultures (Canaanites), although not belonging to the Indo-European entity - and in India the Aryans of course.

Q.  Was this the beginning of a new era?

A. The transition between the old and the new is a.o. represented by Sumer. Although already being a "derivative" of the Sky God "An", the Goddess Inanna in Her qualities of "Queen of Heaven and Earth", still gives us an impression of how things were in the time before Her, the time just before the patriarchal take over. The Mother was still in charge and very much revered. The difference with the ancient times was, that She delegated Her power to a male "executive": Her Son/Lover. He used to be King - in this case Dumuzi - in the Name of the Goddess. Because of his major duty - guaranteeing the harvest - the King had to die every autumn, in order to be resurrected in spring. This myth lasted a couple of thousand of years, culminating in the Magna Mater (Cybele) of Rome and Her Son/Lover Attis. I call this period of time Her "Second Coming".

Q. To become utterly destroyed by the Greek Pantheon and ultimately Christianity.

A. Superficially, yes, including all terrible consequences. Deep down, the connection between the Mother and Her people had not died out, though. Hence, the people forcing the church (in 431) to declare Mary the "Mother of God", which of course was understood literally, returning to the Mother - in the form of Mary - Her rightful title. Ever since, Mary a.o. as the "Queen of Heaven", has increasingly dominated the church, the latter knowing very well, that not Christ, but She had always stolen the hearts of the people. Especially the Black Madonna's, which represented a "shortcut" between the Ancient Mother e.g. Goddesses and Christian faith, were at the center of devotion. I call this period of time Her "Third Coming".

Q. Overlooking this, the Mother has been always a continuity, rather than having disappeared from the scene.

A. Absolutely. Only superficially a "process" can be recognized, starting with the Original Mother, disintegrating into the various Gods and Goddesses, then becoming the One Christian God, the latter eventually swept away by Nietzsche and later by "modernity". On a deeper level, the Mother never truly disappeared from the earth. It gives confidence, hoping that people worldwide will recognize Her saving role, e.g. accepting Her as the Ultimate Reality. Thus, "in these most desperate of times", the circle has closed. She has come back to reclaim Her Original Position. I call it Her "Fourth Coming".

Q. Will it be Her last?

A. Good question. What do you think?

She saves us, if we want to be saved. 

Great Mother, have mercy upon us.

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