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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q.  This is going to become quit exciting, since the "Mother" will be confronted by the hardware of science. My question is, what the relationship is between the two, if any?

A. First of all, I have to confess, that I don't understand much of common physics. Therefore, I can't deliver all kinds of insights, I don't possess myself. On the other hand, physics is not that hard, especially with regard to "ultimate issues".

Q. So, would it be worthwhile to proceed, exchanging a little between your Realization and the current insights?

A. Since Aristotle, mankind has accepted the idea of a Vacuum, containing the entire universe. Then, in the 18th or so century, scientists had their first proof, that a vacuum exists, something that eventually was demonstrated by Albert Einstein.

Q. It seems to me, that the nature of the Vacuum itself is most intriguing, rather than its content.

A. Even Albert Einstein thought, that the Vacuum was (almost) empty. This has been confirmed by experiments, in which vacuum is defined as being devoid of (almost) any energy. The only thing that disturbed Einstein's axiom, was the existence of the so-called "ether", a homogenous gas, that was said to fill up the universe. Einstein, however, rejected such a hypothesis.

Q. End of the story?

A. Not at all. Dutch physicists discovered, that in a vacuum there exists so-called zero-point energy (ZPE), persisting even at a temperature of absolute zero. If applied to the Cosmic Vacuum, it means, that ZPE is homogenous (uniform), isotropic (identical in all directions), has infinite energy density, is invisible, exists at very high frequency bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum and ubiquitous (exists anywhere).*

* The practical data are derived from:

Q. What does that mean to each of us?

A. We all are immersed in a sea of fluctuating electromagnetic radiation. The amount of potential energy in space is enormous. Within a single cubic centimeter of the Vacuum one acquires an amount of energy, that is greater than all the atoms in the universe together.

Q. If I am indeed immersed in a limitless sea of an inconceivable amount of energy, why do I fail to feel it?

A. Scientists believe that, because the energy is coming from all sides simultaneously, the pressure put on objects, including ourselves, becomes balanced between equal forces.

Q.  However, as I have understood, this theory is still "alternative", not (yet) accepted by classical physics, isn't it?

A. Indeed, critics say, that "if the ZPE is really that powerful, then it would distort space/time, with the universe evolving in a totally different manner". The only way out, would be "some other force", that is opposite, but identical in magnitude to the ZPE, in order to keep the "cosmological constant" equal to zero. With other words, without this balance, we possibly couldn't exist.

Q. How would you connect these findings to your own insight into the Ultimate? Are there any parallels?

A. According to my Experience, first of all, there is Absolute Nothingness, immediately followed by the Eternal Light*. However, this Light doesn't stand alone, it has its counterpart in the Great Darkness. The function of the Great Light is to give birth to the visible universe, while the Darkness is destroying it. By the Grace of Intuition, it dawned to me, that these three Existential Planes were interconnected. I called Absolute Nothingness: Vacuum, Cosmic Womb or Great Mother, with the Light as Her Vehicle of creation and the Darkness as Her Vehicle of destruction.

* The "Eternal Light" or "Great Transparency" has nothing to do with the natural light. Is it the Dimension beyond ZPE or even ZPE itself?

Q.  Please, go on.

A. There is no doubt about the degree of Reality of the above-mentioned Great Experiences. Its reliability is absolute. Thus, please don't mind, that I take them as a starting point, rather than the other way round. My quest is to bring into line my Realization with the metaphors, offered by vacuum physicists (provided I am able to understand what they are saying!) (laughter).

Q. What are your findings?

A. First of all, one cannot avoid thinking, that the ZPE has many similarities with what we call "the Divine". Look at the section above. Words like "uniform", "infinite", "identical" and "ubiquitous" very much correspond with "invisible", "limitless", "oneness" and "omni-present", all belonging to religious vocabulary. Only the word "conscious" is lacking here. Thus (in short-circuit), ZPE could very well be the material side of Divine Intelligence.

Q. Please, go on.

A. The second intriguing thing, is the appearance and disappearance of so-called "virtual particles". They seems to jump out of the Vacuum, however, before materializing, they have already returned to their Origin. This "jumping" is causing a tremendous amount of energy, resulting in the ZPE (if I have understood well). At least, here something becomes visible with regard to the continuous "birth and death process" of the Cosmos, as confirmed by my own Experience.

Q.  The danger is of course wishful thinking. Are you aware of this?

A. Analogy doesn't means identical. I am convinced of the fact, that there are parallels. However, drawing conclusions out of it, seems much too early. Surprisingly, I see an opening, where physics has not even given a clue. It is about the question: "where does the ZPE come from?". Dr. H. Puthoff, one of the leading researchers in this field, states that the ZPE is a "self- regenerating process": quantum fluctuations and particles are creating each other, a process, entirely taking place within the ZPE.

Q. What else did you learn from physical research?

A. The fact, that stability of matter depends on the underlying sea of electromagnetic ZPE. Translated to spirituality, it could mean, that the birth of matter out of the Light Body is a fact.

Q. Referring to the above mentioned "self-regenerating ZPE: are you bold enough to have your own hypothesis (laughter)?

A. I think so. My Experience tells me, that the Light comes out of the Vacuum. If ZPE indeed is the "material side of the Divine", then it should be born out of the Vacuum, instead of being "self-regenerating".

Q.  The Womb being the Regenerating Vessel.

A. Exactly. My impression is, that physicists are focusing too much on the ZPE (obviously, because they expect to make the ZPE a source of inexhaustible energy for usage on earth), and less on the Vacuum. They only talk about experiments in the common vacuum, as everybody knows it. The Cosmic Vacuum is of a totally different Dimension though.

Q. The relationship between the Vacuum and the ZPE hasn't actually been answered?

A. That's right. That's why the physicist Peter W.Milonni said: "The Vacuum has some Mystique about it".

Q. Are there other surprises?

A. That Emptiness and Fullness are two sides of the same coin, is very much corresponding to mystical insight (PS. In Dutch: Vol-Ledigheid). It has its roots in Neolithic times, in which the (vegetation) God/King used to be the "Son/Lover" of the Mother or Queen. Why "Son/Lover?". It expresses an ancient-old insight: that of the Light born out of the Mother ("Son"-aspect) and returning to Her ("Lover"-aspect).

Q. Are you altogether satisfied with the results hitherto?

A. Absolutely. First of all, it seems that the assumption of the Vacuum and the Light (ZPE) as two sides of the same coin, is going to be confirmed by physics. The Light itself is under much scrutiny nowadays. More and more explanations about its "true nature" are piling up. Maybe, eventually "God" proves to be equal to ZPE. Unanswered is the question about the True Nature of the Vacuum.

Q. In the beginning you said, that, in order to balance ZPE "some other force" must be there. According to you, this could only be the Vacuum.

A. Again, perfectly right. Because ZPE is positive, this "force" should obviously be "negative". Furthermore, while ZPE is part of manifestation, that "force" has to be on the side of "dissolution". I call it the Self-Emptying Vacuum. It means, that by a "process", we will never be able to discover, She is giving birth to both Her Light Body and Her Material Body.

Q. Something, that physics doesn't accept?

A. Or not able, ever to discover. How can you prove A Self-Emptying Vacuum? Emptiness, that is emptying Herself in Her Bottomlessness, to such an "extent", that the Light is spontaneously being born from and dies in Her Womb in the Selfsame Eternal Moment? In the near future "God" - the Light - may become entirely dissected by science. "He" then may not be any secret for us anymore. Contrary to "Him", She, however, remains the Ultimate and Only Mystery. That's why physics unknowingly are confirming the Sacredness of the Mother. She doesn't belong to science, She belongs to spirituality. She is Really the beginning of A New Era.

The Mystery of the Mother is inconceivable.

Yet, She is closer to you than your own heart.

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