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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Speaking out (BBC 14.09.2004)

Almost one in six Americans - or 45 million people - are thought to be without health insurance. Defannie Davis is one of them, as was her husband Roy when he suffered a massive stroke in 2002, leaving him unable to speak and care for himself.
The family has run up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.
They have fought to keep their home and to get government assistance to pay for Roy's care. Now Defannie feels it is her responsibility to speak out.

Q. One of the pillars of your work is A New Health Care. It consists of various elements. One of them is a free two month's internet course, aiming at optimizing health. Could you please, elaborate?

A. Yes, of course. It is called "Personal Health Plan"*.

* See: Personal Health Plan in step 1.

Q. Why did you publish this program in the first place?

A. From the beginning of my medical career (in 1972), I know, that a healthy life style is the key to optimal health, prevention e.g. cure of disease and regeneration. In the mean time, the necessity has only become much more urgent. The various harmful factors from within and without has dramatically increased. At the same time, the health care system is less and less able to cope with the situation.

Q. Despite the billions of Euro's, that are pumped in every year?

A. The money serves to keep the system going - which benefits from disease - rather than improving the health of the people. This system has a "terminal" approach, which means, that one has to wait, until disease has become so serious, that only pharmaceutical, surgical or radiation treatment can bring relief. In the years (often decades) before chronic disease is manifesting itself, people are palming off with suppression of symptoms only.

Q. So what did you do?

A. After many years of treating people naturally, the common denominator of health and disease became clear to me. It is called the "flow system"*. The logic behind is, that at the level of metabolism, health can be defined as "the dynamic balance between input, processing and output" of nutrients, water, toxins and oxygen.

* See chapter "Flow System Therapy".

Q. So health is depending on what comes in, how it is processed and what comes out. Humans, it seems are not different in this regard from worms, fishes or chicken.

A. Exactly, this universal principle is so simple, that it became easily overlooked. Now, as everybody knows, at this basic level, many things may go wrong, to begin with the input. People eat too much, they eat the wrong things, they eat at the wrong time. The "processing" is depending on a proper digestive system, eating habits, combustion (which is related to proper exercise for instance) and oxygen-utilization, while the output relies on proper detoxification and elimination of waste products and toxins. All these factors have a great impact on your health.

Q. How you did you put these principles into practice?

A. First of all, this principle can be split up in seven steps. First there is nutrition of course (step 1). Nutrition is going to be digested in the digestive tract (step 2). After that the nutrients are going to be absorbed in the blood-circulation (step3). This transport system brings the nutrients to the cells, where the latter become burned (combustion: step 4) or where they serve the regeneration of the cell (assimilation: step 5). After cell-metabolism, waste-products and toxins are detoxified (step 6) and finally excreted (step 7). The miracle is this: rather than examining, diagnosing etc. the manifestations of countless diseases, I turned to just examining, diagnosing and treating (optimizing) these basic metabolic functions. To my own surprise, the former "automatically" were improved or totally cured, usually much more thorough, in comparison to any other treatment.

Q. So, you looked at the nutrition, the digestion, the blood-circulation etc., rather than bothering about rheumatism, asthma, high blood-pressure, psoriasis, RSI, diabetes, migraine, PMS, osteoporosis and all the others.

A. That's right. Working with it during so many years, it became increasingly clear, that my system could become very beneficial to larger groups of people. The therapies were all relatively simple, so people could start using them as self-help techniques. It was at that moment, that I realized my responsibility: the heart of the approach should lie with self care. Hence, I started to write down my experiences in a handbook holistic health, called "Flow System Therapy".

Q. This was one step, which was the other?

A. In order to make it practical for everyone, I subsequently distilled a summary from the many therapies available. In such a way, that people could use it as a health program for themselves. It consists of ten steps, reflecting the logic of the flow system. It is a most powerful combination, consisting of a two month's program, aimed at optimizing your health.

Q. Thus, it is not a therapy for all kinds of illnesses.

A. What it is doing, is improving your basic metabolic functions, with the aim of optimizing health. Obviously, if health becomes improved, quite some disorders will be automatically taken away. You may call them "beneficial side-effects". In practice, the results are often rather spectacular.        

Q. Which encouraged you to promote it as an "alternative health insurance".

A. One thing is sure, I cannot guarantee any improvement. The liability obviously, is entirely yours. But, yes. Especially, after our * experience in Brazil in 1998 we concluded, that the Personal Health Plan deserved widespread distribution, especially in countries with a poor health care system. It indeed could replace health insurance. For free!

* My wife MeiMei and I.

Q. Who may benefit from your program?

A. My concern applies to every person in need, wherever he or she lives. Our plan could really make a difference for countless people worldwide: from Americans to Brazilians, from Ghanese to Peruvians, from Turks to Australians. In many cases, women would be the best promoters of the plan, since they care most about the health of their children and that of the community. That's why we lay emphasis on empowering women. The further promotion of the Personal Health Plan is crucial. Everybody, who sincerely wants to support its distribution is very much welcome to joining us*.

* See Step 6 of The Great Learning.

Q. Is that the reason, that you made it available to everyone through the internet, for free?

A. Giving without the sense of giving is most rewarding.

Q. This project was already in operation, before the Great Mother came into play. Is there nevertheless a relationship with Her?

A. The recognition, that everything comes from the Mother, obviously. This awareness makes the project more complete. Gratefulness for being able to giving this to Her children, for instance.

The Mother cares.

But each of us has his or her own part to do.

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