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MatriTalks 44


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. You once said, that in a self-addicted society, there can be no ethics. This seems a pretty radical statement. Could you explain?

A. The condition people are in today, can be described as alienation. Alienation means being cut off from reality. People are "thrown upon themselves", having lost the context of life. They live "in their minds only". Rather than restoring the unity with existence, in which the mind is a part of the Whole once again, the mind refuses to give up its self-centered position. Subsequently, it tries to bridge what is unbridgeable. This attempt they call ethics.

Q.  Is this the cause of the fact, that "ethics" is primarily a subject of philosophers?

A. Thinking always produces more thinking. It is a function of the mind. The mind is part of the problem though. If thinking doesn't lead to actually opening up existential dimensions, then it only serves those, who have made their profession out of it.

Q. What do you mean by "opening up existential dimensions?"

A. In ancient times, there was the concept of "Logos". The original meaning being "Real Self" or "Center of Consciousness". In the course of time, this original meaning disintegrated and was replaced by "ratio" e.g. "thinking". Thinking separated itself from its context, making itself "independent". At first, this looked attractive. "Die Gedanken sind frei"*. Nowadays, the negative consequences are but all too clear. Thinking is limited to its own world only. It tries "to find solutions", overlooking the fact, that it itself is the problem. The solution is not to invent yet another theory, but to become re-integrated in its original context, once again. Thinking is a function of Consciousness. It is a servant, not a king.

* "Thoughts are free" (German).

Q. This throws some light on the background of your thinking as well. What are the consequences of your position.

A. Ethics as we know it, is a desperate attempt to live with alienation. Rather than removing the latter, we try to accommodate with it. To make the unbearable bearable so to speak.

Q. So, what to do?

A. You have to acknowledge the fact, that you are hopelessly alienated, isolated and addicted. As long ethics is serving the interests of individualism and materialism, no solution will ever be found. You should not try to maintain the ego, but to overcome it. With other words, you have to first go to the depth of the problem.

Q. It very much looks like the principles of the AA. They also consider the ego as the source of all trouble.

A. It is not limited to alcoholism, though. The entire society has fallen victim to addiction ("collective self-addiction"). Once you have lost contact with the Source - Being - you have no choice, but becoming addicted to having. The consequences are grave. While at the surface, society still "advocates" humanitarian values, like "freedom and democracy", the underlying reality is ruled by the law of the jungle: unlimited greed, competition, exploitation and injustice. An ethics, that refuses to face this outrageous reality, is hypocritical in the first place.

Q. Rather than finding new strategies for alienated individuals, what should ethics be all about?

A. First of all, it should develop insight in the "condition humaine". What is the existential situation of people? Secondly, how far have we been drifted apart from it, and thirdly how could we possibly restore the original unity?

Q. A real big issue indeed!

A. It is the reason, why the Great Mother has interfered with earthly affairs. The distance between mankind and its Source has grown to such an extent, that the former cannot find its way back themselves, anymore. The reason why, having lost all orientation, they desperately call for help.

Q. The "Mother" as "deus ex machina?"

A. It may look like that for some. The reality is different though. People actually need a guide. Look at the mess of international politics. "Leaders" only pretend to have the answers. In reality, they are more desperate, than the common citizen.

Q.  So, the Mother has come to lay a new foundation, before it is too late.

A. The Mother has come to Restore the Wholeness of Life. She is inviting you to acknowledging your miserable situation. Once having recognized this, you may start cooperating with Her. Contrary to patriarchal religion, which tried to rule you through "religious commands" (the failure of which has become more than evident), She is giving you insight in your "existential situation". What does it mean to be human?

Q. This approach seems to be fair enough.

A. It is the recognition of the fact, that in order to live a meaningful life, people need to live in an existential context. People are not "lonely wolves". The current system has destroyed this vital framework, though. The problem is, that we are part of a inhumane system. The core question thus is: do we consider ourselves to be part of a (self)destructive mega-machine, or are we part of life?

Q. What is this vital framework all about?

A. First of all, the Mother Herself is the All-Embracing Cosmic Womb, including the entire universe. Taking refuge in Her is finding back your Homeland. By surrendering to Her, you will find insight, security, strength, joy and passion for life. Furthermore we have to comply with Her Law of the Universe, consisting of creation, preservation and destruction. Living according to Her Law, will bring harmony between Cosmic and personal balance. It is ruled by continuous dying to the old and rebirth, while subsequently fitting in into Her "Web of Life", once again.

Q. First Restoring the Original Wholeness ("vertical"), then redefining the relationship between the individual and its environment ("horizontal"), is that it?

A. I have never underestimated your intelligence (laughter). Developing an ethics of relationship, rather than one of alienation, yes. Overcoming alienation cannot be done by ethics, though, only by people themselves.

Q. What could be the next steps?

A. If you take the Law of the Universe seriously, many problems will be disappearing to start with. Imagine, people really abandon the obsession with their ego's, something which is not utopia, considering the desperate situation they are in; simultaneously being reborn as a New Self, re-connecting themselves to the Source of insight, love and strength; moreover, starting to restore the community as the foundation of life, the latter becoming a self-governing body....then "automatically" issues like spirituality, conscience, self-interest, altruism, responsibility, relationship, respect, human rights, security, ecology, justice and the development of "virtue" will be all positively addressed.

Q. Rather than imposing "ethics" from outside, mankind will become more and more "self-regulating".

A. To be part of "Heaven, earth and the community" is existential. It is not imposed on us, but is inherent to our original nature.

Q. The attractiveness of your concept consists of both gaining in becoming your Self, while simultaneously becoming part of the Whole again.

A. The Mother's moral guideline "Strive for Enlightenment, re-structure your life and serve others" will certainly of additional help, here.

Q. Food for ethicists?

A. They are "good" people (laughter). Let them come out of their shell, and they may very well become partners in Transformation.     

To Be your Self connected.

Her Embrace!

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