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Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. "Calling", at least here in Europe has a very old-fashioned reputation. People associate it with monks and nuns, a breed that has increasingly died out down here. Nevertheless, you are picking it up once again. Why?

A.  Vocation as it used to be, was very much determined by institutionalized religion. This is what people don't want anymore. My interest would be, if "calling" altogether has disappeared with it, or if on the other hand "real calling" will start blossoming, once again.

Q. Do you already have some idea?

A. Calling is being touched by the Ultimate, in such a way, that it changes your life in a quite dramatic way. You turn from a self-centered person into one, whose passion it is to serving the Whole. After so many decades of imposed egoism, my personal hope is, that an increasing number will be totally fed up with the former, looking for real fulfillment.

Q. To give up things is something - it seems to me - that few people will welcome.

A. Not after you (painfully) discover, that constantly dragging along the too much makes you unhappy, frustrated, depressed, exhausted and at last desperate. The feeling to be locked up in a "paradise" of meaningless objects and events, can become a very heavy load indeed.

Q. I respect your personal opinion in this matter. But isn't it more a matter of wishful thinking, than an assessment based on reality?

A. Because the form has become so diverse, there isn't something like a recognizable pattern of calling. So you have to first look well and understand the essence beyond different kinds of behavior.

Q. Could you give us some examples?

A. What do you think of the increasing number of people, that very consciously limit their participation to the "system", in favor of activities, that are more related to their real needs? Friendships for instance, are more and more chosen on the basis of "real contact", rather than on superficial preferences. The number of people, that are following a "spiritual path", consciously avoiding people and places, that do not correspond to inner needs, is growing as well.

Q. Okay, there may be truth in that. However, making more conscious choices isn't the same as "being called". Am I right?

A. Half of the calling comes from the Ultimate, half comes from people who are a fertile soil for it.  Above mentioned number may exactly - consciously or unconsciously - working on the latter.

Q. That once again brings me to the essence of calling. How would you explain its "mechanism", if there is any?

A. In former days, they used to say: "many are called, few are chosen". It suggested that "God" was making "personal" choices, about whom would become his chosen ones. This of course is nonsense. God doesn't make choices. If "he" did, then "he" would favor one at the expense of others. Such a "God" doesn't exist. The Reality is - and of course I shift to the Great Mother here - that the Ultimate is All-Embracing, without exception. It means, that all are called and all are chosen.

Q. With an all-inviting Mother, calling would be dramatically on the increase.

A. At least you know now, Whom I trust!

Q. How is the Mother inviting people?

A. Because of Her Limitless Compassion, everybody is equally pulled in into Her Womb. It depends on "worldly" factors, like age, biography, situation, character, sensitivity, degree of suffering, attitude and motivation, if and how the Mother's Power is having any effect on somebody.

Q. Thus it entirely depends on us, rather than on the Ultimate. It is something that surprises me, because especially with regard to "calling", I have always been told, that it was a matter of Grace.

A. The miracle is, that the Mother uninterruptedly fulfills Her Commitment to saving people. Her Grace is always there. The question is: are we deciding to become receptive to this Her Grace, or not? Of course, even a positive decision can never guarantee, that you will be granted, what you are hoping for. There are many subtle factors involved here. Which also means, that somebody, who never did anything to become closer to Her, suddenly is bestowed by A Great Gift.

Q. Like they said: God's ways are unfathomable, meaning inscrutable.

A. This idea was deliberately imposed on people. A "God", that could "change his mind" all the time, raised fear in people. Thus, it was more easily to manipulate and oppress the latter. The Mother on the other hand, has only one Clear Message: I Am The Only Reliable Factor In Life, You Can Always Trust Me, Therefore Take Refuge In Me. Whimsicality is the last thing, you may accuse Her of.   

Q. Fantastic, that outburst of religious passion. I confess, I envy you for that.

A. Good, that is your first step toward a calling (laughter).

Q. What would be the first signs, the first symptoms so to speak, that one possibly could be called?

A. This varies with every person. However, there is some kind of common denominator. For instance, the young girl, who feels deeply inside, that "God is calling her". Then, another women, who through self-observation discovers, that she is "drawn within", seeking silence, rather than chatting with friends all the time. The young man, who, after extreme egoistic behavior, suddenly "sees it all" and shows remorse. Another man suffers so much from alienation and loneliness, that he starts searching for Wholeness. Again a woman, who senses, that the joy of life, that she already possesses naturally, is related to A Source. Finally, a young man, who is simply fed up with his superficial life, feeling "empty", who decides "to explore" his inner Being. I know also of somebody, whose awe for nature brought him to his New Life. In history, we have the incredible story of Paul, who suddenly and totally unexpected turned from a persecutor into a follower.

Q. How will you know, if the actual calling is happening?

A. If the calling to serving the Whole is strong, then you will know it. It consists of a very decisive inner turning point. It is characterized by actual transformation, consisting of leaving your addictions behind, in favor of a life of freedom. It coincides with a total reversal of the concept of freedom, though. It shifts from the freedom to "do what you want", to the freedom of "being part of the Whole". Very often, this is accompanied by some degree of Oneness experience, in which your ego is disappearing. After such an Experience, the longing for serving the Whole is born. It frees you from your self-centeredness, hence your newly acquired freedom being "on a higher plane". If the calling is not so strong, then you will enter a period of (continuously) asking for confirmation. 

Q. How you may actually experience your calling?

A. The best testimony comes from Teresa of Avila. She extensively describes the spectrum of insights, feelings, emotions, desires, ecstasies, hardships and joys, that are connected to this Path. It is reflecting all the heights and depths of human existence. Hence, calling is only for those, who have a deep passion for life.

Q. How to further finding your way?

A. From the moment on, that Transformation has taken place, the Ultimate "has taken over". Your have shifted from the one who decides, to the one who is asking.

Q. How are you estimating the frequency of vocations in the near future?

A. I see an entirely new development. The invitation of the Mother will soon be heard by an increasing number of people, who recognize Her as their True Homeland. From that moment on, it will be unstoppable.

She Embraces You!

We also say "Her Embrace"
(Contrary to "His Blessings")

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