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MatriTalks 37


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q.  After having been talking about so many topics, this may be the first one, in which you are going to present practical guidelines. Am I right?

A. There are two major obstacles for people nowadays. The first hurdle is "how to overcome ego-centeredness", the second is to take a first step from "me" to "we". Obviously, both are related. Many people are yearning for friendship, closeness and solidarity, yet don't know how (where) to find it.

Q.  If I have understood well, Home Meetings are the cornerstone of Spiritual Service, as proposed by you in your Great Learning section. However, they are not entirely your own idea, are they?

A. That's right. The first inspiration to do it in this form, I received from the well-known AA (Alcohol Anonymous) groups. The similarities were striking. Both have "addiction" as a starting-point.

Q. You mean, that alcohol-addiction is just a specific form of our addicted way of life?

A. Alcohol and other drug-addictions usually are an attempt to escape from our collective self-addiction, the latter manifesting itself in the "rat race". The irony is, that we are unwilling to acknowledge our own sickness, while condemning those who try to - somehow - get out of it all.  

Q. Anyway, you found the idea that attractive, that you started working on it, resulting in an entire new program. Could you elaborate on that?

A. As long as you try to find solutions for yourself, you will always be confronted by the limits of individuality. Regardless of your "spiritual attainment". Even people who have experienced Transcendental Moments, sooner or later feel the need of sharing it with others. Therefore, I consider it the right time to make an attempt to connect our life with that of others.

Q.  You just talked about two major obstacles. What is the underlying philosophy?

A. The tragedy of many people is, that they very much long for "connectedness", yet in practice they are confronted by their inability to do so. A life-long identification with their "ego" stands in the way. That's why many attempts to bring people together, fail. Bringing twenty people together means, having twenty ego's - whose primary interest is self-centeredness - in your group. While the surface may "look nice", the underlying reality is different. In fact, your group is hopelessly divided. No wonder, that very soon the group will fall apart. Therefore, the first requirement for a successful initiative, is showing the way back to a Common Source. A Source to Which people are willing to surrender their ego's.

Q. Now, there will be quite a few people, who might have difficulties in acknowledging, that they are addicted. Could they also participate?

A. The existential "condition humaine" is this. Either you are "God-oriented" or you are "self-oriented". Since there are very few people, that are "God-oriented", the vast majority is "self-oriented".

Q. You can't be both?

A. Yes, you can. It is the outcome of a spiritual Path, in which the "ego" has become the instrument of the Divine. The number of people, who have realized this, is even smaller than the above mentioned.

Q. Conclusion: don't think too soon, that you are an exception to the rule?

A. You are very bright today (laughter). You may also put it this way. Maybe you have indeed "achieved a certain level". Does that mean, that you don't feel the need of sharing with others? Of course, you will. Every human being seeks togetherness with those, with whom he or she feels close. What on earth could be more fulfilling, than to be with friends, who like you are sincerely seeking the True Treasure of Life?

Q. You have often spoken of your passion for A New Community. It is Step Three of your Great Learning. Could the Home Meetings be considered as a first leg up to a greater community?

A. From the perspective of the Mother, this is the time to start building A New Community. It is the reason, why She has interfered with worldly affairs. It is the destruction of Her Material Body, that has Her Greatest Concern. Her Compassion and Anger are resulting in breaking down our accumulations on the one hand, while simultaneously repairing the damage, inflicted on Her "Web of Life" on the other. Through cooperating with this Her Love and Strength, we will achieve the impossible. The most important step is the first though.

Q. This is forceful language.

A. Without the Mother, nothing goes. She is supporting all those, who sincerely strive for Transformation of Self and Society. Moreover, She is giving hope to those who feel lonely, fearful, self-addicted, intimidated, exploited, frustrated, angry, sick, depressed, stressed, burn-out or in despair....besides all other people.

Q. What is the essence of the Home Meetings, and for whom are they meant?*


A. Beware, I will become formal (laughing). In the Name of the Mother "I solemnly declare", that Her Compassion with earthly affairs, has resulted in a first step toward "Restoring the Wholeness of Life". It is nothing less, than the attempt to establish Her Community on Earth, consisting of people, who are sincerely committed to the Transformation of Self and Society. Everybody in her or his own way, has become sick of self-centeredness. Hence, the initial acknowledgement with your own hopelessness as the starting point. Very often, you have been intensively working on your "problem", however, without permanent success. Being at one's wits' end, you are seeking Refuge in the Mother. Surrendering your ego to Her Lap, for the first time gives you a feeling of True Peace and Harmony. Hence, you have a deep longing to sharing your Path with like-minded people. Additionally, you recognize the necessity of stabilizing your True Nature. Hence, to you the Home Meetings are true Home Comings.  

Q. What are your own experiences with the Home Meetings thus far?

A. At first people were rather shy. They didn't know, what they should expect, naturally so. Slowly, they picked up the soul and the spirit of it. What created the greatest resistance in the beginning, turned out to be their most beloved part: their surrender to the Great Mother. It is so moving to see, how a person, who first seemed to be totally locked up in herself, suddenly gets her breakthrough, bursting out in tears, while subsequently embracing everybody in the group.

Q. Do you have practical hints for those, who would like to start a group?

A. Just start one and pray to the Mother every day. For minor details, support or advice, you may always contact me.

Home Coming is where people are yearning for.

The Mother: your True Home

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