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MatriTalks 23


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Hour of Truth

Q. We are approaching the end of the first 24 MatriTalks. I think, people are very much looking forward, to how the previous chapters eventually will find their way in a concrete action model.   

A. We are on the verge of a new epoch. What lies behind us, is the culmination of centuries of increasing alienation, individualism and materialism. Now, the limit has been reached. Our accumulations on all levels of society are not tolerated anymore by the Cosmic Vacuum. That's why, the Great Mother - in Her Limitless Compassion - has decided to intervene. She does this by destroying our pathological accumulations on all levels of society, from the personal to the socio-economical, from the religious to the cultural. This will obviously shock the majority of people. A vanguard group understands Her signal though. It accepts the invitation of the Mother by voluntarily "dying to the old", in order to become reborn as A New Self. The mission of this New Self is to Restore the Wholeness of Life e.g. fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" (once again). It does this through Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. Subsequently, through their shining example, more and more people will get inspired to join. Step by step, it will be growing to a New Movement. A Movement, that will be able to implement the necessary measures, to really transform Self and Society, with the aim of "saving the earth", and "giving our children a better future". 

Q. This sounds like a statement. What would be its practical elaboration?

A. To unleash the accumulated energy of frustration, anger and irritation about the current situation, we have decided to start a "Hour of Truth Campaign". It is based on the observation, that although people are increasingly discontent with the system, they continue to live, as if nothing is happening. They are afraid, that the collective illusion of security, contentment and happiness will be collapsing. Hence, they prefer to remain silent, rather than start communicating with other people about their common concerns. The "Hour of Truth Campaign" hopes to achieve a breakthrough in this regard. It calls on people to start opening up toward each other, sharing real concerns, discovering similarities and building up trust among each other.

Q. How?

A. So start saying, that you are totally fed up with the further commercialization of society; the advertising on TV for instance; express your deep concern about the fatigue epidemic that is spreading everywhere; express your anger over your powerlessness, the fact, that you don't have any say about changes in your own neighborhood; say to each other, that you don't accept the inability of the health care system with regard to an increasing number of disorders; express your frustration about the unfairness of having been fired etc. etc. Do this not as a complaint, but as a real concern.

Q. Do you expect any action coming out of it? Like so often, these things are rather "flare ups", after which everybody goes his or her own way, again.

A. That is very predictable, yes. Apart from the gains of speaking out, my hope is, that a certain percentage of the people will decide to go on. The next step would be reading the "Transformation Proclamation".* It serves as the common denominator of the various initiatives. With this document as a starting point, a small group of people will continue to empower themselves through Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service.

   * Read the "Transformation Proclamation" and "A New Training".

Q. A huge task!

A. The Mother is truly the alpha and the omega. Hence, people, parallel to the worsening of the situation (in which existing values, securities and hopes will be further broken down), increasingly will be taking refuge in Her. She is the Mother, the All-Embracing One, the One Who is leading Her children back Home. In the Mother you can trust.     

Take refuge in the Mother!


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