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To take Refuge in the Great Mother.


"To die to the old" in order to become reborn; subsequently fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again.


Awaken!, re-structure your life and serve others


I am 43 years old. After divorce from my second wife, I got a depression, which lasted for half a year. In order to overcome my instability, I consulted a psychotherapist. Despite his support, my condition became worse. I simply couldn't cope with loneliness. Slowly, all my perspective in life vanished. Until I found your website. Looking at things from a spiritual point of view was totally new to me. The more I read, the more I became fascinated. Eventually, I decided to take the guideline as depicted in "Purpose of Life" seriously. Although I am still far from recovered, it gives me something to go by.

Arne Lundmark, Sweden

From early childhood, I had a special relationship with the Virgin Mary. Not surprisingly thus, that at later age I became very much involved in the Goddess-movement. However, deep in my heart I remained unsatisfied. The Essence was missing. When I started to read your website, I immediately was touched with my innermost core. My heart was shouting with joy. I found the Mother!

Judith Edwards, UK

Your website is no easy stuff. It requires a great flexibility of mind. Despite this, I wanted to give it a try. So I started praying to the Mother. The night after the first time, I got a dream. The dream gave me a decisive insight into an unsolvable problem, that was dragging on for many years already. I still cannot believe it.

Klaus Hofmeier, Germany

I was quite surprised to find your interpretation of the "purpose of life". Without reading the rest of your MatriTalks, it didn't make sense to me. My girlfriend urged me to go into further reading. Which I did. Slowly, it dawned to me, that your approach is a very innovative one. You have to get used to it.

Loek Santbergh, Netherlands

"When I first read the MatriTalks, I thought this cannot be. It is so unfamiliar with everything I know of. However, after some time something within awakened. I felt some kind of inner happiness, every time I thought of "a Mother" out there, who cares about me"

Norman Gregory, USA

"Through my Zen practice I know of the concept of "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". Although I had some experiences, which gave me some understanding about the "Ultimate" as empty, it never raised any true interest in me. Through the information I received by reading your interviews, especially the explanation of Emptiness as a Cosmic Womb, I really started to feel some kind of closeness.

John Stevens, USA

"It was a big relief to read about a Mother, who in contrast to the image of Mary, with which I was raised, includes "destructiveness" as one of Her aspects. For the first time I felt reconciliation with my own anger".

Helga Schmitt, Germany

"If you really are serious with promoting "Mother Worship" or as you say "The Original Great Mother Tradition", something that really raises my interest, then I would appreciate to receiving your Newsletter on a regular basis".

Rudolf Ehrenwirth, Germany

"Initially, I rejected your idea of a Great Mother "ruling the universe". Then, at a sunny Sunday I walked through the park, where I suddenly saw a statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism. I don't know why, but suddenly tears were rolling over my cheeks". 

Judy Fuller, GB

"What you are saying is a familiar thing in my country. We all worship the Virgen. Very few have associations with the church. The Virgen is really the Queen of Heaven. That's why She is often sitting on a throne high above the altar. Compared to Her Christ is only secondary.

Maria Elena Sanchez, Spain

"I very much like the idea of a Home Altar. It could be a corner in my house, in which I could retire in order to be alone with the Mother. As soon as I have found a suitable image, I certainly will install one".

Frederico Gades, Mexico

"Never before I have heard about a direct link between the Ultimate and society. Now I see where it is all about. The Mother with Her Law of the Universe; Emptiness destroying accumulation; the universe as "the Web of Life", being the "Material Body of the Mother" and the like. I really start seeing the links. It is giving rise to an intensified commitment to both spirituality and the world. Thanks!".

Stanislav Havel, Czech Republic

O, this really has touched my heart (and still does). I haven't been able to sleep for three nights. Deep within I hear myself whispering: Mother, my Mother. Is this what you call "to be saved by the Mother?"

Susan Nieuwendijk, Holland

"Being a scientific researcher I found your idea about becoming "a child again" absolutely strange. Until I woke up, seeing myself as the child I once was. The child was very playful and totally carefree. Since then I've got some idea, what you are talking about. Maybe some day "surrendering to the Mother" will be something within my reach." 

Dick VanderWelle, Belgium

"I have been searching for such a long time to find the Eternal Feminine in Whom I could take refuge. Unfortunately, it were always ideas, concepts, images and other mental constructions, that I encountered. Reading the MatriTalks though, O my God, what a joy overwhelmed me at the spot. Here is truly somebody, who knows Who the Mother is. Now I know She really exists".

Katharina Roskova, Russia

That the Divine somehow should have a blueprint of "how to live" for people here on earth, I have always known intuitively. The MatriTalks were a confirmation of what I already knew. It is giving me extra confidence to going on with my commitments.

Kostas Stavrilis, Greece

"At first I was shocked. "The Mother" was shaking everything I believed in. On the other hand, I was very much impressed by the passion the Sermes has toward the Mother. In our Church nobody talks like that. I thought "something must be true in it". Although I am not "converted" yet, the Mother keeps haunting me".

Naomi Jones, USA

"I am fascinated by what you wrote about "inner prayer" and the inspiration you received from Teresa of Avila. I decided to buy one of her books: "Vida". I am reading every day in it. Sometimes I also spontaneously utter some words, to Whom I don't know though".

Greg Miller, Canada

"When I read the MatriTalks something within me shouted with joy: indeed, this the beginning of A New Era. Could you tell me how to participate?"

Karin Drechsel, Austria

"I have always known, that the Ultimate is feminine. You look at the sky and you see this huge Cosmic Womb embracing the entire universe. Devoting myself to the Mother is giving me joy and fulfillment every day".

Gustav Bergsson, Sweden

"Here in Switzerland we worship the Madonna of Einsiedeln. Many feel, that She is indeed an image of the ancient Great Mother. Many other places in the Alps are reminders of the sacred feminine. Thanks for your confirmation!"

Michael Fritsch, Zürich

"To feel the Mother's embrace: yes it is really possible. It is very physical. You feel so totally secure. She is indeed All-Inclusive. She has become the unshakable foundation of my life"

Leela Weissmann, Germany


If you would like to send us your experiences, comments about the "Purpose of Life", please, don't hesitate and send them to us. We will put them here in this section. Thanks.

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