The Original Great Mother Tradition
Mother Worship

A selection

   Mother Worship/Introductory Essays

The Grail Vision
The Message of the Mother to the world: "Strive for Enlightenment, restructure your life and sere others"
Great Mother Shrines
The four Holy Objects for your Home Altar
The Ultimate Sutra
Awakening, acceptance, friendship, surrender and action
Celestial Daughters
Spiritual heroines
Threefold Realization
The Unity of Absolute Nothingness (Essence of the Mother), Full Enlightenment (Light Body of the Mother) and the Great Darkness (Destructive Body of the Mother)
Home Meetings
Opportunity of starting a new community
The Valley of Eternal Peace
Mother & Sons
The Great Mother embracing all spiritual/religious traditions
The ecstasy of orgasmic purification
From Nothingness to the ego and vice versa
Taking refuge in the Great Mother
Becoming a child in the arms of the Mother
Vacuum Physics
Science is confirming the existence of the Mother
The Integral Way
Our spiritual initiation (retreat) in seven steps
Book of the Dead
The stages of dissolution, guideline for the dying
The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln
Image of the Great Mother
Chinese Mother Religion
A continuity from the past to the present
Mother of Israel
Our common heritage
Universal Message
Announcing the Return of the Mother
The mythological origins of the Great Mother
Grail Backgrounds
A historical-spiritual journey
Mystery Religions
Hellenism and the rise of the Cybele Cult
Reborn Order
The Order of the Great Mother
Sanctifying Nature
The Heaven & Earth Exercises
To Realize your Maitreya Mind
Renewal of the Dharma
Womb of the Buddhas
The Prajnaparamita Sutra
Turn On
Passionate introduction to the Great Mother

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Schoot van het Universum
De Moeder, gender en maatschappij
Great Mother Buddhism
Buddha born out of the Lotus
Mother Church/The Church of the Mother
For those who want to transform Christianity
Het Verlichte Handelen
Realisatie, Vernieuwing, Integratie, Actie


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