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Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 1
"A society, that has lost its collective dream or myth, is bound to degenerate"

Friends! We have reached a critical stage in history. At the surface everything still seems to be functioning. Deep down, though, very disturbing developments are unfolding. In order to create a maximum profit, dominant forces have deliberately and systematically undermined cohesion on all levels of society. Their strategy is: the more existing solidarity erodes, the more people will take refuge in global consumerism. The resulting insecurity and fears are exploited to make people believe, that only by tight state control - "Big Brother" - life will be safe. With the help of electronic technology the liberties of people will be severely restricted, to such an extent, that eventually every move is controlled by the "mega-machine". No "freedom", no "democracy" anymore.

In order to overcome this terrifying prospect, we have to understand the core of our problem. It comes down to a "devil's pact" between the church and ruling economic e.g. political forces. The church started this proces by ruthlessly destroying life's foundation. During many centuries it* has managed to cut contact with our Divine Essence, our bodies and nature, our deeper feelings and emotions, our femininity, eroticism and love life, our strength and with each other. We had no choice but falling back on the one faculty left: our ego's. It was the beginning of materialism and individualism. Its successor - capitalism - did the rest. In order to "extend their markets", society was (is) even further fragmented. To a group of five people you only sell one car, freezer or sofa, while to five single's you sell fivefold. It really can't go wrong!

* The Inquisition.

Dear friends, do you feel the pain of alienation, of being condemned to a one-dimensional life? Do you understand now, why life degenerates, both within and without? Allowing this pain to enter your innermost core is crucial. The deeper your pain, the stronger your longing for wholeness. It is the meaning of the decay. By not resisting it, but moving along with it, everything old, ugly, sick and dead will die (in you). You will turn the crisis into an opportunity. The result is a big clean-up. Once the layer of dust is removed, a shining pearl appears. To many this will be a total surprise. Instead of being that small self - dominated by restlessness, confusion, angst, meaninglessness and depression - you appear to be a shining light unto yourself*. Now, the point is, is this just an isolated personal phenomenon, which accidentally happened to you only, or is it corresponding to an underlying truth, that has its value for everybody?

* And subsequently to others.

Is it just a "personal truth", or a common truth concerning us all, that is the question. Could it reflect a "cosmic law?" The answer is "yes". Thanks to immeasurable Grace the Ultimate has revealed Itself to me. It appears to be a Cosmic Vacuum. In ancient times this was called "The Great Mother". It turns our Judeo-Christian world view upside down. "God didn't create the world out of nothingness, but Nothingsness is giving birth to both God and the world, with the latter continuously returning to the Source". This is the foundation of Cosmic Law. It is preserved in Hinduism. There it is called the dynamic balance between death, rebirth and "permanence". Everything without exception is subjected to this law. The "concern" of the Mother is to look after its dynamics. Only then life is guaranteed. Once one aspect gets the upper hand at the expense of the other, the system will derail. And that is exactly the case nowadays. It forces the Mother to interfere.

Beloved friends. There is thus a continuous equilibrium between dissolution and manifestation. They are the two major forces in the universe. They are equally strong. Only very subtle fluctuations, due to "local" circumstances, may appear "at the surface". They are able to provoke response from the Mother. Such as 500 years of self-centeredness, greed, growth, "progress" and expansion. The result - an incredible accumulation - is disturbing the natural balance between "life" and death. To nature, the death pole is indispensable in order to be able to regenerate. Every autumn the plants are dying; as a pre-condition for (re)birth in spring. Its foundation is an intact recycling process. "No death, no rebirth". In the Cosmic Realm, when accumulation has exceeded a certain limit, the destruction part of the Vacuum will be set in motion. Its aim is the breakdown of the surplus at the other pole. It temporarily gets the upper hand, until the original balance is restored. It is corresponding with the "age of decay" like we experience it rightnow on earth.

So, yes, what we experience in our daily lives reflects a Cosmic Law. We have "neglected" the death pole in life. There is huge ignorance about its crucial function. Hence, our existential fear. It originated from the time, in which our "personality" was formed. In its initial stages the greatest fear was to "fall back" into the "chaos" of the maternal womb. The threat of continuous dissolution makes that "ego-formation" is constantly accompanied by (unconscious) fear of death. Thus, in order to become somebody, we have to overcome our dependency on the mother. This is especially true for boys, since they have to become the "other pole". It explains the "love-hate" relationship between mothers and sons. Boys "have to" reject the mother in order to become "strong". Believe it or not, but this fear isn't limited to our personal realms, only. It rather has pervaded the whole of society. Fear of "falling back" is the engine behind obsession with the future, "progress", "growth" and "expansion". It is a vicious circle. Because of our fear of Nothingness, we cling to our ego's; because we cling to our ego's, Nothingness will destroy us.   

Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 2
"Its manifestation on all levels of existence"     

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