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O, friends, so many people long for liberation. In particular nowadays, where the inner and outer suffering
becomes increasingly unbearable. Where to find refuge? Religions are hardly able to support your spiritual Quest. New Age like groups cannot satisfy the longing of true seekers, either. I feel ashamed, because of being so sluggish with my own development. It took such a long time, before I dared to come to the open. However, having surrendered myself to Celestial Wisdom, I know that this time is right. In order to be fruitful the earth should be receptive for the Message.   

I've got the priviledge to having received a genuine Vision. It came to me without any doing on my part. What did the Vision say? Did it contain a Message that is helpful to your personal situation? Will it be powerful enough to bring relief to your personal anguish? Is it related to the problems of today: your alienation, loneliness, confusion, addictions, meaninglessness, depression and burn-out? Add the problems in society to it and the picture of today's mess is complete. We are increasingly pushed with our backs against the wall. There seems to be no escape anymore.

Therefore, wake up! Step out of your self-constructed identity and become your True Self. Liberate yourself from the domination of thoughts, emotions and desires. Please, notice. Thoughts are not the problem, but being dominated by them, is. By "stepping back" thoughts maybe still there. However, you remain "here" - in your center - while your thoughts are "there", in front of you. The same is true about your problems. Hence, becoming aware is the most crucial step in emancipation. With it your clarity, insight, sovereignty, connectedness, compassion and strength will be restored.

Restructure your life

Before your awakening your whole life was centered around the ego as the the core of your identity. Everything was "self-made". Ego-fulfillment determined your aspirations, dreams and desires. Your relationship with the world had been an extension of your personal preferences. Your choice of friends, education, work, career and environment were all "pre-destined". Not without its shadow-part, though. Your personality appeared to be equally conditioned by pain, fears, anguish, anger and countless other "complexes". Your playground was programmed by conditionings in early life.

Once liberated, this all changes. By opening-up your hitherto suppressed parts have a change to come to the surface. You realize, that these are your inner "step-children" waiting for becoming part of the Whole, once again. The necessity of working on "personal integration" dawns upon you. It is your big chance to become more inclusive. How can you "love your neighbor", if you don't start with loving your own neglected, denied, rejected and suppressed parts? It is your training-ground for developing your compassion. Hence, personal integration to be a crucial step on your inner Path.

With it your (unconscious) projections of suppressed parts into others, are slowly weakening. That explains, why old relationships are loosening up. By taking your projections back, often few (or none....) relationships are left. This sometimes comes as a shock. It is painful to acknowledge. It can be the beginning of a time, in which you feel a new kind of loneliness: deprived of the (familiar) old and not yet found meaningful new contacts. Don't worry, your new way of Being will get you through. After a certain time, you will resonate with people who are on a similar wave-length. Indeed, the beginning of a new life.     

Serve others

The time of pseudo-spirituality is over. How can you "pursue your spiritual growth" without becoming compassionate about the "world around you?" An extended awareness "automatically" includes your immediate surroundings. Things in the "outside world" appear to be part of your extended Space. Hence, you love everything like your self. So, true spirituality is inclusive. It is the foundation of the entire culture. Nothing is left out. Hence, individualism and materialism, poverty and exploitation, violence and war, destruction of the community, oppression of women, neglect of youth and degradation of nature, are all spiritual issues, and should concern all of us. 

Serving others is a liberation too. It keeps you humble about your spiritual "achievements". That's why especially those who received a lot have to give a lot. Their extended Consciousness embraces all "sentient and non-sentient" beings, after all. In order not to be trapped by self-centered ambition (relapses always happen!), some kind of purification practice appear be be appropriate. Lucky are those, who - eventually - discover surrender and worship. It will save their souls. That's why I am so grateful to the Great Mother. She has made my mission incomparably lighter.

The outcome of your spiritual Path thus appears to be compassion and service. It is with the fruits that the tree can be recognized. With "taking up your cross", strength will come accordingly. It is a miracle. The strength doesn't come from your small self. Something within will take over. Not you, but THAT in you. So, put your reluctance aside. From now on the Spirit is with you. It can move mountains. You are not alone. The crisis is creating new avatars all the time. It is based on the promise, revealed to me by the Ultimate. There can be no doubt about its power. Trust it.      

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