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Dragon Flower Scripture

"The Dragon Flower Scripture is one of the most important (sectarian) scriptures of the seventeenth century, from which later writings derived vocabularly and mythological themes. The belief system of this and similar books is centered on the  Eternal Venerable Mother (Wu-sheng Lao-mu) and Her children Fu-hsi and Nü-kua, whose union produces the human race. At first human beings lived in paradisal condition, but then they gradually fell from grace, so that now all but a few are "scattered and lost". This "fall" is conceived of spatially as well: the original and true home of men and women is the Eternal Mother's paradise in the west (Mesopotamia! HMS), but now they live in the "eastern land", the "red dust" world of samsara, ensnared in avarice and lust, forgetful of their true nature. The Venerable Mother in Her compassion weeps for Her children and sends down gods and bodhisattvas (Maitreya, HMS) to rescue them".

David K.Jordan & Daniel L.Overmyer "The Flying Phoenix", 1986 Caves Books

One day the Venerable Patriarch Kung Ch'ang was quietly sitting on his meditation bed and entered samadhi. Manifesting his "emptiness body", he went to the Tushita Palace of the Native Place, where he had an audience with the Venerable Mother. The Venerable Mother asked Kung Ch'ang, "In the lower world there are omens of coming natural disasters. Are you familiar with them?"

Kung Ch'ang replied that he was not. The Venerable Mother said, "In the chia-tzu year of the lower yuan period, disasters will arrive; in the hsin-chi year there will be famine, drought, and floods. The people of Shantung will starve to death while they eat each other; husbands and wives will not look after each other, and fathers and sons will be divided. When they move to northern Chih-li they will again meet with famine and die." Kung Ch'ang asked the Venerable Mother, "When will it become easier to live?" The Mother replied, in the yen-wu year things will be a little better, but again calamities will occur, mountains will shake, the earth will move, the Yellow River will overflow, and people will drown. There will be a plague of grasshoppers, a dark rain will fall continuously, houses will collapse, and there will be no place to dwell. These disasters of the last age, formed by bad karma accumulated for 500 years (...), are deserved and brought by people on themselves, so there is no way of escape. In the kuei-wei year there will be an epidemic.

Kung Ch'ang asked, "What should one do to be saved from these disasters?" The Mother said, "For people who sincerely believe, there will be no calamities; for those who cultivate the Way, there will be no difficulties".

Dragon Flower Scripture, section "The People of the Last Age" (Mo-chieh chung sheng). PS. Obviously, this text has to be taken symbolically. It expresses a spiritual Truth.

Dragon Flower Assembly 

"The Buddha of the past, Dipamkara, the historic Buddha Sakyamuni the younger and Maitreya the eldest, all three sons of the same Eternal Mother, all three working at the Dharma and each successful in their own Way are gathered to discuss the succession. Who is most suitable to rule the world and to save the people, that is the question. All three decide to go into meditation, each with a golden staff in the hand. He, to whose staff will first sprout the dragon flower, will be sent to the world. Who will have his flowering later has to wait. Against the rules Sakyamuni opens his eye already after one day, seeing that Maitreya's staff is decorated with the dragon flower with the ten thousand golden light rays. He sneakily steals the flower putting her on his own staff. Immediately the flower feels unhappy, is sagging and looses her light and radiation. Two days later Maitreya's heavenly eye opens and sees that his brother has stolen the dragon flower. Thus He spoke to Sakyamuni: "today the entire world has been given to you, but how can you be a refuge to the people? Because of this theft nothing will ever reach its perfection. Under your rule of 3000 years the people will be tossed about between wealth and poverty, happiness en suffering, needs and discord. There will be conflicts between states, crime and unrest. The people will be misled by the king of the devils. There will be big disasters, like the eight big problems and the last big catastrophe of the earth. Everything because of your deceit Sakyamuni". Shortly after the Eternal Mother, Kuan Yin and several other Buddha's meet on the Holy Mountain. They are moved by the suffering of the people on earth. Although the 3000 years are not yet completed, Maitreya is requested to move forward from his "Western forest" in order to save the people".

"Ku Fo tang-lai hsia-sheng Mi-le ch'u-hsi" (Cause of Suffering and the Arrival of Maitreya Buddha from the West to the World)

"...the Buddha Maitreya comes to take charge of religion, he has put aside his immortal clothing and descended to the secular world. When Sakyamuni Buddha saw him his mind was scorched (hsin chiao-tsao)...Now the time has come, the red flower withers, and the white flower blooms; only now does Sakyamuni withdraw from his position, and Maitreya laughs out loud. The great kalpa has arrived, and Maitreya has ascended to the throne (teng liao chi). He kept his hair, and changed his clothing. He put on the gauze hat and round-collared robe (of an official),...and appeared in the world (ch'u-shih). Who in the world knows this? Maitreya Buddha is in charge of the world (chang ch'ien-k'un)..."

"Li-chih pao-chüan" (The precious book on establishing a new world)

"The Buddha Maitreya took leave of the Venerable Mother and descended to the Han land of nine divisions. City gods and locality gods received his carriage, bowed, and said, "We hope the Buddha in his compassion will save all sentient beings". The Buddha replied, "In obedience to the Venerable Mother's edict I have descended to the world to save all people. You should each with sincerity aid the task of universal salvation, (so as to) together attain the Buddha Way and sit on the heart of the lotus....I have now descended into the world only so that people on the great earth realize enlightenment and not reject the Venerable Mother's saving intentions."

"Ta-sheng Mi-le hua-tu pao chüan" (The precious book of salvation brought by Maitreya)

Maitreya, true Maitreya,
With a myriad transformation bodies,
In the last age you instruct all beings
The confused and blind cannot recognize you.

"San-tsu hsing-chiao yin-yü pao chüan" (The religious activities of the three patriarchs and their causes and connections)

"Now I have heard that the Precious Scroll of the Most Holy Saviour Maitreya (Ta sheng Mi-le fo hua-tu pao chüan) appeared in the twenty second year of the Ming Wan-li reign period (1594). It is a work produced by imperial authority which has been (widely) circulated. Our Buddha (Wo fo-Maitreya?) mercifully took forty-eight vows to save all people (huang-t'ai. lit. "imperial children")...Because all living beings were confused and lost in the red dust (world), had fallen and knew not how to return to their origin, our (Lord) Buddha established an expedient means (for entering) the dharma gate, (thereby) to save men and women everywhere, enabling them to take refuge in the way of long life and recovering completeness, to return home to see the Mother and sit together with her on the Lotus Tower".

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