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Universal Training Program
in 7 Steps

Curriculum for future
Green Men & Wise Women

Dedicated to Restoring the Wholeness of Life, emphasizing
the urgency of Transformation of Self & Society

Step 1-3 open to everybody (free of obligation).
Step 4-7 for those who want to
commit themselves.

1. Introduction

In these most critical of times
"Turn On"
Our suffering: being (unconsciously) identified with our thoughts,
emotions and desires. Result: being cut off from the "rest" of reality:
our awareness (True Self), our body and nature, our suppressed
emotions, our strength etc. Through accepting the pain of
alienation longing for Wholeness arises.

2. Basics

A New Era
"Going back to the Source
in order to become renewed"
Global cisis as a consequence of (ego)accumulation. However,
"to have is the inability to Be". Saving the world is to live in
accordance with the "Law of the Universe": Dying to
the old, being reborn as a New Self, while becoming
part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the
(new) community - once again

Body, Mind and Soul
From 33 years of experience
Our contribution to the well-being of everyone: Spiritual Healing, Group
Consultation, Personal Health Plan, Flow System Therapy, Emotional
self-integration, Mother (Stone) Healing, the latter stimulating the
immune system and the blood circulation, detoxifying e.g. de-
acidifying, regulating functions and organs, revitalising and
regenerating, promoting energy, removing emotional
blockades and relaxing, everything in ONE single
treatment. See also: Mother Healing.
(Weekend Treatments)
Personal Health Plan, Flow System Therapy etc.

3. Deepening

Personal guidance
The Integral Way
The universal spiritual Path, consisting of  7 steps e.g. Awaken!,
personal integration, being rooted in Heaven and Earth,
breakthrough of the Light, purification/healing, taking
refuge in the Great Mother, and compassion
(Retreat Intensive)

4. Commitment

The Original Tradition
The Great Learning is The Original Tradition's study curriculum.
It has been published on the website in its entirety. In the near
future this will be extended into a mature E-learning program,
including various stages and examinations. For the
moment enjoy the depth and the size of
the material.

5. Service

Our Monastic/Educational Initiative
Spiritual Service, Health Service,

Community Service

For those who want to definitively commit themselves. After a trial period
you may be admitted to the training. This consists of  Spiritual
Service, Health Service and Community Service. Graduates
will then work as volunteers somewhere in the world. After
some time they will be able to proceed their studies.
They are the future Teachers of the
Original Tradition.
(Educational E-learning Project)

6. Initiation

Rite of passage
Mother Quest
Becoming A Green Man
e.g. Wise Woman

For those seekers who want to sincerely go into depth. It consists
of "dying to the old", whiler becoming reborn as a New Self. The
ultimate initiation includes spending time in nature -
usually three days - while fasting, praying, meditating
and contemplating. Often a (dark) cave is chosen
in order to intensify the experience of being
reborn out of the Mother's Womb.

7. Action

Saving the world
Extending your compassion
Healing the Planet in 7 Steps

The urgent necessity of renewal on all levels of society through
A New Spirituality, A New Psychology, A New Health Care,
A New Culture, A New Society, A New Economy and
A New Earth


Spiritual Advice e.g. Guidance
Personal Coaching with an Awakened One is a unique
experience. He sees you as you Really Are and guides
you in such a way, that you will find the direct way to
your inner Self. Because he is also physician and
psychotherapist, he has a holistic overview,
including all relevant levels.

Group Consultation
His (very) enlightening Group Consultations with
Q & A
(Spiritually, psychologically, physically)

Day Course
Prevention of Breast Cancer
We have to admit, that despite decades of research, breast cancer
still seems to be unstoppable. HMS says: First we have to be 
prepared to change our thinking. Secondly, a new pathology
model is needed. Thirdly, practical methods have to be
developed. In his 33 years of medical practice HMS has
done exactly that.  A true breakthrough!

"Prevention of Breast Cancer"

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