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"Sheela-na-gig" of South Tawton, England. In England and Irland altogether some 150 pieces. On the continent (France) I counted a dozen...


Wise Woman of  Maastricht, Netherlands

Goddesses of   Parthenay, France

Wise Women of Astorga, Spain

 Since Hobbes and Bodin the social community as foundation of political sovereignty has continuously been broken down. What finally was left was (is) the State on the one hand and an unstructured mass of people on the other.....


Princess in Zwickau, Germany

Green Woman of Ansbach, Germany

Goddess/Wise Woman of Santiago, Spain


Nowadays wee see the endphase of this process: the final dissolution of the social body. A culture of singles of alienated people, not even able to connect themselves minimally to others e.g. take responsibility of their children.....the ultimate degeneration. Much to the content of the capitalist economy, for one family with five members needs one TV, while five singles need five....*

* Hence this promotion for the single-culture nowadays.....the trend towards final disintegration is purposely steered....

Goddess with Her Green Man (Stade, Germany)

Goddess with Her Son/Lover (Hamburg)

The same Goddesses supporting a Christian saint (Skara, Sweden)


We are standing with our back against the wall. For the effects of the climate crisis are e.g. migration, chaos and war. No community anymore to somehow protect their members, evenb the State cannot guarantee that anymore*. The West is about to become as hopeless as people in Africa: environmental disaster, violence, hunger etc. etc.

* Evil tongues claim, that the State purposely let the situation deteriorate in order to then say: "we face the ultimate chaos, sorry, but now we have to take over"

Wise Woman of Canterbury

Green Woman of Augsburg (Germany)

Green Women of Chartres, France


Resorting to the old model is an illusion, because you can not force people to do what they supposedly are not able to..... The only way out is to see whether the situation today has new (unexpected) opportunity in itself. To look from there for new forms of social coherence. The starting point is the inability to establish community e.g. (monogamous) partner relations, education of the children (are "stored" in kindergardens), disappearence of solidarity.... Can we thus find a new structure where people feel comfortable and at the same time promises protection for future risks?

Black Madonna of Thuret, France

Even more fascinating: one of the few "Sheela-na-Gigs" on the European continent: Zutphen, Netherlands

Green Goddess of  Ulm (Germany)


A few decades ago in southern China, the Mosuo have been "discovered". Through close contact with a Chinese researcher who lived there many years, I've got a fairly complete picture of the lifestyle of these people. He denied that the structure of this community is "matriarchal", despite the fact that women are taking on a distinctly prominent position.(What they do in our society in increasing dimensions already, but unfortunately, only as protagonists of a patriarchal system) ....

Nordic Green Woman of Örebro, Sweden

Wise Woman, Lübeck (Germany)

"Sheela-na-gig" of Matha, France


In the Mosuo women are central. They are the substance of the community. Ultimate decisions are made by the clan mother (in dialogue with the "big uncle") while manageing the property to the benefit of the community. Only women have their own room, the men share a common room or dormitory. The latter have no property, except a pair of small personal items. Relationships are based on love, are the most durable, but not necessarily. The woman has the right to send away partners. Meeting takes place in the room of the woman, the man always leaves the room before sunrise. By day he is with his buddies. Children belong to the group of women, fatherhood is not recognized. Men are
thus freed of monogamous
pressures, enjoying much freedom, but are solidary in taking care of the community as a whole. A big uncle (brother of the grandmother) is responsible for the education of boys. Women work just as hard - including hard labor on the fields - as the men. The result is a joyful solidary community, women as a stable factor, men are integrated, a balance between work and leisure, wealth and a high level of security and protection to the outside .....

In the summer of  2011 we stayed with the Mosuo. See our extensive report

Green Woman of Batalha, Portugal

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Green Woman, Salamanca, Spain

Green Goddess of  Bamberg, Germany



Does that mean we should now all become Mosuo? No, but maybe it can bring us food for thought. Therefore, I continued my research. In Holland, many Surinamese and Antilleans live. In interviews, they told me that with the Mosuo, is not foreign to us. For many millions of South Americans live similarly. There is always the woman/mother with her female relatives, who is central, supporting each other, with a pair of loose male partners - often more than one, who unfortunately often don't show a lot of responsibility - and children, of whom the father isn't known. Until recently, they told me we have always been ashamed of our life, because it was condemned by the Church in the strongest terms, but now that we live in Holland, and see that the singles e.g. today's single parents live really similar - even with multiple partners, with children from multiple fathers .... we got our self-respect back .....

Woman in the green, Mühlhausen (Germany)

Baroque Green Woman, Estella, Spain

Green Woman, Regensburg (Germany)




We don't need to copy the Mosuo, because the trend in our society is already going in its direction ..... The difference is that they have managed to exploit the positive aspects while we disintegrate because of it. The problem is that we lack the integration into a solid structure. If we do that, then the problem could be converted at once into an opportunity. For what is needed in the (uncertain) future? First, protection for women and children, secondly, men who commit themselves to the whole (i.e. Green Men ....). With today's situation as a starting point, the following steps are necessary .....

Wise Woman with crown and two "horns of abundance", Burgos, Spain

Green Women, Osiera, Spain

Wise Woman, Frankfurt (Germany)


The first condition is that women become solidary with each other. What is held together by descent with the Mosuo, should come up with women's friendship and solidarity. Without it, nothing will work, for they are the only ones who can restore the substance of the community. If they and their children get together, the basis for a modern style family structure has been laid. The second condition is that these women have to convince their male partners of the need to show solidarity in order to be subservient to the whole. Men's freedom, friendship and commitment are thus complementing each other. The mutual relations between women and men are decided by themselves, of course, with room for same-sex unions, while Mosuo principles of management of property, the clan mother as the highest authority, etc. are essential. The clans may comprise several hundred people. It's an intelligent response to the uncertainty of future .....

Joyful Green Woman, Leuven, Belgium

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Art in Autobahn restaurant, Germany

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Green Goddesss/Wise Woman
Puenta de la Reina, Spain

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Hildesheimer Goddess

The Wise Woman
Rooted in her body
In accordance with the cycles of nature
Lives in connectedness
In contact with her psycho-emotional potential e.g.
Inclusive eroticism (body, soul and spirit) is fully developed
Grounded intelligence
Has a fully-developed
self and identity
Controlling her own life
her goals
Everything within personal integration e.g.
She therefore rejects the rampant "having" e.g. the current socio-economic system
Has a network of friends
Is supported/inspired by a "female" (holistic)
world view

A shock to the Church: Love Goddess
(Courtesy BIBEL+ORIENT Museum, Fribourg, CH)

At last a Great Sensation! The origin of the Sheela Na Gigs has been found. Sheela's - the one's that are found on churches in medieval Europe - have been used as a "warning" by the Church against women and the "sin of sex". Here, for the first time, it is proven that the former originate from a love and sex affirmative Middle Eastern MotherGoddess
(Canaan, 1300-1200 BC)

The radical-feminist woman
Has herself solely identified with the ego and her own career
Alienated from her body, nature
and feelings
Detached from the
connectedness with the whole
She has self-centered ("male") sex
Is thrown back upon herself
She herself says she has achieved....
However her emancipation has"forgotten" to question the patriarchal system
She even competes fiercely with her "sisters"
Her freedom is only for herself
she will be weared out by the Megamachine
Must her ego like the men's first be burned-out
at the horizon a new (common) beginning dawns?

Modern Women
.....under capitalism
Surely justified as (time-limited!) need to catch up
In the long run:
how genuine, authentic and true, however, is your emancipation, freedom and independence?
What is the use of pursuing a
careerwhile through it you lose your soul?
The decisive criterion:
"Tell me in what kind of world you want to live, and I'll tell you who you are"
It thereby doesn't matter at all whether you're a woman or a man .....

The New Madonna
Celebrating inclusivity

Queen of the World

Mother of God

Goddess of Love


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