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Fascinating is of course, that nobody can accuse me of "corrupting" Santiago with "pagan" images. Most of them are in or close to the Cathedral. Moreover, they are "stepchildren" of Christianity, i.e. elements of our own Western tradition, that were - however - never recognized by the Church. It is the "neglect" of the Church to (purposely) not showing the whole heritage of the Camino to the pilgrims. It is emphasized by the truly spectacular Green Man sculptures on the south tower...

The faces on the south tower are unmistakable. They embody the strength, the rage and the determination of a world view, that was mercilessly oppressed. Only now, where mankind has brought itself at the edge of self-destruction they have appeared once again. Let's hope, it is not too late.....

Revealing Discovery
Note 10

If I had only discovered a few images, then that would have been already sensational.....I have on the contrary searched many images, not only in Santiago, Galicia or Spain, but in 9 different countries of Europe. They all belong to ONE culture: that of the Green Man and the Wise Woman, both having emerged from the Cosmic Mother...

The Eastern side of the south tower speaks volumes. On a lower level there are saints, among whom St.James. They are shown to the people. The woman with the chalice is captivating. Because it cannot be the Eucharist, as it was forbidden for women to touch it, so it could be the.....Grail (?)

One level above the saints: the universe of the Green Men

Above the saints, thus closer to Heaven (and further from the people) and therefore one level higher! in hierarchy of sainthood....once again the Green Men. They don't look very happy, though

Looks like a  pre-colombian (Maya?) sculpture. A brother Green Man from South-America?

Only after ascending two more levels, indeed very high, I met a liberated face. The Green Man looks rejuvenated, as if he had experienced rebirth. In order to subsequebtly mourn about the misery of mankind...

Reborn - Enlightened - Green Man mourns about mankind

Santiago, you are unique. You are not only Catholic, but embracing the entire human destiny. May therefore come even more people to you - people with even more insight into themselves and the world. I know the Green Men and Wise Women - and not only them - will be looking forward!


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