Communidad de Valencia
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Peñiscola, the Templar Rock

The Church of the Holy Lady

Virgen de Peñiscola

Papa Luna, the Pope of the Schism (13th century) went from Avignon to Peñiscola and lived there until his death

Papa Luna (the "Moon Pope") has probably many hidden secrets. First of all his name. Does that indicate he was dedicated to the MotherGoddess? Furthermore, he possessed many esoteric books, after his death to be transported to the Vatican. There are strong indications that  he was a Grandmaster of the Templers as well.....

Symbols of Grandmaster Berenger

Descending - the Templars were conscious of the Womb as the Ultimate - therefore created crypts in Gothic churches - to the Council Hall


Now a museum

The famous Templar Symbols

Grand Master


The chapel of Papa Luna

Chair with Templar Cross

The Moon as Papal heraldics

The Gothic Hall

Statue of the Goddess, confirming my assumptions?

Looking down on palm terrass

Papal Moon

View from the castle

My beloved MeiMei, patiently waiting for my return from the castle


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