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Quite sensational. From this front portal the relationship between the Madonna and the Green Man is displayed in a very convincing way i.e. She is the Great Mother with Her Son/Lover/Protector. This church - if I remember well - was probably a Templer church....(?)

Revealing Discovery
Note 10

Arcadic romance

"Virgen Blanca"

Only two faces relate to the old times



Official church of the Kings of Navarra. Hier is something to see that is typical for the "Christian" aristocracy - and not only for them! - at that time. For the external world they should be loyal "sons" of the church. Here it is convincingly displayed: the royal (also roman) eagle is keeping a rabbit i.e. hare in its claws, symbol of the victory of Christianity over "paganism"

How totally arrogant i.e. ruthless...

What they probably not have realized: the rabbit is also symbol of innocence...

In the church, however.....
Accidentally, I was there just before the beginning of a service, hence the church was open, otherwise I wouldn't have had the opportunity to come back....In the church a totally different - opposite - scene! Beautiful Green Men, as you can see carved with love. Does that say something about our own - Christian moulded - inner schizophrenia?
Because of the service the Cloister was closed, I thus don't know what surprises still can be expected


Two kinds of leaves and various flowers. Beautiful.

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The animals also look happy......

Probably the execution of St.Peter

A Green Man face under the spectators seem to suggest a different meaning (?)....LINK: Torres del Rio


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