Castille & León
Nearby places: Lugo, Ponferrada, Astorga


The famous St. Isidoro church

Royal heraldy with the Golden Vlies


León is a highlight of the search for material proof for the existence of the Original Tradition. I had no idea whatsoever, as I arrived at the front portal of the St.Isidoro church. I was already very acquainted to the idea that you shouldn't be distracted by big impressive sculptures. The Green Men on the other hand is often found at places where he is cannot dominate too much.....And suddenly I saw: the Royal Family as Green Man and Wise Woman. It is so unique, that I couldn't believe my eyes...

Left the King; right the Queen; in the middle the crownprince with his fiancê or wife

Notice! The King (above) as well as the Queen (right) bear the Grail as their crown. From the abundance - that which the King promised his people - birds i.e. his subjects are eating  

The young couple embodies the New Green Man und Wise Woman respectively. From both their mouths leaves are sprouting. Unbelievable. In the same way Father and Mother - the reigning Princes - are displayed. Leaves also come out of their eyes, sign of approval to the young couple. Very special also is the Mother Scallop near them on both sides. It means that both King and Queen understand themselves as "children" of the Cosmic Mother while reigning in Her Name.....Conclusion: the entire Royal Family considered itself member of the Original Tradition....

Revealing  Discovery

These are probably King Ferdinand and Queen Sancha of León, the founders of this church (11th century) with their children.......The sculpture could also have been made (much) later. According to me, that doesn't make too much difference, because we can assume that one has tried to reflect history as good as possible...

Expression of the worldly desires of the couple: to have successors in the form of a small Green Man.....

Ditto.   The family thus was determined to continue the Tradition of the Green Man...

Revealing Discovery

Second big sensation at St.Isidoro church: one of few detailed images of the Grail in the world! In the center the "Cauldron of Abundance" with the head of Parcival who just experiences his rebirth. On top as extension the (Grail) chalice. Left and right two virgins, who are giving Parcival the Chalice...

Unfortunately too often in churches: the crashing of an animal - symbolizing "paganism" - by a Catholic saint

Or perhaps a dubble meaning: the Bull as protector (?!)

Goddess i.e. Wise Woman

Große Mutter/"The Lady and the beasts"
Die Mutter wird hier wohl deutlich verketzert. Sieh Ihre Hände, die als Klauen dargestellt sind

The third sensation: the Great Mother with Her Beasts/Sons: LINK: "The Lady and the beasts". The archetypical line runs from prehistory until today. That's why I dedicated an entire article to Her

Enthüllende Entdeckung

Crone, part of the Triple Goddess: Virgin, Mother, and Crone?

At last once again discovery of a Bock - embodiment of the Green Beast/Man!

Mary and Jesus: catholic interpretation of the Great Mother with Her dying (and resurrecting) Son

Sideportal south

There are many archaic Son/Beasts in León. It means that here like elswhere Templer - who took these symbols from the Middle East to Western-Europe - had quite some influence i.e. even had a Center here

Two animals (i.e. cat)man heads above each other. Aren't they beautiful?!



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