Castille & León
Nearby places: Sasamon, Burgos



"In the middle of nowhere" should be a museum, people in town told me. An artist named Carlos Salazar Gutiérrez would live and work there. It wasn't easy to find the right (broken) road, but at last I found it. You see for yourself: a phantasy house like at least I have seldom seen....

Around the corner the true surprise was waiting: a giant "Green Man" face. Furthermore a great variety of heads halfway emerging from a fluidum. Quasi half unborn and born. Sooner the Divine with its (limitless) different faces. Unfortunately my poor Spanish prevented me from really understanding, what the artist would have meant himself....But I believe, I am not far from the truth....

Wie ein "richtiger" Grüner Mann

Unity in diversity: Manifestation of the Divine in the world, exactly that which the Green Man and the Wise Woman embody...


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