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The Famous Theater Masks of Ostia. Green Men originated from theater as well, hence, showing similarities (LINK: Myra)  

Oceanus with green leaves

Nymphs with their beasts

I found Ostia very lovely, although very few Green Men could be spotted there. My last chance was the museum

Magna Mater Kybele

Her Son/Lover Attis, one of the early precursors of the Green Men

Dionysian impressions  

And there they were. Several Green Men on sarcophages. Their position on top means that they ware considered very high in the hierarchy. As symbols of "death and rebirth" they were the mediators in the transition to afterlife


The God Pan

The fact that Pan has foliage coming out of his mouth (right) proves that Green Men had their roots in trhe Dionysian tradition. In its turn it originates in the old Vegetation Gods. This important lineage is unbroken

Satyr in the Green

Tree of Life with pomgranades, symbol of fertility


Once again: Attis with his characteristic cap

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By, by Ostia


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