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The Original
(Green Man)

Her Catholic substitute



Fortress.... Loreto

Loreto: sacred place of the Original Great Mother. Since many centuries changed into the major place of worship of the Black Madonna. In the course of time the latter has been put in a fortress (prison) guarded by priests. This in order to control the pilgrimages. The Black Madonna is - until the current days - a highly controversial issue within the Church, after all. The risk of "pagan excesses" always lie in wait

King David with slain enemy (capitated head - Saul? - left under)




Back of pope.  The pedestal is difficult to see, due to brightness of sunlight

The Churches' dogma's and the chance of "wandering from the straight and narrow" is always there. That's why all over Europe the power of the Church is emphasized through crushing enemies. It should infuse fear into the hearts of the followers. Loreto is not different in this regard. In front of the church a pope is sitting on his throne. On his backside - I knew it in advance! - a Goddess and two Green Men, symbols of slain "enemies". LINK Ancona have been put on  

Despair and anger

Crushing Green Men with his chair



Green Man under his chair on the left side

Green Man under his chair on the right side

The heraldics of a cardinal

He also derives pleasure from slaying the Churches' "enemy"

lore-22.jpg (12014 bytes) And then this. These images are truly sensational. At four different places on the frontside of the church....they depict the MotherGoddess with Her Son/Lover or Green Man, placed there in the Renaissance. Which means that through relative freedom of expression at that time, masons saw their chance to restore the original meaning - the Eternal Feminine and Her heroes - of the shrine. It emphasizes the hypothesis that Loreto was a very important pre-Christian Mother site. Only later a Black Madonna was brought from Illyria (now Croatia) (or from the Holy Land) and was installed in a small chapel. Subsequently (early 16th century) the basilica was hoveled over it

Her fierce breasts

The symbolism is simply flabberghasting. Until now I've hardly found statues which in such a direct way express the inherent Truth: Ultimate Reality consiting of the Cosmic Womb giving birth to the Eternal Light. The latter subsequently manifesting Itself in nature e.g. the world. Since ancient times this Divinity is called "The Green Man"

Green Man as Her Son/Lover, Protector and "Executive"

Catholic logic. The pope as servant of the Virgin; the former crushing the Green Man

The Black Virgin
(black through ageing according to Catholic sources....)

Heraldics of the pope.....

For four centuries the Church uttered no word whatsoever about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Then, in 431, the people of Ephese (now Turkey) demanded their Original Great Mother back. The Church "solved the problem" by declaring Mary the "Mother of God". This could be explained in two ways. As Mother of Christ, satisfying dogmatic Christians or as Mother of the ancient Deity. Through this deliberate confusion both parties were satisfied. Until recently. Though Revelation of the Cosmic Mother LINK Threefold Realization the True Mother has reclaimed Her rightful place. This time forever....

......the latter submitting the Green Man

He doesn't seem to like it

Fortunately, a Shell (Cosmic Womb) reminds us of Reality

On the right side of the portal once again two sets of statues. They have the Power of the Truth. In the heart of Catholic dogma the universal MotherGoddess and Her Son/Lover are representing the Original Tradition. The latter is truly indestructible!
Right side. This gallery dominates the inner square. Every pillar is decorated with a Green Man! Some 10-12 Green Men are thus guarding the square. The meaning: it is THEIR territory......This function as guardians is much older than Christianity  

This is one of them. One guirlande is missing

No doubt about His position!

Like many other old fountains, the fountain of Loreto manifests "heretical" Wisdom. Like the one on LINK Peter's square (Vatican) the basin embodies the Cosmic Womb, here unmistakenly emphasized with an Ursymbol of the Mother: the Dragon. The first "emanation" - the Divine - is decorated with Green Men. Isn't it all miraculous? While being there I passionately burst into tears ("cried for the Mother") once I understood the significance of it all. It came from deep within. Join me praising the Cosmic Mother!  

Not too long ago the Black Madonna of Loreto still had "pagan" symbolism on Her dress. Recently, (it seems by decree....), they have all been "gleichgeschaltet" showing only meaningless symbols....There is a lot of fear behind church walls!

The fake madonna's

In the tourist shop, next to the Madonna's: Mussolini.... In Italy, do they have something to do with each other?


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