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Special feature

The absolutely unique

These are us seen through the eyes of the Church


Their function is to deter

This church shows the attitude of the Catholic Church towards "non-believers" in an unvarnished way. People who don't submit to the Church are doomed. They belong to the reign of the devil. Hence these "ugly men" with their distorted faces. These "outcasts, villains e.g. monsters" are people like you and me, though. Their only "crime" is, that they have a different view on life. This Church policy - "who isn't with me is against me" - has (had) disastrous consequences. Almost all big atrocities committed in Western history can be related to it....

Suffering, despair and anger

Humans purposely turned into vermin, in order to prevent believers from becoming apostate

All over Europe I have seen the same pattern: the more independent people are, the greater the threats of the Church: LINK Lucca, Perignac, Freiburg

A Christian knight killing a "monster"

First they degrade you into a monster, then they kill you

Even the Madonna has a rulers' attitude...

Fortunately, compared to previous ages, the world has become more humane (?) and hopefully the Church did follow that trend. However, what has been in your genes for 2000 years isn't easily stamped out. So, it is never bad to be on one's guard....

The "villain" heads are on three sides of the church

All brothers of the Green Man

There were works carried out. It even adds to the suggestivity of the pictures...

The true nature of a person (organization, church) you only will know through revealing its dark side e.g. shadow part....
Just outside the church compound the atmosphere changes immediately. A fountain in front of the church with several good looking Green Men!
Confirmed during my short tour through the city. Green Men abound (most I couldn't schoot, because I drove around in my car). Contrary to the church the people apparently cherish a different view on life. A life without sin, guilt and punishment. Here the Green Man is the symbol of life's abundance!

Green Man with Shell (Womb), which means he considers himself a servant to the Cosmic Mother

Once again


The positive attitude towards nature is striking. Here a God is experiencing his rebirth (could be also Parcival)

Prove of very deep insight into life: the Ultimate as Mirror, Emptiness or Cosmic Womb

Contrary to the stern expression of the Churches' Madonna here the sweet expression of the Eternal Feminine

About to leave Zagreb I suddenly saw several Green Men. They are part of a very normal housing block. It means there could be countless others in common streets as well. While photographing an old man passed by, and with a broad smile pointing at the image he said to me: "this is the real one!" Indeed, these Green Men express their inherent nature - their Divinity - in a very dignified way
Aren't they absolutely beautiful and admirable? I said thanks to the Mother for this precious last moment gift

Serenity, power and goodness


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