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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Since Teilhard de Chardin, the idea of "evolution toward Cosmic Consciousness" became widespread. Some spiritual teachers cherish this idea today. What would be your comments?

A. Strictly spoken, there cannot be an "evolution toward Consciousness". First of all, Consciousness is there all the time. It is not an outcome of a (our) process. On the other hand, it is all a matter of "parallel layers", consisting of our mental, emotional, "etherical" (subtle energy) and Consciousness layers, going from the surface to the depth. To become Conscious is not a matter of "going forward" - as suggested by the "evolutionists" - but a matter of "stepping back", making a leap in your own depth.

Q.  How could this idea evolve in the first place?

A. Teilhard was a paleontologist. He looked at the spiritual Realm from the perspective of material evolution e.g. the Darwinist concept of development of species. Only to be very welcomed by those, who believe in "progress", the idea, that things are becoming better all the time.

Q. In one of your earlier interviews, you talked about the link between "progress" and fear of Nothingness. Maybe it is useful to remind us about it.

A. The greatest fear of the ego is to fall back into the primordial Darkness, from which it has evolved. It therefore is obsessed by escaping from it. Obviously, this only can be achieved by a flight ahead, making the distance between you and the Source as big as possible. In short: "progress is equal to fear of the Mother".

Q.  Actually, isn't it quite unexpected, that this idea has been picked up by spiritual teachers as well?

A. It is based on the same mechanism though. Most teachers represent dualism, in which they identify with the Light at the expense of Darkness. Like "Christ" who conquered Darkness", etc.

Q. So Christianity also contributed to this idea.

A. Absolutely. As I said before, the greatest concern of the church were people realizing their True Nature. The former therefore very much feared the HereNow. Hence, they "replaced" it by the idea of future redemption. "If you behave well (are obedient), then you will go to heaven". By destroying the context of life: "Heaven and earth", the people were "thrown back" on their ego's, their minds. To the church this was very safe indeed, because the mind can never be in the HereNow. It is always projecting in some future. The idea of linear time - religion was said to be a historical process -  was finally accepted by the population at large.

Q. After having paid the price.

A. By forgetting their innermost Core, which is timeless.*

* Time is related to the degree of expansion of awareness. Imagine a wide panorama in front of you. If your awareness is limited, in order to see the entire panorama, you have to look in bits and pieces. Going from here to there takes time. If, on the other hand your awareness is limitless, you will see the entire panorama at a single glance. In this case there is no time. 

Q. So, what is exactly left of the idea of evolution? Does it still has some meaning?

A. Historical time belongs to the mental world. It cannot be applied to Eternity. Sitting in the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, I AM not going anywhere (big laughter).

Q. Finished and over?

A. Not exactly (smiling). From a spiritual perspective "evolution" is vertical. It includes dissolving into your Origin, that Which you Are from Eternity. No time is involved. However, this doesn't last forever. Sooner or later, you will separate yourself from the Source, descending to more "common" planes of Consciousness. Coming back "from the Other Shore" you start sharing your experiences with other people. Thus, the vertical Dimension becoming fruitful to the world.

Q. The vertical fertilizing the horizontal.

A. If my awareness becomes Space, it automatically includes everything in it. It is like the space of the room, containing the chairs, the table, the carpet etc. Space embraces its content. Embracing "your content" is to love it.*

* This is contrary to "transferring" awakening from teacher to student based on personal ambition, as can be observed today. Serving spiritual self-centeredness only, it will be a dead end.  

Q. Stepping back spiritually to subsequently stimulating developments, that may create "a better world".

A. That's right. The world, however, is subjected to the "Law of the Universe". Together with the consequences of our behavior - accumulation and exploitation - we are in a time of disintegration and decay.

Q. Which neutralizes the impact of spiritual Realization.

A. Not at all. Spiritual Realization, being equal to heeding the call of going back to the Source, exactly indicates to which direction mankind has to go, in order to be saved: from the periphery to the Center.

Q.  A kind of "reverse evolution".

A. That is how you indeed may call it. Both the Cosmos and us have overstretched themselves, leading to fragmentation, alienation and individualism. It characterizes the time we are in. The "exciting thing" is, that we have the choice to either comply with the Cosmic Process, which consists of making a U-turn, or commit suicide.

Q. The latter being equal to what fundamentalists call the "apocalypse" or what ecologists call the "sixth wave of extinction".

A. Contrary to them, this is not a "law" to me, but would be the consequence of human stupidity only.

Q. If this would happen, what according to you, could become a scenario?

A. Well, apart from the disasters already prophesied....the most "logical" cause of events will be, that the latest achievements - technology, big cities, social "coherence", communications, transportation lines - will be broken down first. The basics will hold out longer.

Q. What could give people a grain of optimism?

A. Take Refuge in the Mother. Die to the old, and become reborn. Subsequently fit in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. For those, who would like to study a very learned historian, who has written about the rise and fall of civilizations, read my essay about A. Toynbee.

Back to basics.

Become available.

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