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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


1. Matriarchy means "rule by women". Since the latter are not alone on this planet, it actually means "rule of women over men".

2. In order to support one's claim, one appeals to the superiority of women: biologically, psychologically, socially and historically.

3. The justification is found in stronger genes, a higher (emotional) intelligence, greater social skills and the presupposition of a prehistoric "ideal" matriarchal society.

4. While men indeed were inferior in that society, they very much felt in harmony with its context, many feminists contend. Hence, this society was to everyone's satisfaction. It can be imagined as a permanent state of contentment.

5. The same feminists are telling us, that because there were no "class" differences, society did not show signs of inner dynamics. Change "from within" is therefore ruled out.

6. Not surprisingly thus, that change exclusively happened "from the outside". It were aggressive patriarchal nomads from the North, who destroyed and overruled the peaceful agricultural societies of the South.*

* Meant is the situation as it occurred around 10.000 years BCE in Europe.  

7. Obviously, patriarchy has proved - despite its successes - to be a system of exploitation, brutally suppressing women, destroying nature and a recipe for global suicide. And indeed, most (but not all) patriarchal systems were imposed on people through subjection.

8. It is an extra justification for the introduction of women's rule. However, patriarchy has not been "men's rule" only. Hence, to put "women's rule" against "men's rule" is not only artificial, but tries to solve the problem on the same level: power versus power. Because men at any rate constitute fifty percent of the world population, this strategy is not going to work, ever.

9. During all centuries, women - for different reasons - have "collaborated" with the system. It has culminated in recent times, in which women are often the fiercest defenders of the status quo.

10. This should not be surprising, because of the psychology of both women and men. Women contain a masculine part ("animus") in their soul, while men possess a feminine part ("anima"). What can be observed is, that nowadays the "animus" of women very well complies with the objectives of a competitive career society.

11. I don't say this, because I oppose forms of female dominance. The reason is, that because the often totally unsound "scientific" argumentation of some feminist writers - emphasizing "facts" which fit in their presuppositions, omitting others which do not - matriarchy and everything related to it, has discredited itself.

12. Instead of trying to get a special role here - women generally are very well able to defend their position - it is simply my objective to contribute to a honest, open, transparent and matter-of-fact discussion, necessary for women rights to become accepted by larger parts of society.

13. First of all, it has to be said, that no society ever, have been free from inner controversy. In fact, feminists agree, that in ancient matriarchy "men were still immature". That implies, that they still had to develop themselves, thus being a potential source for change. Secondly, it has been proven, that in matriarchy men were subjected to annual offerings in favor of the harvest. After public intercourse with the Queen, the former were massively slaughtered.

14. It is the theme of the famous Gilgamesh-epos. Gilgamesh was destined to become a (short-living) husband of the Queen, however realizing the consequences of it, preferred to escape. It was the beginning of the "change from within" and men's quest for immortality.

15. The conclusion is, that matriarchy, like every other society, did have its own dialectics. It wasn't static at all. As long as the men "were immature", they accepted the system. In the course of their development, they became more independent though, becoming a vehicle for change. Moreover, an important factor in the origination of patriarchy: the agrarian revolution (a women's invention), which sadly turned into the need to defend property, eventually leading to male dominance, cannot be overlooked here.

16. I fully acknowledge and cherish the many positive aspects of former female-centered societies, however, idealizing it as a ever-lasting paradise, won't be fruitful to anyone. First of all, you cannot simply transplant an utopia from pre-history to the present (see in this regard the failure of Zionism), simply leaving out some 12.000 years of cultural, social and psychological development, even if you dislike the latter. Secondly, by denying that matriarchy had its inner dynamism, (partly) contributing to the origination of patriarchy, one continuously keeps blaming "the other side". You deprive yourself from learning something yourself.

17. It is the reason, why quite some feminists stubbornly harden themselves, repeating the same positions all the time. In the end, the only listeners left....are themselves.

18. As said above, I was rather saddened by the situation. Therefore, I want to try to make my own position clear here, hoping, that it will lead to mutual understanding and a new dynamics.

19. First of all, Great Mother Spirituality not necessarily implies the acceptance of "matriarchy". On the contrary. Matriarchy as understood as a prehistoric paradise, only to be transplanted unchanged to the present, automatically "solving all problems", is considered to be totally unrealistic and therefore undesirable.

20. The Great Mother on the other hand is All-Embracing, without exception. She indeed implies A Feminine World View. Its principles are not based on "female superiority" (although some facts speak for themselves), though. It is not a matter of just "replacing male rule by female rule", even if it would be beneficial to everyone, as the latter claim. To the Mother Her children - not only women and men, but all "sentient and non-sentient beings" - are of equal value. Hence, the assumption of superiority of one gender over the other, is untenable.

21. To the Mother, Her Web of Life is of main concern. She is calling men and women to start a new way of cooperation, in order to let Her Web prosper. Patriarchal men and radical feminists have to reconcile with each other. Their shared interest being Life, as has been given by the Mother. The characteristics of A New Way do not lie in "change of power", but in a new kind of cooperation. The "playground" for that cooperation is the (New) Community.

22. The "design" of this New Community will certainly be welcomed by those, who support a balanced society. It is based on different roles for men and women*. Women, obviously are the center of the Community. They are masters in managing daily life. Only recently this would mean, that women would be moved back in their position of housewife. With the introduction of the New Community as the foundation of society, this has dramatically changed though.

* Obviously, on the basis of individual freedom. A New Community cannot be imposed from above. It depends on local developments. It implies, that the New Society will become a patchwork of different patterns and colors, some more feminine oriented, others less.  

23. The Community represents the Mothers' Web of Life. Hence, it is the direct expression of the "Will of the Mother". It means, that the Community derives all its rights from being a reflection of the Ultimate. "Microcosm is Macrocosm". It confirms its central position as the foundation of society, being a Self-sovereign body, consisting of interwoven layers of self-rule, knit together by an organic structure of interaction, consensus and cooperation. It will be clear, that with this concept of Community, the position of women - as its center - has changed in a most substantial way. Instead of being marginalized, they become the embodiment of Self-government.  

24. The men on the other hand, will find their New Identity - something men are desperately looking for nowadays - in serving the Whole. In serving, men are at their best. It corresponds with their "inherent nature". Through forgetting themselves, they will transcend their ego's. This time not as self-interest, but everything to the interest of the greater Whole. Ironically, many women have developed a patriarchal mind, while many men have become mother's children. By returning to their "true Self", these "abortive developments" should become corrected, obviously leaving plenty of space for both sexes, to freely choosing the role they want. 

25. To my understanding, empowerment of women will logarithmically increase, if they reclaim their central position in the Community, while the same is true for men, after they have discovered their inner need to serve. "Servants of the Whole" doesn't imply, that only minor jobs are given to the latter. On the contrary. Like in ancient times, in which the King/God used to be the executive of the Queen/Goddess, men should be able to occupy the highest positions. The difference with the past is, that they exercise power in the "Name of the Mother", while being controlled by the Community. Ironically, exactly because of men's alleged "inferiority" in many areas, men should deliberately be granted a symbolic surplus value - honor, influence, respect and position - in society, in order to balance the latter*.

* In Maoist China equality of the sexes was introduced. Within two decades it became clear, that women had become dominant in many areas of life...

In the Name of the Mother.

Empower yourself.

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