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MatriTalks 51


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. As you know, immigration is considered to be one of the major challenges of modern times. What is your opinion?

A. Those, who have no chance of becoming immigrants: the poor, the hungry, the sick, the exploited and above all the refugees, are in a much more deplorable situation.

Q. So, it is only because it touches our interests, that immigration is given so much attention.

A. Of course, everybody knows the real issue here. Peoples, who have been exploited by us for many centuries, now come to us and want their share of the cake. Can you blame them?

Q. Do you?

A. Well, our position is totally hypocritical. First of all, we exploit them. Then, because we want to extend our markets, we let them lust after our luxuries, by promoting our way of life on TV worldwide. Then, eventually, when they have been needled to such an extent, that they really want it, we are shutting the door to them.

Q. Isn't it so, that on the other hand, they were "invited" to come to the West, because we needed them?

A. We still need them. They have to work for an increasingly aging population. Moreover, because of being obsessed with material wealth, they are willing subjects to the system, at least, that is what we like to believe.

Q. Until September 11.

A. Yes, of course. Hatred toward the West, caused by the latter's ruthless exploitation, destroying local values, religions and cultures, has considerably spoiled the integration process. In this regard, the attitude of "amazement", asking "why the world hates us", is entirely hypocritical. In a secret US State Department document of 1948 or so (....), it is said, that "the whole world hates us because of our wealth".

Q. Which the latter extracted from the former.

A. The situation has only become much worse. In fact, the US for instance, is hardly productive anymore. They (and not only them) are entirely parasitic on cheap labor in the Third World.

Q. It is thus of no surprise....

A. Exactly.

Q. I suspect, the Mother could shine Her Light on this issue as well?

A. The Mother is shining Her Light on the entire existence.

Q. I mean in a more practical sense.

A. Oh, yes. Well, in this case "She sees only one solution": to Restore the Community as the basic foundation of life. In this regard, She knows to have the immigrants on Her side. All immigrants, from wherever they come, have a much more developed sense of community, than the West probably ever had. So, the former can become valuable fellow workers, in achieving the Mother's goal.

Q. Isn't it so, that many immigrants feel "community" as a burden. It is the individual freedom, that attracts them to come to the West?

A. They are not against community as such. Look at the manifold ways, immigrants are helping each other to set up businesses, for instance. What they don't want, is community life dominated by backward social control, superstition and corruption.

Q. The integration policy of several European countries is a disaster. How "would the Mother" bring about the necessary turning point?

A. The Mother is "absolutely outspoken" about this issue. First of all, how to integrate (immigrants), if we ourselves are not integrated? Our model of the state on the one hand and the unorganized crowd on the other, is an outcry. Individualism and materialism have eroded the structure of society. A collective self-addiction has paralyzed social renewal. In order to turn the tide the Mother - in Her concern about Her Web of Life - urgently recommends us to totally re-organize the socio-political order. Instead of being organized top-down, all efforts have to be made, to everything turning out all right. With other words: the Community should reclaim its position as Self-sovereign Body, consisting of multi-layer levels of democratically organized entities, all cooperating with each other.

Q. What difference would this make, with regard to successfully integrate minorities?

A. The natural socio-political order, as I call it, is based on the principles of cooperation, consensus, solidarity and subsidiarity. Majority vote e.g. rule should be skipped altogether. It is a cause of discrimination and misbalance of society. The natural order on the other hand, facilitates the integration of everybody involved*, locals and immigrants alike. They have to sit at one table, listening to each other, discussing the things together, making decisions together, sharing common interests. It starts with the street-council. Decisions can only be made by consensus, hence, everybody is "forced" to cooperate, to the benefit of all. The same is true for the district-council, the commune-council etc. Obviously, it requires forerunners to start with. Then, after some experiments, people begin to feel the difference themselves. Slowly, it dawns to them, that their opinion, effort or participation matters. It strengthens their sense of commitment and responsibility. A sense of rebirth penetrates society; new energy curing the collective burn-out syndrome. It is a confirmation of what many people intuitively know, namely that only an interactive Self-ruling Community, once having regained its legitimate rights, can heal society.

* See MatriTalk 56 "Democracy"

Q. If this is not going to happen, what will be the outcome?

A. Either the state holding its own citizens hostage, or utter chaos, I am afraid. Both very undesirable developments, indeed.

With the Mother smiling at us.

She is wonderful.

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