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Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. May I start with a joke? The joke is, that every "beginning religion" needs some miracles, this in order to convince people of its inherent power. Even Jesus felt the need of doing this. Is this the reason of putting "Miracles" on the agenda?

A. Miracles happen all the time. Thus, miracles as such are not a very interesting topic. How can we become receptive to them, that is the real exciting thing.

Q. You mean it depends on us, not on a particular phenomenon?

A. That's right. Look, it may sound like a cliche, but the fact, that we are sitting here, talking with each other, is a miracle. If you think it is not, then you only prove how blunted you have become.

Q.  People will say, that this is only true theoretically; in practice this can be rarely felt, though.

A. That is exactly what I mean. You know, there are miracles from without and from within. Those from without are events, things that may look impressive - like Jesus walking on the water - but which are of little value. Those from within though have transformative power. 

Q.  Like being healed for instance?

A. The secret is this: the more you empty yourself, the greater the possibility of miracles. It is like the Zen tea cup. The master pouring tea, until it starts flowing over the edge. "Stop", the disciple shouts. "It is like your mind", the master answers. "Like the cup it is full, hence, nothing can be poured in". The reason why "only a few" miracles happen, is that people are totally full (of themselves).

Q. What would be your suggestion?

A. It is all about expanding you receptivity. In this regard four types of miracles can be distinguished. First of all there are "miracles of surrender".  Surrendering your entire Being holds the greatest promise. This is only possible toward the "object" of ultimate veneration and worship. For one person this will be Jesus, another Buddha, for a third The Great Mother. Emptying yourself (consciously) into the Mother is of course preferable (laughter), because Her Reality is Emptiness, after all. The more Empty the Ultimate, the more It can give....It requires unconditionally entrusting yourself.  

Q. You mean, that the more an image represents Reality, the more "it is going to work?"

A. The more a certain image is in accordance with Reality As It Is, the more powerful it will be. Addressing yourself to a "derivative" (of Reality) or to Reality Itself, obviously makes a "heaven of a difference". Moreover, the more total your surrender, the more total is the Grace bestowed upon you. Everything should be in harmony with your own Being, though. If you love Jesus above all, then "Jesus is your man".   

Q. Some people just don't feel like "surrendering". What ways will there be open to them?

A. The second way includes "miracles of being". Let me give the example of walking through the park. You can do this in two ways. The "normal" way is walking as usual. Your awareness (something that you even may not know of) is constantly "in thoughts". The consequence is, that there will be always a "cloud" between you and the trees. You never see the trees as they "really are".  If, on the other hand, you relax by starting to feel your feet while walking, to such an extent, that bodily (feeling) contact is emerging between you and your direct surroundings, while simultaneously discovering, that a "direct perception" is born between you and the trees, then you have restored your "original nature". Slowly the cloud of thoughts disappears and moments of direct contact between you and the tree are established. For the first time you see the tree "as he really is". Indeed a miracle!

Q.  Why is this a miracle?

A. A miracle can be defined as the breakthrough of Reality into your everyday life. Its effect is accordingly. Seeing the tree as he is really is, is a moment of bliss.

Q.  If you are neither a surrendering person nor a meditator, what possibilities are left for you, to have a chance of experiencing miracles?

A. The third way is the "miracle of asking". If you truly believe, that the Mother is the Origin of everything, including yourself, then She can grant any Grace upon you. The Mother always tends to fill in any "weak spot" in Her Web of Life. It is Her function of continuously balancing it. Accumulations will be broken down, while spots in destitute will be provided with what they need.  The crucial thing here is, that you have to become aware of your real need. Superficial needs, those that arise out of ignorance, slothfulness, greed, laziness, escapism or otherwise do not correspond with the reality of the Web. In that case they will not be granted. Hence, the necessity of going to the depth of your need. For instance, "under" your need for happiness, there may be the need for recognition; in its turn this may be a symptom of a lack of inner strength. Decisive is, that you only express the true nature of your need, in this case your need for inner strength. From that moment on, you implore, beg, ask and hope with all your heart.

Q. It really gives one the confidence, that asking is not "stupid" or "naiv", but that there is a solid "logic" behind it.

A. Go to the depth of your need, ask the Mother to fulfill it and persist. Sooner or later, She is going to give you what you need. What not necessarily needs to correspond with what you are asking for....

Q. At last, I think "everybody" is curious about the fourth way. Would you please elaborate on it?

A. The fourth way is the "miracle of giving". This way is most easily to understand. Isn't it so, that the more you give, the more you create empty space for the Ultimate to bestow its Grace on you?   

Praise the greatest miracle: The Great Mother

Okay for today?

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