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Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Today, I would like to ask about your opinions/experiences with homosexuality. The latter having achieved a permanent position in society, after all.

A. Everybody is bi-sexual. It depends on your unconscious e.g. conscious choice, with which part you decide to identify. I personally have chosen the Hetero way, hence this is the only talk, based on observation, not experience. So, if any Homo thinks, that I am saying non-sense here, please let him or her react and tell me I am wrong.

Q. What are the determining factors of such a choice?

A. To me, homosexuality seems to be a path of life, in which somebody seeks self-confirmation. Obviously, this inner need is not limited to gays and lesbians only. In fact, almost everybody has that urge. The difference with Homo's is, that the latter seek it through choosing an equal sexual partner.

Q. Please, go on.

A. It seems to me, that a deep insecurity about self-identity lies at the foundation of this choice. Hence, the need to start with the physical. By seeking empowerment in a most fundamental way - intimacy and sex - insecurities can be more easily overcome.

Q. Where does this lack of identity comes from?

A. Again, weakness of identity is not limited to homosexuality only. The majority of the population is suffering from it. The uniqueness of being a Homo is, that you seek to solve your problem through choosing someone of your own sex. Both Homo's and Hetero's suffer from trauma's in early childhood. The process of ego-formation depends on a successful identification with both parents. Obviously, many things can go wrong in this regard. Especially extreme situations, like absence of one of the parents or the opposite: dominance of one parent, leads to suppression of growth. Which is not even always interpreted as negative. Quite a few Homo's for instance, have a (very) loving relationship with their mother, despite the fact, that this (dominant) love has hindered them to further developing.

Q. These causes are not specific though, like you said. It is the solution to the problem, which determines, if someone becomes a Hetero or a Homo. Am I right?

A. Homo's and lesbians have been making the "courageous" choice to re-built their identity from scratch. In order to achieve this, you need a partner of your own gender. The desire deep down is, that with the help of such a partner, you may overcome your weakness. Ultimately, the driving force is to become freed of your limitations. It is the longing for freedom, which is the underlying passion of homosexuality.

Q. While the Hetero-relationship is based on the longing for security?

A.  That is a daring statement indeed. There could certainly be a (big) truth in it.

Q. What is the inherent "aim" of homosexuality?

A. The value of life lies in its surplus value. Weakness has to be transformed into empowerment. Deep down, people are striving for transcendence. The underlying driving force is re-uniting with the Ultimate. Here the sexual and the spiritual meet. A successful Homo way can be recognized through its surplus value. It is its very goal. These are the people, who are envied by Hetero's. They are the one's, who are more than average talented. More sensitive, more social abilities, "courteous", (very) creative, feeling for beauty or the opposite: liberated, free of social conventions, daring, wild, while celebrating life without limitation. Obviously, like in Hetero-life, not everybody manages to become successful...

Q. Could this be one of the reasons, why the church has always be against Homo's? Simply, because they were afraid of the freedom these people may spread around?

A. Think in this regard of the yearly Gay Parades held in major European cities. Watch both the participants and the spectators.

Q. Would the Mother represent a different attitude?

A. The role the Mother could have for Homo's and Lesbians is considerable. First of all, She is All-Embracing. That means, that, despite a disturbed growth in childhood, people may still take refuge in the Eternal Mother. The damage, inflicted by biological parents can not be undone by them. Once you are grown-up, this chance has gone. The Mother, on the contrary, is Eternal and always available. To Her past, present and future are the same. She can heal all your wounds. Furthermore, the Mother is life-affirmative, exactly the thing Homo's are searching for (and not only Homo's of course). She is the cause of death, rebirth and interconnectedness, after all. From ancient time, She has been the protector of nature, fertility, love and sex, without limitation, "promoting" lust of life, pleasure, joy and celebration. Hence, the adverse reaction of patriarchy. The latter's main motto: curb the freedom of love, sex and women!

Q. Something the church has continued to support until this very day?

A. Absolutely. The accusation of the church toward Homo's - "degrading love through sex" - is entirely hypocritical. They themselves only allow sexual "love", if it serves procreation, which is a degradation of love "as well". Sex without procreation is "horrifying" the church, hence, they detest homosexuality. The Mother on the other hand, is not in favor of monogamy as the only way of partnership. It has been an instrument of patriarchal oppression for too a long time. (She is also not against it, if people consciously choose it). She is in favor of freedom of relationship. Love and sex should be liberating, to the benefit of all.   

A. In this regard, the Mother doesn't distinguish between Homo's and Hetero's, I assume.

A. The Mother is All-Inclusive and all people are Her children, without exception. From the first moment you start realizing this, life becomes a celebration. Celebrating the Mother and life is the same thing.

Let's all sing and dance for the Mother.


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