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MatriTalks 18


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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Great Mother Cosmogony. Everything:
The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe
(green) is born out of Her (black), while
returning in the self-same Eternal Moment.

Q. The title of this talk intrigues me. Why putting "Mother & Sons" in the center of your attention, while obviously being very much in favor of a Feminine World View?

A. The chance for implementing a Feminine World View is very much depending on whether "the sons" are going to support it.

Q. In your earlier writings, you classify the existing "great" religions as "Sons of the Mother". In which way this could offer a perspective for the future?

A. Male identity is built on denial of the mother. This can be observed on various levels. In the psychological realm, the male has to separate himself from the mother in order to become a boy. In history patriarchal religions have established themselves at the expense of the Mother Religions.  

Q. The ego has to deny the mother in order to exist? Is that what you mean?

A. The greatest fear of the (male) ego is to fall back into the primordial "chaos" of the Womb. Hence, the latent enmity (conscious or unconscious) of males toward the mother figure, eventually projected into females in general.

Q. Thus this is explaining a lot...

A. There are three types of male ego-attitudes toward the mother. First of all, there is the "normal" development as described above. It is resulting in an ambivalent (hate-love) relationship with the mother. Secondly, there is a development based on an inferiority complex. This is resulting, either in a life long "mother child", a weak adult who still feels dominated by the mother or in its opposite: a male, who is overcompensating his weakness by blowing himself up. (The latter often become macho's or dictators). Thirdly, a hypothetical possibility is that of a child, that has been supported in preserving its Inner Light. In such a case "fear of Nothingness" will not be there, resulting in a harmonious relationship between the boy and his mother.

Q. Would you suggest, that these examples find their parallel in the origination of the current religions as well?

A. Absolutely. The "great religions" were (are) a reaction against the dominance of the Mother. In order to establish themselves they had to suppress Her. It explains the ambiguous attitude of these religions toward femininity. On the one hand they deny, oppress etc. it, on the other hand they cannot exist without. Some religions deny Her totally, while others have preserved some distorted image of Her (Mary), in order not to upset their believers.

Q. The Great Mother will not be altogether happy with this situation.

A. One main reason why the Mother has intervened right now, is Her concern for the future of religion as a whole.

Q. On the other hand, these are patriarchal religions, the ones that have put Her aside. These religions don't recognize Her. They all worship a male God.

A. The Mother is not at all against worshipping God. The revolutionary thing is, that She is beyond God. "Not God created the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness (the Cosmic Womb) is continuously giving birth to both the Divine and the world". Through emptying Herself in Her inconceivable Bottomlessness, the Divine is born out of Her, while the visible world is born out of the Divine. All continuously return to the Mother. It is through the nature of the Vacuum, that the dynamics of birth and death can be understood, revealing the core mystery of life....Thus, you can imagine Reality consisting of three parallel "layers": The Vacuum (Essence of the Mother); the Divine (Her Light Body) and the visible world (Her Material Body). The Divine as Her Light Body is Her Eternal "Son".* Thus, by worshipping "God", people in fact are worshipping the Light Body of the Great Mother. This breakthrough in religious understanding is the beginning of A New Era. Moreover, it is the main reason, why the Mother is concerned about the increasing intolerance among the religions. They all seem to have their own "God". For instance Christians are claiming that their "God" is the "God of the Bible". This is a contradiction in itself. How can God be possessed by a book, however sacred? It is impossible. God cannot be possessed by anybody. He exceeds every description, limitation etc. Hence, the Mother being "Unity in diversity", emphasizing, that there is only One God, being Her Divine Son.   

* "God the Father" turns out to be the Son...  

Q. This is dazzling me a little. Are you, through the backdoor of the Mother, encouraging people to remain loyal to the existing religions?

A. The main characteristic of the Mother is, that She is All-Embracing, without exception. Like earthly mothers, She is deeply concerned about the fate of the world in general and that of spirituality e.g. religion in particular. Hence, Her call to everybody involved, to acknowledge the fact, that there are different ways toward the Ultimate, each of equal value. Religions should develop friendship among each other. It is a main concern of every mother, that her sons have peace. Obviously, the inclusiveness of the Mother doesn't limit itself to the "great" religions only. The Mother is cherishing, promoting and protecting all spiritual/religious initiatives, groups, "sects" and organizations, regardless their belief, spiritual orientation, practices etc., whether they recognize Her or not. She loves all people indiscriminately. Hence, the Mother being truly "Unity in Diversity".

Q. Are there particular ways, through which the Mother is going to bring the religions together?

A. First of all, it should be emphasized, that the Mother-Son relationship is a very ancient one. It stems from the time of the Great Mother religion, in which the Mother/Goddess/Queen used to have a Son/Lover/King, the latter representing the Vegetation God. Thus, Mother-Son symbolism is not an invention of patriarchy...On the other hand, this primordial relationship between Mother and Child could be equally described as one between Mother and Daughter, which obviously should be leading to the demand for total rehabilitation of women in the realm of religion (and not only there).

Q. Please, go on.

A. The main task of the Mother is to call Her Sons - the existing religions - to come Home*. They are invited to look at the mechanism, through which they became alienated from their Origin. As described above, their move "toward independence" was one based on "fear of Nothingness" e.g. the Mother. They had to pay a high price for it. Not only, that their existential fear has not disappeared, but also with regard to the increasing fear of their own irrelevance. Religions, like people, are becoming increasingly uprooted. They cannot offer a home to people, because they are lacking a Home themselves. It is the Feminine Principle, that is lacking! The latter including inclusiveness, warmth, wholeness, interconnectedness, acceptance, compassion and love, something the "Father" has never been able to offer.

* The biblical parable of "the son who was lost" can be traced back to pre-Christian times. In fact, it was a mother with her unconditional motherly love, who joyfully welcomed her son.

Q. Please, go on.

A. In particular, the Mother is calling Her Sons to face their own "fear of Nothingness". She wants to make them aware of the fact, that in the Depth of Her Womb "death" is transformed into "rebirth". Up to this very moment, religions are a collective attempt not to be confronted by the Ultimate. Religion as an attempt to escape from the Divine...However, once reconciled with the Origin, the existing religions will relax by eventually becoming themselves.

Q. What perspective could this offer to believers of the existing "great" religions?

A. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Taoists, Buddhists, members of an Indigenous Religion, a New Age Sect or whatever spiritual/religious group you should be adhering to, all keep your own belief and practices. The only difference is, that you acknowledge the Mother to be the Ultimate Reality, as the Source from which all religions are emerging. I call this "Mother Worship" or "The Original Great Mother Tradition". So, you may very well worship both "God" and the Mother. In fact, large parts of believers of various religions do practice some form of worshipping the Eternal Feminine already. In the Catholic Church Mary is called "Mother of God" and "Queen of Heaven"; in Buddhism Kuan Yin has larger groups of followers than the Buddha has; in India the Mother Goddess (Matri Devi), together with her secondaries like Durga, Kali, Laxmi etc., besides the local village goddesses, occupy a central position in the Hindu pantheon already, in Taoism there is a notion of the Tao as the Eternal Mother...

Q. A Silent Revolution?

A. Once people start recognizing the Mother as Ultimate Reality, the Mother will save them.

(Original meaning is "Womb")

Hail to the Womb!

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