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MatriTalks 16


Questions & Answers
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Creativity is usually perceived as "positive". Despite that I could imagine, that the "Great Mother" would have a different opinion though. Especially with regard to areas like science and technology, there are obviously shadow parts. Could you elaborate?

A. In order to understand a little more about these very complex topics, let's first go back to the mind. This is the realm, where it is all happening, after all.

Q. The mind as the site of intelligence?

A. Well, you would presume, that "intelligence" would be at the foundation of science and technology. This is certainly true with regard the formal e.g. cognitive thought processes, the methodologies and the techniques.

Q. But isn't that, where it is all about?

A. Science is more than that. What I would like to elaborate is its underlying "motivation". What is the engine behind it? Would this also be as "transparent" as the work-out?

Q. Scientists usually are very proud of their rational and controlled approach.

A. I have to disappoint you in this regard. To put it bluntly: science and technology are generally based on an obsessive and compulsive underlying driving force. 

Q. But aren't its achievements very often a highlight in creativity? Take a jumbo-jet, a chip or the latest computer.

A. Undoubtedly, the results are often impressive. We shouldn't look at the results only though, but also at the underlying mechanism. The nuclear bomb is a fantastic scientific achievement. Nevertheless, it has become a curse, rather than a benediction.

Q. I would like to understand more about the mind.

A. Okay, then. The "normal", common mind is a slave of its impulses. This means, that you are taken in tow by every thought, emotion and desire. Or worse: you don't even know that you are dominated by them. This being part of your thinking world is called "ignorance". Only after becoming aware - stepping back within, creating an inner distance between you and your thinking -  by discovering your true center of identity - your inner observer - you realize freedom toward your processes: I am "here" and my thoughts etc. are "there".

Q. What consequence has this with regard to"intelligence". Apparently, you may invent the most fantastic tool through what you call a "normal" (unaware) mind.

A. What I mean by compulsion doesn't relate to the content (ideas, concepts, conclusions) of the mind, but to its underlying process. It is the drive beyond, that is crucial here. Without awareness one thought triggers the next. It is an automatic process. The only "body" that may interfere (judge, comment, reflect) is your reflection. However, the reflection turns out to be a (conditioned!) part of your thinking as well. It is biased by the past. Moreover, reflection always comes after thoughts have been coming up. It is never simultaneous. Hence, there is no any "authority" outside of your thinking, that has a neutral, immediate and impartial control e.g. overview over the process. On the contrary, the processes are largely autonomous, having all the power. 

Q. This is a very Faustian view on the matter. Once the processes have been released from the box of Pandora, they prove to be unstoppable.

A. There are three major compulsory mechanisms involved. First of all in the area of science. Once a certain "fact" is found, this "has to be" followed by verifying, a new hypothesis or new research. One step inevitably implies another. It is a chain reaction in which "one question raises the next". Within the process questions may be asked; the process itself cannot  be questioned though. It would interfere with the "freedom of science". Everything has to go on continuously, often "at all costs". Very few people understand, that the underlying process is a compulsive one, in which one doesn't have a choice, but going on.

Q. This looks a reasonable interpretation of what is going on down there. What is the next mechanism?

A. Once a certain scientific result has been published, technology has to apply it. If not, then the invention wouldn't make sense. Technology has to give science its justification (and vice versa). Thus two major compulsive-addictive systems become hopelessly interwoven. Because everything is one huge "chain reaction", nobody is able to interfere. Everything has become part of the "mega-machine".

Q. Yet, one part is missing.

A. In order for the system to work, finances have to be raised in order to put technology into practice, which of course is its ultimate aim. They want to see their things working. Because the stream of "inventions" is constantly flowing into society, the financial-economic system has to be thus, that it creates an uninterrupted surplus money ("profit"), which enables them to continuously invest in "new things" (Hence, the obsessive emphasis on what is "new"). Therefore, capitalism is a system, which "has to expand in order to survive".  This it is doing by finding "new markets" all the time, destroying nature, indigenous peoples, non-western cultures and societies and eventually the earth itself.

Q. I remember a book I once read. It was written by prof.E.Vermeersch. He is calling the mega-machine the "STC" (science-technology-capitalism) complex.

A. Obviously, the Great Mother is not altogether happy with this development. Hasn't humankind separated itself from Her original "Web of Life?". This is where "alienation" is all about. Its main incentive is to copy (and surpass!) the natural world, by replacing it by an artificial one. The driving force behind is the greatest obsession of all: the fear of men (patriarchy) of the natural world, something that is related to the fear of being overwhelmed by the feminine. Nor surprisingly thus, that from "the very beginning" nature has been the enemy of men. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously, men are purposely destroying the world of the Mother.

Q. How is "the Mother going to solve this problem?"

A. Be sure, that "the Mother is horrified by the developments". That's one reason, why She has interfered, after all. Do you remember? The dynamics of the Great Mother are reflected in Her Law of the Universe, which consists of death, rebirth and Her "Web of Life". Every development that exceeds a certain limit, in a sense, that the "tolerance" of the Vacuum has reached its boundaries, the Womb (Emptiness) will start destroying it.  

Q. Does that mean, that modernity has reached its limits?

A. The Mother is giving new hope to those, who realize, that mankind is at the beginning of A New Era. The price we have to pay, is the breakdown of the old. Since the existing system has proven to be suicidal, we have to joyfully cooperate with the Mother's effort to regenerate the culture. It consists of "dying to the old", while becoming reborn. Only those, who have trust in the Mother, will be able to voluntarily making such a step. Only those, who are giving themselves (their ego's) up, "will be saved".

Q. When humankind has gone through its ordeal, how will The New Era look like.

A. People will be striving to live in harmony with the Mother's Law of the Universe. They will try to introduce Her principle of "dynamic balance" in every area of life. For science, technology and economics it would mean, that rather than being a "cancer growth", they have to become part of the Whole again, which means, that they not only will exercise restraint from within, but also that they will be controlled by the spiritual-political principles of the democratically organized and sovereign community.

The Mother destroys, the Mother saves.

Praise the Mother!

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