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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Q. Nowadays, "healing" is a very flexible concept. It ranges from physical to planetary healing. You talk about "Mother Healing". I wonder, where it can be positioned.

A. What you say, reflects the awareness people have of the seriousness of the situation. Sickness has penetrated all layers of society, from the individual to the earth. Despite (heroic) efforts of many people all over the globe, disease is rapidly spreading. It indicates, that we have to look for more fundamental approaches.

Q. The causes may be very different though. Disease in the Third World and in the affluent societies, have a very different character. Wouldn't that mean, that different strategies are needed?

A. The problems of hunger, poverty, social disintegration, deficiencies, infectious diseases, poor hygiene etc. are clearly related to the dominant socio-economic system, imposed by the West. Politics should bring a solution here. However, even in this case nothing will happen, if not first the minds and the hearts of the people - us - will undergo fundamental change. If not, the course of events will (soon) teach us a hard lesson.    

Q. You mean, you have to start from the beginning?

A. We in the West have the luxury to do so. It is giving us an extra responsibility to do our utmost.

Q. Paying attention to the spiritual aspect of healing?

A. The spiritual cause of disease is not to live in harmony with the Mother and Her Law of the Universe: the dynamic balance between death, rebirth and interconnectedness.

Q. Could you elaborate?

A. Over the centuries, we have alienated ourselves from our Source. In the Source we "die", while being reborn. An ego that cannot return to its Homeland anymore, has no choice but blowing itself up. Lacking "Being" it starts taking refuge in "having". "Having is the inability to Be".  Because the "Real Thing" is missing, you start identifying with the compensatory world of thoughts, emotions and desires. 

Q. I once have heard somebody saying: being cut off from the Essence is angst. Angst is separating us from life, love and laughter.

A.  Once disconnected, a "chain reaction" of most undesirable processes is set into motion. First of all, to "be thrown upon yourself" is a condition of increasingly withering away. Loneliness and fear are the outcome of it. Moreover, because of your inability to "die", you prevent yourself from being reborn. Instead of continuous regeneration, you increasingly become fixed to a certain pattern. The underlying force is fear of death. You start clinging to all kinds of substitutes e.g. securities. Old things - spiritually (ego), psychologically (suppressed emotions) and physically (waste products and toxins) - start piling up. At the end you suffocate in your own accumulations.

Q. Sickness, because of having too much?

A. Too little of Being, too much of having.

Q. Is this enough for a proper diagnosis?

A. Self-centeredness, materialism and individualism are all sides of the same coin. It is the downward spiral we are in nowadays. They can be related to one common cause: being cut off from the Source. In order to heal ourselves, we have to reconnect. Which consists of complying with the Mother and Her Law of the Universe, including the following steps: To surrender to the Mother; to die to the old; the birth of a New Self, while fitting in into "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again.

Q. What distinguishes "Mother Healing" from other kinds of healing?

A. The "reason", that the Mother has returned in a critical time like ours, is not "accidental". While the Divine, as we have known it during the centuries, was (is) "only a secondary Deity" - the Son of the Mother - the Mother on the other hand represents the Ultimate Reality. That means that "for the first time", we are able to directly connect to the Source Itself, rather than to a "derivative". The "good news" is, that She made the Full Power of the Beyond available to us. Something we desperately need nowadays. It is really because of the Mother's Unlimited Compassion, that we are granted such an immeasurable Grace.

Q. Which might open a totally new perspective to countless people in need.

A.  Usually, it depends on our degree of suffering. Only, if all other options have been exhausted, then we would think of surrendering to the Great Mother.

Q. Well, with the crowds of burn-out people nowadays, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

A. The entire culture has burnt-out. Both individuals and institutions have exceeded the limits of ego-ambition ("overstretching"). Both are imploding now. From a spiritual perspective, this is a turning point. Why? Because what has burnt-out, proves to be your periphery only: body, mind and soul. What is left (untouched) is the Spirit, your true Self. Because your vital substance has gone, resulting in fatigue, exhaustion, depression, irritability, isolation and fear - nothing left to cling to - the only option left, is to take refuge in the Source, Something we call the Great Mother.

Q. Thus, you should be happy with your burn-out?

A. In the current circumstances, it is increasingly difficult "to survive through self-effort". Hence, you welcome the Mother's interference with gratitude.  Once you acknowledge your helplessness, you start searching for support. Maybe you come across "inner prayer". That would be an excellent starting point indeed. The second step could become "Mother Healing". 

Q.  Could I try the Healing myself?

A. The crucial thing is, that in order to be "effective", you have to come to a point, at which your surrender to the Mother has to be unconditional. Only when you hand in yourself totally, in such a way that She has full disposal of you, only then can She do Her beneficial work. The secret is, that once you surrender to Her Emptiness, She will grant you Her Light Body*. Her Cosmic Womb being the Source of all regeneration. You may try it yourself. Wouldn't you want to lay on the sofa?

* As said earlier: The Vacuum is the Essence of the Mother, the Divine is Her Light Body emerging out of Her, while the universe - Her Material Body - is emerging out of the Divine. Thus by giving back your ignorance, addictions, identifications, ego - "dying" -  to Her Womb, Her Light Body will be granted to you. It is the ultimate healing.

Q. Yes, okay.

A. Generally, the time between waking and sleeping is the best, e.g. the transition of light into darkness. Darkness symbolizes the Great Mother, hence, the moments in bed in the evening are sacred. To create a similar situation, I will close the curtains, while you are closing your eyes.

Q. (Silence).

A. Please relax, while feeling your back in contact with the mattress. Watch and feel. Now, there should be a combination of desperation on the one hand and longing for Wholeness on the other. Try to visualize/feel this. Become aware, what kind of benefit you want to ask from the Great Mother. Feel Her Omni-Presence in and around you. Subsequently, you realize the true Nature of Her healing power, being "death and rebirth". You become acutely aware of the fact, that only giving yourself in, to "die" in Her arms will be able to bring about the desired transformation. Only if you hand yourself in, She will be able to do Her beneficial Work: breaking down of all sickness, while renewing your entire system: spirit, soul and body. Then, without any hesitation, you surrender yourself totally to Her, by whispering: "Here, Mother I am. I surrender unconditionally to You. Please, take me in Your arms. Heal me!" The more you really feel yourself dissolving - of course, always while watching! - the more total your surrender.

Q. (Silence. After a while).

A. Can you tell me what is happening to you?

Q. I feel like I am merged in another dimension. It is a condition of timelessness and limitlessness. It feels warm and comfortable. My mind is only functioning on a very elementary level, while my bodily feelings have intensified. There is clarity in and around me.

A. Good, this is all you need for the moment. Enjoy your condition. Take "your time". After you decide to stop, please give me a small sign.

Q. (After some ten minutes: the sign).

A. Okay, open your eyes gently, rub your face, breath in a couple of times and move your arms.

Q. Well, it is a little difficult to immediately say something.

A. There are variations to the same "exercise". For instance, you may feel parts of the body rather than the totality, those which are troubling you most, e.g. your belly, chest, genitals etc. "Bring" your breathing to these regions and feel it there ("pulsing"). Then you surrender these regions to the Mother, one by one. It is especially good for those, who have real trouble zones. Additionally, you may put your hand on the particular region. It usually intensifies the sensation of the breathing, which in turn facilitates your surrendering.

Q. It is not for doing once, I suppose.

A. There are different "strategies". Hoping for a miracle is certainly an option. In such a case, you prepare yourself for one session only. You have to take several weeks for that, for building hope, expectation, intensity and total surrender. However, this would contain the risk of "failure". In most cases, it would be more wise to spread the sessions over a longer period of time. The advice is: never give it up! You don't know the wisdom of the Mother. Leave it to Her, when and how She wants to interfere with your life.

Q. It certainly has an appeal to me. I will let you know about the follow-ups.

A. Apart from that, the Mother has granted us some additional healing methods as well, some of which you may apply simultaneously. These methods are: Great Mother Mantra: whispering "Death" while breathing out and "Rebirth" while breathing in, Mother Stone Healing (Chinese Guasha-therapy*), Laying on of Hands, Emotional self-integration and the Personal Health Plan.


May the Mother heal you, so help you the Mother!

Great Mother Prayer
O, Great Mother
Mother of God and the universe
In Your Cosmic Womb
I direly want to die to the old
Grant me rebirth of my True Self
The Inner Light
Give me the power to subsequently
Become part of the Whole once again:
Heaven, earth and the (new) community

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