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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


Q. Lately you started talking about the "Great Mother". What is the content of your new teaching?

A. In these most desperate of times a turning point makes itself felt. The old paradigms - norms and values - are being broken down in order to give way to A New Era.

Q. Always when things seem most hopeless, then...?

A. When everything is broken down, the New can only come from the Source. Hence, the criterion is that it is truly a Renewal, coming totally unforeseen and that nobody - no human being - could have invented it.

Q. So it doesn't fit into the existing spiritual systems?

A. Every (wo)man-made renewal takes the existing situation as a starting point. The next step in some way is always a continuation of the previous. An Intervention by the Ultimate, however, comes from a totally different dimension, in our case from the deepest possible.

Q. Are you saying, that your teaching is based on Divine Revelation?

A. Divine Revelation is usually understood as coming from "God". However, in my case, even after having "arrived" (Enlightenment), I knew, that this is still not the Ultimate. Hence, I continued my search.

Q. Isn't this contradicting reality, in which almost all teachers of past and present emphasize Enlightenment as the Ultimate Realization?

A. The deeper your Realization the more your testimony will be according to the Truth.

Q. What can there be beyond Enlightenment?

A. Nothing.

Q. What do you mean?

A. I mean that Nothing Is.

Q. Well, to be honest, I have not attained, so this is difficult for me to follow.

A. So there is still hope for you! (laughter)

Q. I don't understand.

A. Spiritual growth is a process of "dying to the old". Every time you reach a new level, the old has disappeared into it. Therefore, no level is absolute. The Essence of Consciousness proves to be bottomlessness.

Q. My God, it dazzles me a little.

A. "God" is very dazzling indeed.

Q. Could you give me some time?

A. The ultimate step is to overcome your fear of Nothingness.

Q. I feel it, I feel it very deeply. It is frightening and fascinating, light and gloomy at the same time.

A. Please, close your eyes, become the observer and watch the abyss.

Q. It frightens me.

A. Stick gently but firmly to your watching (it helps if you simultaneously feel your legs in contact with the floor) and trust your inner environment.

Q. My watching is light, while the energy field in front of me is dark.

A. Imagine that what is surrounding you is like a protecting womb, something you can trust.

Q. Yes, I feel what you mean. What should I do now?

A. Nothing, just continue to feel comfortable.


Q. In the mean time everything has become a lot quieter.

A. Can you describe your condition?

Q. Both my watching and the energy field have become transparent. At some moments both seemed to have fused into one. I feel a great relief, a subtle joy really.

A. Good, very good indeed.

Q. Although I feel fine now, my original question remains. Did I experience the Great Mother?

A. No, not at all. The value of what you felt lies in the taste you got of being confronted with the unknown.

Q. So you made fun of me...(laughter)

A. You can only go as far as you are.

Q. To be honest, there is a certain restlessness about something I apparently still have no idea of.

A. That "no idea of" ultimately is the Great Mother. It is the Ultimate Bottomlessness, Something you cannot grasp nor attain. She is beyond every Realization.

Q. That sounds pretty much abstract and on a distance.

A. On the contrary, She is the Absolute Emptiness, the Void, that pervades everything without exception.

Q. What hope is there for me, I mean will I ever know Her?

A. How do you live with Something, Which is closer to you than your own skin?

Q. I know this might sound "offensive" to you, but what are the gains of "knowing the Great Mother?"

A. What are the gains for the Great Mother in knowing you (laughing)?

Q. Please, be serious.

A. She is the Cosmic Womb, the All-Embracing One, the One Who turns death into rebirth, while offering the Newborn Self the opportunity of becoming part of Her Web of Life.

Q. Is that what you mean by: "Surrendering to Her frees you of your existential fear?"

A. Wouldn't that be enough already?

Okay for today?

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