"Vision of A New Culture"
The Great Learning

The Master

The Master archetype is one among the highest levels
of the Divine in its manifestation on earth

Karl Graf Dürckheim

The "Master" has fallen into discredit

Han Marie Stiekema

The difference between what it should be and what it
shows to be has become almost unbearable.
In the media even voices a'mount to install a
"quality control" for guru's.  

In order to prevent bureaucrates to interfere in the sacred
space of spirituality, I will try to summarize what
I consider to be minimal requirements for
being a guru.

This has nothing to do with feeling superior. On the contrary,
I am the first who almost daily scrutinize my attitude and
behavior according to the same standards, always realizing
the serious predicament I am in.

Moreover, I am cordialy inviting anybody who disagrees
with me to become engaged in a honest and open
dialogue about the matter.


1. ...and even when you are a great Master (with
many disciples), but you aren't Love...

2. A Master should at all times be willing to give an account of his position, by being open about
himself*, the details of his realization, his
calling, aims, trials and tribulations,
his weaknesses.

3. A Master should have integrated major aspects
of his shadow, his feminine (masculine)
parts and be fully aware of setbacks
e.g. the danger of projection.

4. A Master should have realized the notion of
the bottomlessness of existence. Hence, he will never
identify himself with any plane of Consciousness whatsoever, but rather have a devotional
attitude towards the Ultimate.

5. A Master will never derive any authority from
his level of self-realization.

6. A Master should have restored the unity with
Heaven, earth and the community.

7. A Master may use many concepts, methods or techniques in transmitting the Truth to his
followers. However, he will never impose
any system e.g. philosophy on them.

8. Obedience, loyalty or commitment will
only be exercised toward the
follower's own true Self.

9. A Master is unconditionally embracing
existence and the servant of all sentient
and non-sentient beings.

10. A Master should be continuously "dying
to the old" purifying himself, besides always
publicly repenting his wrongdoings. 

11. A Master should have reconciled himself
with his (the) mother (Mother).

* He/him can be read as she/her.
See also: Women and menSpiritual pathology and Non-duality


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Last revising: 12/13/04