"Vision of A New Culture"
The Great Learning



Doing what has to be done

To be in the Here and Now

Washing the dishes

To achieve the impossible

It is like it is

To encourage others in achieving their mission

To fit in in Heaven, earth and the community

To spread the "good news" of the Great Mother,
Her Law of the universe and Her Message

To be yourSelf connected

A joyous life

To develop discipline

Accepting everything without exception

Gratitude, selflessness and sharing

No expections, nor being fixed on results

Taking one's own needs seriously

Long term no-effort effort

To surrender to the Great Mother

Embracing weaknesses, "negativity" and shortcomings

Loving kindness

To lead a simple life

Praying for strength

To love the ego

To guard the "inner treasure"

To be gentle

Continuously dying to the old

Restoring the Original Wholeness

Turning fear into trust

Praising the Great Mother

To be unconditionally available

Not having any notion of any mission



  2003 Copyright Han Marie Stiekema
Last revising: 12/13/04