To begin with yourself

top climate scientist warns we only have a decade
to save the planet"

                                                       The Independent, British newspaper (Frontpage, 15 September 2006)

"It's too late to stop climate change, that's for sure, but we can still
influence the degree of changes and the degree of impacts.
We can prepare for a softer landing"

                                                        Dr. Hermann Ott, Wuppertal Institute (Spiegel Magazine, 18 February, 2005)

"To have is the inability to Be"

              Han Marie Stiekema

The arctic ice cap with a size of twice as big as England...
has been melting recently within ONE WEEK"

The Guardian ( 6 September 2007)

"WE are the environmental problem

Han Marie Stiekema

The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and
baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its
place we are entering a period of consequences
                                                                  Winston Churchill, 1936

The meaning of current decay:
To go back to the Source in order to become renewed

Han Marie Stiekema

















A New Era

"We all know it. The old world is in decay. Suddenly all problems prove to be interrelated. Increasingly, we find ourselves with the back against the wall. We are afraid that deterioration of the environment and even that of society maybe unavoidable. We have two choices. If you hold on to the old ways, you will suffer.You will only see losses in and around you. Or you consider the breakdown of the old as a necessary step to a new phase in evolution. "Retirez pour mieux sauter". To you the global crisis is an invitation to return to the Source in order to become reborn. Once renewed, you become part of the Whole, once again, restoring the sacredness of the world. Therefore, commit yourself - together with the increasing number of your fellow human beings - to "Restoring the Wholeness of Life". It is urgent."


Historian A. Toynbee studied the rise and fall of civilizations. What he found is a common pattern of birth, growth, flowering, decay, death and rebirth. Once in the downward spiral all norms, values and achievements are broken down. The elite tries to defend its privileges (through tight control, accumulation of wealth and militarism), while the majority desperately tries to maintain the status quo. A creative minority, however, understanding that "the soul of the culture is dead", is returning back to the Source hoping to become renewed. They courageously "die to the old", while becoming reborn as a New Self. Because of their re-connection to the Origin, all kinds of fresh initiatives are popping up. New spiritual insights about themselves and the world emerge, creating the strength for developing a totally new world view, to start with spirituality/religion. By necessity, the start of a new culture is a spiritual one! Only the Source can bring genuine renewal! From there concentric circles are drawn, extending the new ideas and practices to all levels of society. The current global crisis is the ultimate confirmation of Toynbee's thesis. "God" as understood by patriarchal religions is proving not to be the Ultimate. It has been reduced to concepts, images and ideas. In order to renew ourselves, we have to go beyond it. Hence, the most revolutionary "discovery" of the 21st century is the existence of "something" beyond God: a Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother" and Her Law of the Universe, consisting of the "cycle of birth and death" on all levels of existence*. This discovery is revolutionarizing everything: from spirituality, philosophy, psychology to culture and society.

* Spirituality ("death and rebirth"), culture ("rise and fall"), nature ("winter and summer") and our own life ("birth and death") as manifestations of one underlying principle ("the cycle of birth and death"), isn't it a stimulating idea? It gives us the inspiration to harmonize our lives according to the "law of the universe". It is the core issue of eco-spirituality.


Disaster is looming. More and more, the combined effects of a variety of causes are becoming evident. Climate change, water shortages, hunger, mass migration, energy crisis, violence and war, extinction of bees, electromagnetic pollution, dying trees etc. etc. all come together, causing unpredictable conditions. The consequence for the poor in the Third World is apalling; for the rich Northern countries it means kicking the habit of greed and materialism. We have to collectively abandon our pattern of overproduction and overconsumption. Chaos can only be avoided, if mankind finds a "substitute" or a better way of living, though. Only then people will be prepared to give up their collective self-addiction. The key to it sounds: "To have is the inability to Be". If we succeed in finding things in life that are more fulfilling, more joyful, more exciting, more balanced, more secure, more meaningful....then mankind would be able and possibly willing to make a peaceful transition towards a global transformation. Spirituality offers values like: awareness, depth, satisfaction, connectedness, happiness, fearlessness, strength, compassion.....They are called "higher" values, because once realized, the addiction to material things automatically diminishes. Compare it with love. If love is there, your needs are less. Hence, spirituality being the answer to the current decay. Most people are not familiar with the spiritual Path, though. They (desperately) need teachers, guides, mentors and coaches. However, not those, who "teach" people to adjust better to the system. No, what we need are guides in transformation - in fundamental change inner and outer - those who can show the way out of the current chaos. This is how we understand our Mission. It is nothing less but the Promise of A New Heaven, A New Earth and A New Community....... 


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