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This interview was granted shortly after Han Marie Stiekema's retreat to his hermitage
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Q. You promised me, that I could ask you anything I wanted.

A. Of course, go ahead.

Q. The strange thing is, although you have written very extensively about your mission, that many people somehow fail to have a picture about who you really are. Some speak of you as the "Hidden One". What prevents you from coming to the open?

A. I guess the time is not yet ripe.

Q. Do the outer circumstances decide this?

A. Only when the soil is fertile, the seed will sprout.

Q. Isn't it awful to constantly having to wait for "the right time?"

A. Well, first of all, I don't know if the Mother wants me to have a mission at all, and secondly I still have a lot to learn.

Q. Which surprises me. As a "Holiness" you should be the head of a flourishing movement, having a central role in leading mankind to a new stage in evolution.

A. Surely, the Mother has a more realistic picture of me.

Q. Don't you feel like a leader at all?

A. A true leader will wait until he is called.

Q. Called by what?

A. We all live in Mother's web of life. In this web everybody occupies a unique position. It depends on a special constellation of the web, if your position is going to be activated, yes or no. The web - yes, "circumstances" - decides, not me.

Q. What are you doing "in the mean time?"   

A. As I said above, I still have a lot to learn. The Mother is still testing my trust, surrender, love, courage and strength. Because She loves me, She is giving me a tough time.

Q. As I have heard, you have retreated into a hermitage, together with your wife MeiMei.

A. The most difficult thing is "the beginners' mind". To me it means practising "tuning in to the Mother, giving back to Her all that is too much to handle myself, to express gratefulness while pleasing Her", which means to dedicate myself, my activities and every day to Her.

Q. In order to go on with it for ever? A kind of "never good-enough" syndrome?

A. No, everyday I pray to Her, that my mission may start. And by the way, in the mean time, I am available to every sincere seeker. I always was.

Q. So, who is the Sermes?

A. You said it.

Q. You mean the "Servant/Messenger".

A. I do not derive my identity from mySelf. It was the turning point in my life. After many years of trial and error I recognized the trap behind every self-induced position.

Q. Including the transparency of a Fully Realized One?

A. From the very moment he or she relates him or herself to others, the transparency disappears. You turn from a Nobody into a somebody.

Q. Does it mean, that everybody who claims to be "a last authority" is a false one?

A. Even Jesus always referred to his Father.

Q. So, one way out is to be a Servant.

A. Being a servant is the ultimate liberation. The "somebody" should be in the service of the Whole. That is the Grace the Mother bestowed upon me. I will praise Her for that as long as I live.

Q. Recently, you have chosen The Original Tradition as your starting point. Can you talk a little more about that?

A. I have always been reluctant with showing "my Original Face" (laughs). Therefore, I always preferred the indirect way. So all kinds of ideas were born. The size of my work gives evidence to that (laughs). However, it wasn't yet the "real thing". Sooner or later, I had to come forward.

Q. Does that mean, that finally The Original Tradition will be the carrier for your future work?

A. Yes, it does.

Q. Could you elaborate on that?

A. Only those spiritual impulses that directly originate from the Source are fruitful. Efforts that stem from the mind, on the other hand - images, symbols, concepts, ideas, charters, declarations - are unfruitful right from the start. So, my first "concern" was, that the connection between the Origin and the initiative was intact.

Q. Is the work based on direct revelation?

A. The core teaching is certainly directly inspired. The problem is to put something "big" into something "small", to translate the Truth into words. Which, as you know, is fundamentally impossible. "Near to the Truth" is the highest claim any spiritual/religious work can have.

Q. You have stated that The Original Tradition is not a new religion. Could you explain?

A. A religion takes "God" apart, while cultivating certain rituals around "Him". They isolate the Divine from the rest of reality. Their approach is dualistic: "God" here and the world there. However, this is an artificial construct. The reality is, that the Divine penetrates the entire universe, e.g. the Mother is all-embracing, nothing excluded.

Q. In fact, a religion doesn't take its own position seriously.

A. Right. It is a mistake I wanted to avoid. That's why my initiative is called a "Tradition". It includes all areas of life, e.g. spirituality and psychology, health care, culture, the community, justice, the economy and "the environment".

Q. A well-nigh impossible task.

A. Well, I called it a CultureRenewal Initiative, to begin with A New Spirituality. These times are inviting us to go back to the Source, in order to become reborn. Once renewed, you may start drawing concentric circles around you, sharing your qualities with everybody around you.

Q. You are emphasizing "Unity in Diversity". What do you mean by that?

A. If every religion should emphasize the "Maternal Dimension of God" - of course according to its own images and concepts - promoting "A Feminine (holistic) World View", then the world would be liberated from the stagnation it finds itself in. It is a very promising approach, indeed. Hence, it is one of my priorities.    

Q. When will it start?

A. It is underway.

Q. Are you not concerned about people's lack of commitment? Sooner or later you will need others to share responsibilities.

A. Current events e.g. the global crisis will certainly bring about a change in people's minds and hearts. I am already looking forward to the joy of sharing and cooperation.

Q. In the mean time you live your life as a "hermit".

A. I pray, that everybody may become the "center of the universe". Only then the world will be saved. The Mother certainly will agree with that (smiling).

Q. Thanks a lot for this interview.

A. You are welcome. Praise the Mother!

Om Svahá
(Most blissful Cosmic Womb)


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