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MatriTalks 69


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Han Marie Stiekema Sermes

Remember! Your Maternal Origin

Q. This time, I would like to talk about your efforts to "have everybody remember his or her Maternal Origin". What is it all about?

A. As you know, we live in a time of transition. The old order is in decay, only to creating space for a new. It is corresponding with "cosmic overstretching", in which creation has reached its longest distance from its Source. Hence, I expect a turning point, in which the movement will make a U-turn, returning to the Origin, once again. 

Q. What are the characteristics of such an era?

A. The more creation is moving away from its Source, the more fragmented it becomes. We see this happening on all levels of society. The positive thing about it, is "pluralism", the negative the loss of coherence.

Q. If I understand well, your emphasis concerns the interconnectedness.

A. Such a turning point is a tricky thing. It will only succeed, if the tendency toward fragmentation can be safely changed into restructuring. If not, chaos will break out.

Q. Isn't pluralism also a positive phenomenon? For instance, in the US, the diversity of religious groups is dramatically on the increase. Progressive people are welcoming this development, saying that it will lead to more understanding and tolerance.

A. What you say is absolutely true. The more diversity, the greater the chance of reconciliation. However, this is only half the truth. Diversity can also lead to inter-religious tensions, conflicts and violence. All religions are exclusive, after all. They all claim to possess the Truth, denouncing the "others" as ignorant, sinners or pagans.

Q. What you mean is, that pluralism alone, doesn't guarantee a safe development.

A. That's right. Phenomena are not isolated. In order to understand them well, they should be seen in their context. It means, that eventually diversity "has no future", if it doesn't become balanced by "unity". The aim is a positive feedback between the two.

Q. This sounds fair enough.

A. Without unity, diversity very soon degenerates into competition, while through recognizing a "common denominator", diversity will be accepted as the "flavor of life", being enjoyed by everybody.

Q. Unity as the guarantee for diversity.

A. Absolutely. While "pluralism" has reached its limits, we should start to cooperate with the "cosmic movement", leading us to the Origin, once again. Its "momentum" is NOW. That's why I have given the sign for starting our global Mission, called "Remember! Your Maternal Origin".

Q.  Again, I am rather surprised by your intuitive insight.

A. Take Refuge in the Mother! (laughing).

Q. "Remembering" reminds me of the teachings of Gurdieff.

A.  It is very similar indeed. While Gurdieff "continuously" thinks of God, our aim is to raise awareness with Your Maternal Origin. We will start our Campaign with some individuals, to be step by step extended toward all levels of society.

Q. Consisting of....

A. Well, obviously, the "maternal principle" is the foundation of life. Not only with regard to pregnancy and giving birth, but also to nurturing, caring and educating. Mankind is totally depending on it. It is not only depending on human (mothers') efforts, but also on that of plants and animals. Who are producing the fruits, the eggs and the milk, after all?

Q. A very basic approach indeed.

A. The next step is to emphasize the psychological/spiritual dimension. Mothers represent "holistic values" like inclusiveness, interconnectedness, compassion, love, care, security and justice. These values are indispensable for the continuation of life.

Q. What will be your position toward the existing religions?

A. They all have a maternal origin as well*. However, through male dominance, the Origin has become forgotten. We call this "patriarchal amnesia". Part of our effort will be to approach religions, reminding them of their original Source.

* See "Mother & Sons"

Q. Trying to convert them (laughter)?

A. Not exactly. Converting is not part of our Mission. What we do want to achieve though, is that every human - whether Christian, Atheist, Jew, Hindu etc. - should remember and cherish, where he or she is coming from. We will leave it to them, "how far" they want to go. If they start revering the maternal principle in nature: great; if resuming their love for their own biological mothers: fantastic; if including the Great Mother in their religious practice: even more fantastic.

Q. Are there enough references for those, who want to rediscover the maternal principle in their own religion?

A. Absolutely. For instance, in case of Christianity, think of Gnostic texts, the so-called "negative theology" (emphasizing Nothingness), Black Madonna's and the Virgin. Hinduism is flooded with Mother Goddesses. The Tao Te King (Taoism) clearly refers to it. Buddhism has replaced it by abstract terms, like "Nirvana" or "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". Besides, the Kuan Yin Goddess matches the Buddha in "popularity".

Q. How are you going to achieve your goals?

A. We are using examples from nature, analogies, stories, legends, quotations, texts, historical findings, psychological explanations, references,  spiritual sources, in short everything, that can link human understanding to the reality of its Maternal Origin. In fact, these MatriTalks serving the same purpose.

Q.  What was the name again? (laughter).

A. Our Mission is called "Remember! Your Maternal Origin"*. I hope, we may meet each other in due time. Obviously, contacting us will be very much welcomed.

* Remember! Your Maternal Origin is a part of The New Movement.


See you!

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