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Wheel of Renewal


In these times of decay the Cosmic Mother has
revealed Herself to (wo)mankind to save the world

She does so by inviting us to return to the Origin
in order to become renewed

Existence has lost its natural balance
the underlying cause is an ego that is blowing itself up

It manifests itself in limitless economic growth
one that is about to destroy the entire earth

The environmental problem is ultimately a spiritual one
"to have as the inability to Be"

In Her Bottomless Abyss the Mother destroys the ego
while giving birth to your True Self

People who have the courage to "give back" their ego's
lose their existential fear

They will not act through their small minds anymore
but through the (Divine) Light within

This is crucial because only New People
can create a New World

They do this by becoming part of the Whole -
Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again

Some of you may subsequently commit themselves
to "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps"

My Mission is to guide you on your way Back Home
e.g. finding your own unique calling in life

I joyfully welcome you
to the teaching, healing, guiding and training

(May the Mother prevail)


The Original Tradition
Healing the Planet

Death and Rebirth
Emphasizing a cyclic universe

I died as a mineral and became a plant
I died as a plant and rose to animal
I died as an animal and I was Man
Why should I fear?
When was I less by dying?

Jaladdudin Rumi

In nature, the cycle of the seasons includes death, sprouting, blossoming, bearing fruits, withering, death and rebirth. Every autumn old leaves die, while being "reborn" in spring. We are part of nature, hence following the same law.

In breathing, we should focus on the breathing out (first). The more we let go into the nothingness of the pelvis area, the more powerful our subsequent breathing in. The more thorough we die, the stronger our vitality. Most people never really die, hence they don't live to the fullest.

In our body 25% of our cells is continuously dying, 50% is in a state of (relative) stability, while 25% is new. The dying cells are secreting a substance, that promote the growth of the newborn. The miracle is this: without death, no renewal.

Hence, fasting to be "the royal path toward healing". By thorougly detoxifying your self,  your bodymind rejuvenates. Again, the more dying, old and sick substances, tissues and cells are destroyed, the greater the chance for full recovery.

Death is a pre-requisite for balance....

In the female body, every month old blood and cells are degenerating and excreted, refreshing the body with the purpose of offering a possible child an optimal inner environment. Hence, "the mother dies" in order to make new life possible.

This cycle corresponds not only with the Moon cycle, but also and primarily! with the dynamics of the Cosmic Vacuum ("Womb"). In its (her) Emptiness everythings dies in order to become reborn. Menstruating women are therefore optimally resonating with the Cosmic Cycle.

The way men are connected to the Cosmic Cycle is by continuous "death and rebirth" of their ego. Only then will they benefit from the primordial energies governing their lives. Resonating with these energies is granting you optimal regeneration, rejuvenation and strength. 

Service and sacrifice are the highest possible achievements of men. Unfortunately, men have put these qualities in the service of greed for power and money. They thus became utterly corrupted. Men should urgently change aims and goals. From self-centeredness to serving the Whole.

Thoughts come and go. The more awareness expands, the sooner thoughts die into your inner space. The space is "negative", while thoughts are "positive". The former appears to be more "powerful"......Hence, the goal of the spiritual Path being "an empty Mind".

Spiritual growth is continuously dying to the old. It can be compared with body awareness exercises. E.g. starting with feeling your foot. Once shifting to feeling your leg, the awareness of the foot as a separate entity has disappeared. The smaller dissolves into the bigger.

We suffer "small deaths" all the time. We have lived countless lives in this life, already. This process of renewal is ongoing. That's why in pre-historic times the Vegetation God had to die every year on order to guarantee a new fruitful season.

In Enlightenment the ego disappears into the Eternal Light. In its turn, the Light dissolves into Absolute Nothingness or Cosmic Womb. Her Bottomlessness is the greatest mystery in the universe. Surrender to Her and your rebirth will be optimal.  

"L'amour, c'est mourir un peu". It is a French saying, meaning "love is to die a little". It can be compared with our breathing experience. The more total your surrender (death), the more blissful your ecstacy. If, on the other hand you hold back, frustration will be your deal.

The more you "forget yourself", the greater the moment of bliss. Being "no more there" can be experienced in all situations of life: sitting on a mountain, watching the sunset; surrendering to music; playing with your children or working in the garden.

Giving is a kind of death too. By giving you empty yourself. Space is created for something new to enter your Being. Accumulating, on the other hand, is clogging your innermost core. Your cup is full. You miss the chance to renew yourself.

To physically die is an Enlightenment experience. First your most superficial layer - thinking - is dropped off. Subsequently, the emotional layer dissolves. After that body-identification disappears. From that moment on you have become timelessness, to be followed by the Eternal Light.

Not surprisingly thus, that mystics of all times have emphasized this timeless experience: "die to the old and you will live". The world turned upside down. (Ego)Death as the gate to life. It marks the hour of truth. Will the wealthy Western world renew itself or not?

The deep reverence people have for e.g. the Black Madonna is based on a primordial intuition, namely, that darkness is synonymus with the regenerative power of the Ultimate. Indeed, from my own experience I know, that Light is born out of Darkness.  

The greatest fear is (existential) fear of Nothingness. That's why many people identify with a Savior. Nothingness is the Essence of the Divine, though. The irony: religion as a ritual to keep you away from God. Hence, true God-people being a threat to the church. 

Hence, the fundamental difference between "born again" and "rebirth". The former is lost, confused and full of despair. He or she doesn't have "anything to cling to". "Born again" consists of finding an outer object - savior/belief - with which one can identify. He or she is then "saved".

The greater the despair, the more "firm" your belief. They are two sides of the same coin. These sentiments can easily be exploited by ruthless "religious" leaders (USA), aiming at taking advantage, lust for power, fanaticism and revenge. True religion is based on freedom, commitment and compassion, though. 

The key characteristic of fundamentalists is the inability/refusal to "die". This remains unconscious, though. Existential fear (of Nothingness) therefore accumulates. This is projected in the "other", the latter subsequently perceived as "threat". Stress-release is sought by fighting/killing the "adversaries".

"Rebirth" on the other hand, is exactly the opposite of being "born again". Rather than being lost, you feel imprisoned by your ego. Its starting point is not looking for identification, but the longing to drop it. Hence, the need to be freed from clinging, and to find your True Self. 

Capitalism is the refusal to die. Instead, it is a flight ahead. The fear creates the greed for more. The inner emptiness has to be filled with accumulations of all kinds. "Profit", "progress", "expansion" are the expressions of a system that will die because it didn't want to.......

In fact, Christianity has laid the foundations for this. By making Jesus the God "who died for us in order to redeem us" the Church deprived us from our most essential core: personal regeneration through dying to the old in order to become reborn. That's why we could focus our life on "business as usual" 

Historian A.Toynbee has described the rise and fall of some twenty different civilizations. They all had a common denominator: death, birth, flowering, decay and rebirth. Our Western societies are in a stage of decay. Intelligent people understand the meaning of it. They consider it as an invitation to "dying to the old".

This is the reason the Great Mother has revealed Herself. Without understanding of Her Vacuum and "Law of the Universe", the age of decay would be incomprehensable e.g. unacceptable. Thanks to Her we are able to cooperate with Her wisdom, in order to renew ourselves.

In a way, those in despair "have already died". They have nothing to go by. This group of people will only increase. They long for "restructuring their lives". Hence, the urgency of offering perspective. How to cope with (moral) decay, abuse, meaninglessness, isolation, deprivation and alienation?

Death and rebirth are not ends in themselves. Once renewed, we have to become part of Mother's web of life - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. It is the foundation of a new society, centered around interconnectedness, cooperation, love and respect.

Our initiative has to include the promise of a total Transformation of Self and Society. First of all, by helping people to (re)find their True Selves, while subsequently rebuilding their lives. It is a process of drawing concentric circles to the family, the workplace, the neighborhood etc.

The global crisis will only help us in overcoming major obstacles. Aren't we standing with our backs against the wall? We have no choice, but to change. The challenge is to not loosing our humanity. Instead, overcoming the crisis should be equal to making a "new step in evolution".

The way out should be offering a true perspective, recognizable for large groups of people. We have called this the "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps" Initiative. It is a guideline for rebuilding your life. Together, we will create a new world. Commitment is dearly needed.  

It is up to you.    



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